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3-Year Protection Plan for Amazon Fire TV Stick (2016 release)

We have analyzed 1593 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works, works great, is nice, is always good. Protection is always good. Price is great, was good, was great, was nice. Protection plan is a good, works, is great, is a must have on any product. 3% of users noticed that: Firestick was bad, is less than 1 year old, was cancelled, don't have. Remote is bad, was not sending a signal, will be replaced by squaretrade, was truly defective. Customer service are very apologizing, is questionable. Company was no longer in business.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

455 159
love, great, good, like, worth, works, glad, nice, need, enjoyed, works great, glad i have, worth it, excellent, satisfied, is nice, everyday, really like, is always good, is good
35 2
good, great, nice, is always good, extra, you always have, need, always use, always, kind of, love, guaranteed, plan instantly, thanks, glad for the added
34 3
good, great, is great, reasonable, awesome, was good, was great, was nice, is worth adding to your order, had to get it, good reasonable, decent, high, is so good, excellent, is right for what it covers, nice, is right
protection plan
28 4
good, great, always buy, stick, nice, glad, is a good, gives me peace of mind, haven't had to use, works, is great, is a must have on any product, safe side, very good, always purchase, is inexpensive, are always good, gives me piece of mind, begins
27 4
extended, great, nice, happy with, change, fantastic, don't have to worry, good, excellent, much better, reason, extra, met my expectations, attached to this ad on the terms and service agreement, glad, gives me one year of extended warranty, is well worth the cost, very good, is fine
fire stick
16 10
works great, works fine, will be released, is easy to set up, insure, not had any trouble, vey please, great, is amazing, has been a godsend, is working correctly, really love, is good, loving
23 2
great, good, protection, best protect, came i very nicely,
good, great, very good, cheap
13 1
best, great, fire stick, better, always, glad, good, extra protection, happy, was great price
8 5
is great, has been 5 star, provide support, glad, gives me a year warranty, replaced it quickly, guarantee, recommended
square trade
10 1
is great, i like, is always reputable, is the best, several plans, is a good deal, has been my #1, is just awesome, extended warranties 6
this product
6 4
love, returned, are happy with, very happy, recommend
good, great, excellent
no, zero, very polite, supportive
5 4
great variety of movies, sticks, can watch allthe, is fine, saved up for her
great, lot, was awesome, very glad, was excellent
7 1
great, wonderful, along with my firestick, is so terrific, easy to registare
okay, ok, working just like it, nothing great about it
fire tv
4 3
pleased, stick, stick has a warranty, works great
4 1
extended, are very inexpensive, come in handy
fire tv stick
3 2
is great, is alway good, is awesome
this item
4 1
love, like, reviewed
4 1
thanks, was cancel a long time, keep, too fast
amazon fire
stick, sticks exceeded my expectations
best, good, very good
3 1
excellent, is very affordable
fast, quick
great, nice, good
15 18
wouldn't buy, wasted, was bad, hate, breaks, is less than 1 year old, not working properly, stopped working, didn't even get my, doesn't work, for 2 weeks, can't fine, was cancelled, don't have, had only 90 day warranty, is 5 months old, fails, can be made to be completely current to all local tv markets
10 18
stick, stick to work, stick work, sticks were back ordered, stick solved the problem, sticks quit working
3 18
is bad, stopped working, did not send, isn't working, was not sending a signal, will be replaced by squaretrade, quit working, stop working, broke within five weeks, not warranties, does not work, stopped working very, was truly defective, gets broken, relies on a large button, dont loose
4 4
does not break in the first 30, have not been able to get on line, is actually covered, won't even use
customer service
3 4
are very apologizing, is questionable, did not provide it, hassle
3 3
bad, horribly, can't write
2 3
bad, unbelievably disappointed, was no longer in business
1 4
no more, dropped our, bye bye, can't get through regular
1 3
is covered, was working only few weeks, died
2 2
no longer has the alexia voice control, fails
this protection plan
2 2
haven't had need, will not have to use