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Essential Phone in Halo Gray - 128 GB Unlocked Titanium and Ceramic phone with Edge-to-Edge Display

We have analyzed 1590 reviews from Amazon and found:

33% of users say that: Product works, is fast, looks great, works well. Phone is great, is amazing, is fast, is gorgeous. Camera is ok, is good, is fine, is great. Screen is beautiful, is great, is nice, is gorgeous. 1% of users noticed that: Signal is very weak, was there, are not the best, is a bit weak. Headphone jack is a non-issue, got rid, is missing, is no. Reception is terrible, is spotty, was horrible, is slightly weaker. Iphone got away from last year's 7075 aluminum, was a slow, were built like tanks, was no reason to take the plunge.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1805 792
love, fast, like, great, good, beautiful, works, amazing, is fast, looks great, works well, works great, perfect, awesome, smooth, feels solid, no brainer, simple, solid, pretty good
1899 581
essential, great, best, beautiful, good, love, nice, amazing, awesome, is great, excellent, fantastic, is amazing, perfect, really like, like, absolutely love, is fast, better, solid
382 235
great, good, is ok, is good, decent, is fine, better, is great, is okay, works fine, is just fine, essential, is amazing, is decent, is good enough, best, is excellent, no complaints, amazing, takes great pictures
337 140
great, beautiful, is beautiful, bright, is great, bigger, is nice, large, is gorgeous, larger, huge, big, excellent, is amazing, is good, love, is fantastic, amazing, looks good, is bright
battery life
146 30
is great, great, good, is good, is fantastic, is incredible, long, is amazing, has been excellent, incredible, amazing, is decent, is outstanding, is quite good, decent, has been amazing, is phenomenal, is really good, insane, has very good
114 32
great, amazing, good, awesome, work fine, perfect, most recent, receiving android pie, try, despite recent chatter, fell close enough, rival flagship, extremely noticable smaller, love, unlocked, very impressed, always looks sharp, uber clean, seems lower for me as well, high end
86 40
good, great, last all day, is great, lasts all day, bigger, is ok, lasts long, extra, charges fast, easily last all day, lasts me a day, lasts longer on a charge, swappable, easily lasts a day with room to spare, lifevery good, 5,000mah, is very average, is fine, playing music
build quality
great, excellent, is excellent, solid, is great, is exceptional, is amazing, good, best, very good, one of the best, amazing, fantastic, is the best, nice, is incredible, is top form, is still the best, awesome, fast
95 13
great, amazing, unbeatable, is right, good, fantastic, affordable, mid-range, you compare, should have been more, cheap, best $/features, may be tempting, was a factor, was amazing, nice, complete steal, was 209.00, was better than the pixel, is well worth
94 7
beautiful, great, good, minimal, nice, elegant, best, perfect, unique, is amazing, compact, highly customizable, always liked, new, is great, slick, i like, is so beautiful, is truly exquisite, enviable
54 39
great, essential, speedy, releases, is nice, solid, like any other decent android device, pretty good, experience, need to be worked on, love, is very lean, really* good, unmatched, very receptive, pushes updates regularly, should be improved, is amazing, to be responsive, excellent
68 19
quick, fast, constant, timely, guaranteed, many, mention here is the, were immediate, greeted with no fewer than 5, went smooth, without issues, more, were done, did help, all, seem to be timely, almost 1 week with this phone, are quick, incredibly fast, better
68 9
great, excellent, snappy, good, is great, fast, high, superfast, blazing fast, you compare, wise, has good solid, is difficult to come by at this price point, seems good, is stellar, has been outstanding, very fast and snappy, very efficient, good enough, difference
61 14
great, love, beautiful, is perfect, excellent, is amazing, huge, nice, just as big, vertical line occur, started becoming less responsive, is gorgeous, is what captured my interest, is more than enough real estate, plenty bright, is one of the best, fully immersive, looks awesome, is approx the same size, is brilliant
47 18
fantastic job, has been publishing updates almost constantly, updated to android 9.0, has always listened to their consumers, better day-one support, thank you, does come out with more phones, will keep improving, best, doesn't even make a screen protector, got version, has been great with updates, has been very quick, fits well in my hand, has issues, full day, has been quick with updates, is enjoyable, provides a way back to your previous os, is 2.8 x 0.3 x 5.6 inches
50 12
great, good, unbelievable quality, not quite as good, look awesome, regularly, high-res, show one spot, are almost all, are fine, so good of my daughter, low light, is better, are very good, are crystal clear, takes pretty good, are great, come out pretty decent, help explain, with a editing from snapseed
31 29
all, is super basic, are compatible to support the notch, manually, outlook and skype and weather undergound, keep improving, flow into the phone, plenty available on the playstore, works fine, better, does with just software, no problems, have sub screens, pretty good, strats right up automatically, is great for mono photos, is much better, open quickly, function perfectly, few
48 9
excellent, great, better, look great, come out great, are crisp and clear, look pretty good, look a ton better, are amazing, quality, sharp colorful, clear, superb, super high quality, very nice, few, is a pic extracted from a 360 video, see, high end, are much better
49 6
pure, stock, best, is great, love, clean, clean without any brand, very clean, greatest, close to stock, is sexy, like pure, performancei'm new, support it better, noticeably smoother than touchwiz, essential site!very plain, is sleek, plenty, is stock, works good
54 2
runs smoothly, is good, love, runs fine, is great, works very very well, seems higher quality, works smooth, without issue, works smoothly, is solid, goes fast, don't have a feel for, is nice, smooth, works just as it should, you need, was as advertised, works very good, smooth running
33 21
is loud, is decent, clear, worked i would have given it a 5 star, are pretty loud, could be better, have good volume, could use a little more bass, is crazy loud, are decently loud, are very load, have decent volume, is average, is ok, mono, hear them well, are crazy loud, was good, is much better, nice
36 17
no, zero, simple no, much, no excessive, has no, absolutely 0, absolutely no, works perfectly, is fast, strong, beautiful to hold, no useless, pros:+no, is even more pure, is just a dream
47 4
is amazing, excellent, solid, beautiful, good, superb, is perfectly fine, decent, level, is actually very good, absolutely loved, nice, liked, is so excellent, love, truly love, very good, is glorious, could stand to be better, is one of a kind
43 9
high, great, excellent, decent, is great, is okay, you compare, is outstanding, very nice, are beautiful, feel, could improve, is top notch, is just fine, nothing to envy, ends up a lot better, really boost, is excellent, pure, incredible
33 16
original, updated, update, will be a work in progress, allow me to start from my user perspective, comprehensive, got pretty long, mixed, lot more forgiving, very fast!i, fast, long critical, change, is my original, will be in two parts, negative, do a separate, lengthy, were a little daunting, real world
29 18
no, no major, haven't had, runs fast and scrolling lag, are gone, haven't experienced, source, zero, not encountered, really no, not a single, have more to do with the os, high chance, nagging
22 15
still a great alternative, been a headache, good, probably the best, been a good deal, currently in my drawer, not terrible, running 8.1 oreo, aged a lot better, been improved, sold phone, fast, 4 updates, okay, ok, already got a huge crack, one of the best mid rangers, put a finger on the sensor, seem cool, essential
25 12
accurate, is spot, grey, are decent, are vivid, absolutely pop, led near the top edge of the device, are eye-popping, has a gorgeous matte finish, didn't get any oily fingerprints smudges, were washed out, are true, is a matte finish, vibrant, better off, great, was more crisp, good, astonishing, are just right
27 9
essential, new, will go under eventually, went belly up, hope to see more from this, is looking for a buyer, is going out of business, is awesome, is actually listening to us customers!cons1, sticks around, keeps up with latest android patches, great, gets its act together, has been kicking out updates, deserves the best future, interesting, really outdid, has been very responsive, was responsive within 24 hours, continues on
30 1
essential, is unbelievably nice-, would have paid more for this device, did, easily managed large copy paste, has delivered, continues to rollout security/os updates, delivers, is a pretty unbeatable, high hopes, is subtly elegant piece of technology, no problems, will allow for faster android updates, looks beautiful, feels well made, didn't launch with more add-ons to give people a better idea of the potential expandability, is exactly such a thing, new essesntial
29 3
is great, ample, great, large, should be more than enough, 128, is perfect, is spectacular, is really nice, is pretty decent, very large, feels really luxurious, generous, fast, expandable, is plenty.and, huge, easy to use, more than adequate, expansive
25 8
was great, low, sold it for $244, great, prime day sale, replaced a lg g6, returning to, was nice, provided a replacement, prime videos, is better, at a mid level price, trust, essential support, has a total of one, great deal, backing, super quick international delivery, essential or postal service.2, was a good deal
is excellent, good, is great, great, very solid, is exceptional, beautiful solid, feels solid in the hand, is gorgeous, is amazing, solid, is super solid, is the best part, feels awesome when holding, is so impressive, are superb, is top notch, extremely high quality, beautiful, superior
android experience
29 2
pure, great, simple, well supported, truer, almost completely pure, best, freest, is amazing, fluid, light, quick, better, excellent, very responsive, is pretty similar to that of a pixel, truly flagship, clean
22 8
fast, quick, give you, work well, essential, is good, comes with it, extra, works with this phone beautifully, bring a, recharges the phone very quickly, has a cloth cord, is more compact, works with my u11, matches this, is braided, great, is very fast
26 3
best, affordable, favorite, is very solid, perfect, will meet every expectation, really solid, exceptional, look forward to the next, high quality, excellent, le meilleur, almost perfect, looks solid, screams premium, great, tout d'abord le, is wonderful, well built, good
camera app
33 33
has no manual features, can't change recording quality settings, is lacking, was buggy, is inferior to other big brands, is not as polished, awfully oversimplistic, is still unstable, is bad, was a bit lacking, very poor, is a bit slow, is worse, still not satisfying, is not very stable, has bugs, froze, doesn't take the best quality pics, isn't even close, has been my only complaint
13 37
weak, poor, drops continuously with t-mobile, unstable, unreliable, dropped, drop in my office building, zero, is very weak, was there, are not the best, level dropping, terrible, is a bit weak, isn't as strong, dbm on most days, horrible, can vary heavily between cities, would go in and out so bad, really bad
headphone jack
2 42
no, lack, missing, is a non-issue, do miss having, got rid, is missing, is no, no benefit, don't miss, isn't a deal breaker, downside
18 20
terrible, is terrible, bad, is spotty, poor, was horrible, problem, awful, not get good, is slightly weaker, on at&t was terrible, very poor, clean up, problems, worst, really bad, pure