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Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked 5.93" - 4GB/64GB Octa-core Processor| 16MP + 2MP Dual Camera| GSM Only |Grey (US Warranty)

We have analyzed 1372 reviews from Amazon and found:

34% of users say that: Phone is fast, is great, is amazing, is awesome. Product is fast, works great, is amazing, works well. Camera is good, is great, is amazing, works great. Screen is beautiful, is bright, is great, is sharp. 1% of users noticed that: Bluetooth is spotty, has a los of problemas. Wifi is limited to 2.4, is only 2.4ghz, can be congested. Gps is horrible, is garbage, was more inaccurate. Iphone were released.

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1312 313
great, best, good, amazing, awesome, nice, excellent, love, is fast, is great, is amazing, fantastic, beautiful, very good, solid, highly recommend, better, really like, very nice, best budget
1083 432
love, fast, great, is fast, good, works great, like, is amazing, works well, is great, powerful, beautiful, recommend, worked perfectly, works, loves, works perfectly, super fast, is good, was fine
196 46
great, is good, good, is great, decent, is amazing, works great, is decent, very good, is pretty good, is awesome, is ok, most impressive, very impressed, is fine, nice, is fantastic, solid, is pretty decent, better
193 50
large, big, bigger, is beautiful, beautiful, great, is bright, bright, full, is great, is sharp, vibrant, is big, very responsive, nice size, good, is large, responsive, is crystal clear, is clear
103 38
great, lasts all day, seems to last forever, good, lasts a long time, lasts forever, is great, huge, is terrific for my usage, is lasting, are commendable, lasts me about 36 hours with normal usage, long lasting, is nice but heavy, long last full day, lasts 2 days, pro's*excellent, as well, works great, lasts for at least one day of power usage
battery life
115 14
great, long, is great, good, is amazing, excellent, is incredible, amazing, very good, is good, decent, is excellent, is exceptional, is long, has been excellent, no problems great, is crazy, beyond, solid, love
93 11
great, good, amazing, affordable, is great, can't beat, reasonable, is amazing, is unbeatable, is good, fantastic, is also nice, decent, was attractive, exceptional, not much of a deal, no complaints, fabulous, impressed, pros
70 9
good, great, excellent, crisp, decent, clear, takes beautiful, are great, beautiful, quick, look high quality, no complaints, is so vivid, takes nice, takes are good enough, takes decent, really good, is so nice, takes are incredible, are superior
54 17
rocks, thanks, did it, has done this, has a lot of features, like, makes the best phones, could have done better, is a reliable brand, am well satisfied, is quick and fast, looking, so proud, is able to move forward, good job, is the new way to go, very pleased, is a very good value, pretty quickly, chance
56 12
great, excellent, good, perfect, cheap, best, premium built, pleased, hi quality, snappier, average, decent, wonderful, is slower than expected, pretty much obsolete, very happy, delicate, classic iphone style, quality, friendly
62 4
good, great, excellent, is great, high, is outstanding, is as good, was surprised, was excellent, is top notch, really surprised, is generally outstanding, low, very good, were not bad, impressed, incredible, keeps getting better, same, is just incredibly impressive
56 4
nice, great, crisp, is bright, big, is very good, clear, is beautiful, responsive, beautiful, amazing3, most impressive, is sharp, is crisp, love, i like, large, is clearer, bigger, is simply stunning
34 22
is using power, without any hiccups, run well, run very smooth, easily fixed, runs very smooth, run very fast, smooth, run snappy, didn't feel any speed limit, were responsive, didn't notice any lags, work right, you can turn on or off, work great, run great, is top notch, are fast, can provide very similar functionality, secure
35 13
is great, pretty good, good, are pretty good, is rather quiet, is okay, is decent, not loud enough, works fine, nice, no good, is loud, clear, is good, decent, very good, comes from below, isn't terrible, acceptable, is more than acceptable
43 4
good, great, excellent, high, is much better, very impressed, solid, smooth, really please, is on par, super, keeps getting better, stunning, similar, quality, nice, 800 phone, expensive phones, blazing, is pretty solid
25 18
is sub par, is very loud, is adequate, isn't overly loud, were fine, portable, great, is quiet, shrill, are just ok, $800 better, better, earpiece, adequate, are great, good loud, are good, are just ok.speed, is loud enough, becomes awesome
huawei mate se
35 5
very happy, is a great phone, totally impressed, is the best, with really big expectations, has the same external design, is solid, well made, is another winner, stole that title, has an ip67 rating, was the best fit, after a ton of research, had the most bang for the buck, view, is much nicer, is a fantastic phone, was as good, is the closest i found to the samsung s8, is the best budget phone
34 2
great, awesome, many, neat, lot of new, has intuitive, looks good, lot of nice, really spectacular, nice, has great software, many great, extremely responsive, lots of, are slightly down scale, will explore more, i'm enjoying, like my own ring tones, is unbeatable, are as described
31 1
fast, better, is fast, great, not the fastest, very good, works flawlessly, is quite quick, strong, are fast, got 8 core, very fast, speed, is amazing, somewhat stronger, pretty fast, is way faster, stupefying, plenty fast, is fast5
picture quality
25 5
great, is good, clears up, very good, no bloatware, is just amazing, is fantastic, is still very good, decent, is amazing, is ok, more extensive phone, is amazing in terms of speed, bright, sucks, in low light, outstanding, is decent, is beautiful, is excellent
mate se
24 6
is an upgraded honor 7x, provided the extra ram, comes with android 7, met or exceeded all of my other criteria, is superior, good, very happy, has double the storage, is less than that, suits me just fine, has pretty much the same width, was a breeze to set up, was a breeze, has extra 1gb ram, looks and feels premium, does everything one asks for an more, is faster, is better, is super, super
28 1
good, perfect, large, great, is pretty nice, looks like one, great to hold, right, is good for my hands, is just a great fit with my hands, ram, large enough, fits easily in any pocket, different, is just right, is great, decent, nice, todos, very light
is great, looked great, works well, is just good, works perfectly, worked perfect, else in new shape conditions, is working, was transferred quickly, seamlessly, works as intended, love, is good, is perfect, is top notch, feels very snappy, is nice and responsive, is true to description, was great with the setup, is super fast
24 3
good, ever on amazon in 10 years, isn't all gloom, seemed good, are very helpful, glowing, pretty satisfied, wonderful, speak for themselves, excited based, sleek shiny, perfect, convinced me, are correct, thoroughly, reflects my personal opinions, are mostly positive, is way overdue, super detailed, update
camera quality
15 9
is great, great, is pretty good, is amazing, superior, is very good, is unbelievable, happy, would recommend this phone, is too good, is 8/10i
23 1
great, happy, fast, much, no bloatware, is better, is blazing fast, perform at same, is unbeatable, same in apps, can see the fruits of your labor, very fast, excelent, very impressed, loved, incredible, is amazing, light
23 1
great, really good, was much better, decent, are amazing, vibrant, are fantastic, few differeing, seem good, are great, just great, seemed good enough, amazing, flagship, 32gb on base model, nice, surprised, good
19 5
good, has started taking pictures, are really bad.*screen colors, great, no issues, few, podcasts, is great, play smoothly, are crystal clear, are very clear, came out well.10, often with this phone, took great pictures, decent, don't have a microsd card, is amazing quality, enhance, watching
20 3
great, best, very happy, very pleased, awesome, solid, very good, worth it.2, extremely happy, payed off multiple dividends, big, very satisfied
18 4
takes great, excellent, nice, great, very happy, like, in natural light, are nice, clear, not quite as good, good, are just ok, are better than iphone, option to lighten up, amazing, takes are actually great, are good
13 6
done natively, done using the google account, fast, just 2g network compatible, operating ok, easily the best phone, clearly a 5 star, still performing well, performed like a champ, been an amazing, just ok, compatible with straight talk, running android 7.0 flawless
19 1
plenty, huge, available, full of bloatware, generous 64, boost, is great, enough, without starting to significantly lag, 10 - with 4 gb of ram, excelent, fast great, larger, ample, extra
good, plenty, large, more, se more, like, is good, happy, super easy, expandable, has great, phenomenal, without starting to significantly lag, was worth, love, is worth my money
18 2
great, nice, attractive, premium, sleek, comfortable, excellent, is perfect, is great, clean, definitely nice feeling, very impressed, doesn't give me much of a wow factor, great looking, doesn't feel like a cheap, slick all metal, feels high end
18 1
perfect budget, highly recommend, are not loaded with bloat, great, very capable, beautiful, best, efficient, i started using in 2013, doesn't feel like a $200, cannot complain, best affordable, amazing, decent starting, alot, very cheap, good, few
this phone
love, loved, like, highly recommend, buy, great
14 22
hell, wasn't connecting, slows down the wifi speed, is spotty, continual issue, issues, connects to my car, doesn't feed phone connection, complained, slowing wifi, seems buggy, doesn't work simultaneously with wifi, gets spotty beyond 20 inches, stutter audio streams randomly, causes a major bottleneck, connected issue with wifi, has a los of problemas, unreliable, withouth shutting the phone off, seems to struggle on initial setup with headphones
13 16
isn't an issue, didn't have one problem with connection, is limited to 2.4, not 5g, issues, complained, no 5g, continuously cut on and off, no, does not come with 5ghz, is only 2.4ghz, extremely bad, speeds become unusable, slowing down, 31mbps wifi internet speed, can be congested
6 14
doesn't work, is horrible, stopped working, is garbage, gripe, total waste of money, for one hour, serious, was more inaccurate, may not be the phone, doesn't catch
7 11
ridiculous, going to be outdated in 3 months, not making payments, won't even update, slower, were released, abysmal, wet, no need, water damage, can't really afford