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Echo Sub Bundle with 2 Echo (2nd Gen) Devices - Heather Gray Fabric

We have analyzed 32306 reviews from Amazon and found:

40% of users say that: Product works great, is great, was a gift, can do. Sound is great, is amazing, is good, is awesome. Alexa is great, is awesome, is amazing, is fun. Sound quality is great, is amazing, is very good, is excellent. less than 1% of users noticed that: Wifi is the culprit, was part of deal, will not sync to, is spotty. Instruction are sorely lacking, were not intuitive, are not very clear, are a little lacking. Connection dies, is usually our problem, was continually lost. Spotify will randomly just stop playing music, is shaky, worked without having to pay, was not yet enabled.

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18137 4808
love, great, like, loves, works great, awesome, good, amazing, is great, was a gift, excellent, loved, fun, can do, sounds great, easy, gift, works well, ’s great, works
5303 390
great, is great, good, is amazing, better, love, excellent, improved, is good, amazing, nice, is awesome, is very good, very good, awesome, clear, much better, is excellent, is fantastic, is better
1876 544
love, is great, is awesome, is amazing, like, is fun, is the best, can do, works well, fun, works great, loves, does everything, is cool, is very helpful, is wonderful, great, helpful, is ok, best friend
sound quality
1624 209
great, is great, good, is amazing, love, excellent, is very good, is excellent, is good, better, is awesome, improved, amazing, very good, is fantastic, is better, is much better, impressed, like, much better
1294 345
love, is great, absolutely love, works great, is awesome, is amazing, like, very pleased, really like, really enjoying, better, was a gift, can do, great, works well, new, has been great, really enjoyed, enjoy, best
1212 185
favorite, love, great, unlimited, good, is great, sounds great, enjoy, like, nice, enjoying, prime, variety, can play, able to listen, is fantastic, best, is awesome, news, plays
1187 145
great, good, is great, better, sounds great, nice, are great, is amazing, love, excellent, best, small, decent, awesome, amazing, clear, very good, powerful, is awesome, are amazing
1074 229
great, awesome, amazing, excellent, echo, fun, cool, wonderful, best, small, fantastic, great little, love, good, is great, is amazing, nice, very cool, is awesome, very happy
507 171
thanks, love, echo, great, unlimited, good, good job, like, well done, great job, thank you, amazing, really, prime music, is great, ran a sale, appreciate, is simply amazing, better, support
set up
313 46
easy, very easy, was easy, easy to, easy to use, super easy, simple, was a breeze, ease, was very easy, is easy, was super easy, was quick, super simple, quick, very user friendly, pretty easy, was simple, was a snap, looks great
189 162
cool, work, is easy to use, right, to work, echo, goes with it, like being able to send commands, work efficiently, is functional, feedback, can control, pretty straightforward, for the pc, programmed, adjust the bass and treble, transfer my playlists to amazon music, says like the calendar, works great to control devices, was more user friendly
251 54
easy, easy to, was easy, very easy, ease, was a breeze, very easy to, works great, super easy, easy to use, was very easy, is easy, is simple, simple, fast, was pretty simple, is very easy, simple to, does everything i expected, hour tops
this product
254 50
love, highly recommend, like, recommend, absolutely love, really like, enjoy, definitely recommend, would recommend, really enjoy, very pleased, loves, loved, really love, really enjoying, very happy, enjoying, do like, is very good, likes
224 77
is great, great, good, high, adjust, better, full, love, is amazing, decent, is excellent, nice, surprised, like, excellent, impressed, lower, liked, keep, is outstanding
255 24
great, love, awesome, favorite, all, are great, best, cool, nice, like, more, excellent, many, my favorite, amazing, lot, still learning, very happy, so many, works well
206 62
deep, good, great, nice, decent, more, better, lot, is good, rich, improved, too much, has good, could adjust, love, is amazing, clean, clear, little more, is excellent
173 75
great, nice, great little, very nice, very impressed, is great, works fine, good, small, better, compact, is smaller, house!nice, super handy, needs a s/w update, worked fine, humming a long , very glad, is pretty loud sound wise, perfect
128 99
smart, better, half hour, for data, lot easier, best things, has a hotspot, doesn't work with it very good, needs a a new, portable, already offered voice activated answers to questions, connects to the new wifi, everything up, spent many hrs, able to stream, great, no problems, made life easy, with support staff, has vision issues
207 5
smaller, compact, like, great, love, perfect, nice, full, small, good, right, really like, is perfect, i like, nice compact, is great, shorter, liked, more compact, is nice
156 55
clear, is clear, nice, very responsive, able to control things, friendly, is amazing, very pleasant, activated, better, great, loud, is soft, crisp, choice, is fun to play games, calm, really wish, is pretty cool, from pretty far away
179 38
great, best, fun, is awesome, useful, pretty cool, awesome, arrived on time, extremely impressed, handy, excellent, good, wonderful, very cool, is great, can't go wrong, helped me a lot in terms of daily routines, very impressed, is wonderful, nice
194 19
great, best, good, excellent, very pleased, happy, very satisfied, very happy, gift, glad i made, very good, fantastic, awesome, long to, really enjoying, perfect, my first echo, n’t be happier, came with a smart plug for $10, happy with out prime
171 39
best, good, great, favorite, fun, simple, amazing, greatest, can do, wonderful, finding new, awesome, is amazing, work, stayed on top, reminds me, keeps my shopping list handy, is incredible, is loud, she dose
182 19
great, good, very good, is right, fair, was great, reasonable, was right, worth, really good, was good, perfect, best, is good, excellent, reduced, low, better, is very much worth, full
173 23
great, good, excellent, high, is great, very good, better, amazing, is good, very pleased, love, very happy, awesome, nice, higher, hard to believe, unmatched, is of excellent, played out of the speaker, decent
this thing
167 22
love, is awesome, is amazing, is great, loves, is awsome, like, is fun, has been working seamlessly, is legit, is great for daily use, is tight, lot of fun, is way cool, is the best, is a lot of fun, does alot, is sweet, pretty impressed, amazed
178 4
great, best, perfect, good, excellent, awesome, coolest, favorite, wonderful, thoughtful, amazing, well, fabulous, finally budged, pretty cool, easy set up, keeps on giving, my husband loves to boss her around, was important dealt, terrific
162 16
like, love, check, news, checking, convenient, gives me, great, good, nice, helpful, very useful, instant, reminders, find out, keeps me updated, checked, news, alarms, timers and music, distance, and radio, is very helpful
133 32
echo, are great, well, few, have better mid range, works fine, works well, are cool, performs way better, never had any issues, was great fun, connected to more than one kindle fire, had 4 alexa, have a dot, does exactly what i want on the first request, works much better, lots of base, has a spot in the kitchen, easy to pair up, is connected to a receiver
echo dot
124 38
few, upgraded, love, worked great, well, was fine, test the alexa software, decided to upgrade, are a good fit, can play the same music in my bedroom and kitchen, connects to everything, really enjoying, can hear me, went with this model, is perfect for kids room, were hooked, few more, was good, are better than the alternative, good
amazon music
130 30
unlimited, love, like, signed up, links, is $3.99, is amazing, great, paired with, will play in the 2 speakers paired together, will play in the 2 speaker+sub trio together, had prime, charged after trial, is terrific, works flawless, plays music thru, works wonderful, without re-purchasing, well, per month to have
voice recognition
124 31
great, is great, is good, excellent, is awesome, better, good, is amazing, is excellent, is perfect, impressive, works better, is spot on, noisy room, is fantastic, it great, works great, surprisingly good, is further than the dot, is very impressive
139 10
love, like, is great, worked fine, was great, is good, works fine, was perfect, is awesome, works great, i cold expect, was fixed, ’s ng, comes up anywhere, perfection, is all hands-free, is hooked into alexa, is true, arrived on time, functional
105 32
ok, okay, play from audible, working well, worked fine, very user friendly, been a welcome addition to our home, was a best investment, been easy to use, still nice to use, ability to understand commands, basically a glorified stereo system, playing music everyday, been fun to use, connected to the echo, connected to your wifi, got a low profile, played, worth the money, taken alexa quite a while to default
125 5
compact, sleek, nice, smaller, love, great, is nice, stylish, really like, very nice, is great, attractive, like, is beautiful, beautiful, new, i like, sleeker, very sleek, is very classy
92 40
simple, good, lot, quick, great, answers, lots, doesn’t know, quick answers, few, are quite interesting, ask was answered funny, even timers, answer quick, fun to play, is quite fun, most fun, goofy, aren't worded quite right, lot of fun
102 28
favorite, great, able to hear, variety, unlimited, has 95%, is great, nostalgic, i ask for, can have dueling, podcast or playlist, more, knows all, able to request, easy to listen, came to mind, pretty cool, able to change, 10, can be a bit strong
100 23
great, accurate, lot, quick, wealth, much, helpful, useful, handy, is full, tons, full, love, convenience, about skills, has access to more, is helpful, most, source, seeking
106 11
great, amazing, love, is amazing, awesome, like, excellent, loving, cool, you shouldn't have a problem, perfect, is quite there, pearl, great little fun, advancing so fast, always amazed, works well, expanding a lot, benefits, ever changing
44 74
plugs, issues, unsuccessfully rejoining, occasionally disconnects, continues to disconnect, is the culprit, was part of deal, will not sync to, initial issues, should be easier, strong, is spotty, did not follow up, want to use it, disconnects, does not reach out, keeps disconnecting, does not stay connected, distanced, is very weak