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Quest Nutrition Protein Tortilla Chips, Nacho, 8 Count

We have analyzed 504 reviews from Amazon and found:

47% of users say that: Product are delicious, are amazing, are great, are light. Taste is great, is very close to doritos, don't make you fat, has zero negative reaction. Flavor are great, is great, is the best, is a bit more strong. Chip are a great alternative, are absolutely fantastic, are the best flavor, are great. 1% of users noticed that: Aftertaste don't really notice, was terrible. Box are totally flat. Ingredients can cause cancer. Chips themselves are still somewhat dry/gritty.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

364 66
are delicious, are amazing, love, are great, good, crispy, great, are light, are good, are so good, tasty, are the best, so good, crunchy, are better, are soooo good, are so delicious, are a little pricey, airy, amazing
129 21
great, good, amazing, like doritos, is great, cheesy, just like doritos, really good, awesome, just like cool ranch doritos, like cool ranch doritos, good the 1st bite, crunch, is very close to doritos, rad, don't make you fat, satisfy, just like actual tortilla chips, has zero negative reaction, pretty close
97 5
great, favorite, good, love, amazing, best, are great, nacho, more, full, decent, delicious, is great, is the best, nice, light, crispy, no typical grainy protein, no bad after taste, nacho cheese
49 21
best, great, good, crispy, are a great alternative, friendly, fantastic healthy, really impressed, favorite, airy cheesy, very good, excited to have my, taste good, are absolutely fantastic, are the best flavor, aren’t sturdy, are great, nice addition, low carb, are thin
40 9
crisp, great, amazing, nice, not hard--baked foam, real chips, is good, crispy, is off, love, is pretty much identical to the regular quest chips, is really good, awesome, different, wise, is wafer like, was kind of off, is perfect, little different, and/or the aftertaste
crunchy, great, perfect, excellent, best crunchy, healthy, effective, absolute favorite, delicious, low carb healthy, best, tasty, good little, late night, decent, wonderful, quick savory
19 2
low, are lower than ip products, yummy, pretty good
these chips
are amazing, are great, absolutely love, are delicious, were so good, are fantastic, bizarrely tasty, highly recommend, are actually delicious, are really good, are so tasty, fit my calorie
11 1
high, pretty good, needs, nice, less carbs, aware of high, is perfect, best, are perfect, roughly 195 grams
8 1
great, best, better, very good, good
nacho cheese
7 1
zesty, incredible, are amazing, are better, delish, is my favorite, is strong
7 1
sour, bbq
carb diet
tempted not give these 5 stars, great, worth, better, you pay for high protein, way better than other protien snacks
4 3
helpful, low-carb, easy and enjoyable, good
ranch flavor
4 2
is pretty good, cool, subtle, love
4 2
kind of like breakfast pastries, was so overwhelmingly delicious, familiar, just like normal nacho doritos
4 1
bits right into my mouth, floated into my nose, licked off my my fingers, is spot on with doritos
great, friendly, not just the normal healthy, better
4 1
good, great, went out on a limb, is primarily for the tortilla style nacho cheese protein chips
tortilla style
are the best, has enough heft, are amazing, is great
healthier, full on binge, very lightweight, were my favorite, best
is great, tastes, is terrific, is just like ranch doritos, nailed
carb chip
3 1
low, delicious, best low
good, nice
is able to beat the odds, happy, full experience, has truly shown their commitment to continued product
are great, fit well on the daily, great, decent
carb snack
low, satisfying low
tortilla chip
2 1
super-crispy, light
2 1
found for a keto diet, got the crunch and flavor
2 1
low, don;t love
decent, great
5 5
is half empty, was crushed into may small pieces, don't get many chips, ran out, is 4 net carbs
3 4
weird, don't really notice, bad, was terrible
this product
3 3
dangerous ingredients, will not ever be buying, is quite expensive
2 4
going to last a week, are totally flat, showed up, wasn't a whole chip
1 3
weird, massive amounts of fat and meat, bad
nacho flavor
1 2
tastes exactly like doritos, not as good
1 2
can cause cancer, birth defects
chips themselves
1 2
are still somewhat dry/gritty, not thick