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Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked Smartphone - Midnight Black - US Warranty

We have analyzed 1653 reviews from Amazon and found:

31% of users say that: Product works, works perfectly, works great, was easy to set up. Phone is great, is amazing, is awesome, works great. Camera is amazing, is awesome, is great, is phenomenal. Screen is amazing, is beautiful, is the best, is so beautiful. 1% of users noticed that: Battery drains way faster, drains quickly, will be discharged with in 4 hours, is very weak. Bixby is truly horrendous--, is the most annoying, can be ignored, is the worst. Button is obnoxious. Bixby button is hell of annoying, is an annoyance, is a joke, was stuck.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

857 400
love, great, unlocked, works, like, amazing, works perfectly, works great, easy to use, was easy to set up, works fine, loved, loving, fast, works well, excellent, excelent, is good, new, perfect
854 313
great, best, love, good, unlocked, is great, amazing, nice, awesome, beautiful, perfect, excellent, is amazing, is awesome, works great, really like, is fast, fantastic, very nice, absolutely love
145 22
great, is amazing, amazing, is awesome, good, is great, excellent, beautiful, is phenomenal, awesome, nice, very good, is as great, best, is better, is excellent, is fabulous, is the best, better, is beautiful
100 55
is amazing, beautiful, great, curved, is beautiful, amazing, big, is the best, black, awesome, full, nice, excellent, larger, curved infinity, is so beautiful, bigger, slightly bigger, is unbelievably crisp, is good
battery life
99 34
great, is great, excellent, good, decent, very good, has been good, is amazing, is ok, longer, is good, is very good, is phenomenal, extended, amazing, pretty quickly, will last you all day, very impressed, better, needs work
80 48
best, made stellar leaps, needs to work out, tech support, has made that happen, would have to eat far, keep this stubbornness up, has perfected screens, has done a great job with the current software, pay more than makes up for it, ’s refinements, is my fav, working great, unlocked, superior, got it right, come a long way, continues improving, has finally proven, farewell
49 9
great, lot, lots of cool, useful, touched many, nice, more, neat, come on it, most practical, disabled important, favorite, core, well made with lots of great, super slo, still learning, fun new, super powerful, clever, worked nearly flawlessly
37 12
excellent, love, great, wonderful, works a lot better, loving, very familiar, works marvelous, nice, slim, is top notch, durable, absolutely worth the investment, less responsive, awesome, high end, completely smooth, brilliant, was a breeze, has passed all quality control functions successfully
41 3
love, works perfect, worked fine, is great, was great, works great, works, is just great, have an orange glare, was done through samsung themes, is okay, ok, shows up bright, crystal clear, good, works as promised, was perfect, transferred easily, seems fine, works smoothly
41 2
great, are great, clear, good, are clear, clean, takes really nice, beautiful, crisp, most, looking online, come out clean, come out clear, is convenient, are phenomenal, is good, is vibrant, takes good, nice, is so clear
39 3
great, good, best, is $50 cheaper, premium, come down, full, 100 us dollars cheaper, was about average, increasing, fair, is always much faster, was very nice, was astounding, was awesome, delivered undamaged, is better, amazing, paid, half
33 5
great, is great, good, is better, are fine, clarity, absolutely terrific, is really impressive, is also really good, is really cool, improved, due to the dual speakers, dot work, tied together, love, is vlear, is awesome, is a very important aspect, very muffled, excellent
29 8
thanks, ordered, declined refund, was super helpful, thank you, was a plus, i'm about to do, box(in tact, all the time, was willing to resolve the matter, gave me other options to purchase warranty, no issues, is charging a restocking fee, needs, guarantee, were no help what so ever, doesn't deem it necessary to provide clear, has all reviews, was nice, will not provide nor even offer insurance on own product
25 11
best form, is a definite option, came out with much fanfare, is definitely better in every aspect, works just as well, shot, has better security, defacto standard, pretty familiar, black, will update, is a beast, performs well with daily task, afford, regular, great, unlocked, arrived perfectly, is everything i wanted, is a totally different matter
17 15
are taking long to open, stick, are easy to get rid of, controls bixby, instant, can disable, is just fine, fewer, bundled, room, moved over, come installed with the phone, unlocks my house, load quickly, run smoothly, transferred without problem, really makes no difference
picture quality
27 4
is great, is amazing, is stunning, better, is excellent, improved, has come along way, is awesome, impressed, good, no issues, is way better, looks cartoonish, is much longer, liked, is wonderful, was amazing, is superb
27 2
love, beautiful, nice, is way too bright, is outstandingcons, great, super amoled, rounded edges, glorious samoled, is the best, is pretty awesome, best, high quality, is just a pleasure, nice clear, comfortable to hold, large, is beautiful, want a 5, looks very cool
15 14
new, everything, right out, had all the general accessories, new looking, was the cheaper, everything inside, original, clean, was sealed with tab, new everything, almost everything was ok, came with seemingly everything, sealed
19 5
good, great, perfect, very satisfied, excellent, love, is amazing, very pleased, much higher, higher-, is good, impressed
13 10
better, always worked, is for kids and old people, did too, was better than samsung, outclasses, beats, much better than, almost half the price, is less than 600, is absolutely fantastic, were the best smartphones
18 5
are like actual speakers, pretty clear, are better, are surprisingly clear, are loud, new, very good, is really fast, are great, are excellent, are good, same goes, are crisp, is good, is the best, are amazing, is clear, too loud
19 1
perfect, great, right, larger, smaller, is not a problem, i like, is perfect, easy to handle for my smaller hands, is fabulous, love, good, plus, is perfect for my taste
21 2
perfect, excellent, very good, in perfect, was used, arrived in perfect, pretty good, excelent, perfect working, delivered in a timely manner, works great
20 3
purple, vivid, love, are bright, very beautiful, is amazing, favorite, elegant, fast, nice, are very bright, downlove, matters to me, true, coral blue, lovely, is extraordinary
best, excellent, will hook falks, amazing, reliable, is amazing, excelente, amaizing, cheap, pretty good, capable, very good, high end
16 4
great, is light, is way ahead, superb, was rapidly declining, is great, is incredibly fast, responsive, accurate, is happy, very happy, is fast and snappy, is remarkable, is amazing, amazing
12 6
few day to play, factory, are multi layered, transferred, five star, was a snap, checked every, struggles with advance, correct, no problem, no issue, can change
11 6
update, check out, better, could be so positive, gleaming, layman, many misconceptions, lot, encounter any problems in the future, will be back
15 1
huge, great, nice, fantastic, was worth, big, stability, last week, very nice, cool, like for an, was worth it
12 4
ok, still extremely fast, snappy, currently at the repair shop, been worth the wait, currently 1058pm for me, better, worked perfectly, very easy to activate unintentionally
11 5
fully functional, has a dual camera setup, absolutely perfect, is a constant fight, should have a hub stream, work with sprint, went back to the mate se, gift, has dual rear-facing cameras, work very fast, impressed
sim card
10 4
free, updated, right size, able to purchase, simple mobile, worked, fit perfect, was the older style large, into the s9+ holder, straight talk says i need a sprint
9 6
is smooth and fantastic, was incredible, awesome, fast and productive, is better thought out, refined, is crammed into the phone, is amazing, can't be removed
12 3
fast, super fast, is rapid fast, faster, perfect, super-fast, very fast, is very fast, better, is fast
best, great, awesome, excellent, good
galaxy s9
12 2
unlocked, very impressed, are many reviews, is a great looking, is an amazing phone, is wow, upgraded, completely satisfied, was a replacement, is the perfect combination of size, in perfect condition
47 48
doesn't last as reported, stays charged all day, drains way faster, didn't drain as fast, drains quickly, run down way too quickly, issues, will be discharged with in 4 hours, stop working good, is very weak, last less than 12hours, was bad, really could use a slight upgrade, dying, low, doesn't seem right, drains annoyingly quick, drain quickly, going to be old, not stay charged
10 14
takes a while to load up, is truly horrendous--, is the most annoying, annoying, difficult to use, can be ignored, is the worst, turns on when i dont want it to, enough, is terrible, worthless, is useless, is supposed to do, can be disabled
7 9
you cant turn off, large, i can't remap, should have been for the camera, hard, is obnoxious, hard not to accidentally, too bad, stops everything
bixby button
2 11
sucks, is hell of annoying, no way to disable, is an annoyance, could be deactivated, is a joke, was stuck, down, can't be remapped, wretched little