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SmartyPants Kids Complete and Fiber Gummy Vitamins

We have analyzed 1235 reviews from Amazon and found:

43% of users say that: Product are great, are delicious, are amazing, are candy. Taste is great, is good, is dominant, is ok. Vitamin are awesome, is a struggle, is high quality, arrived in a timely manner. Fiber is great, keeps her regulated, is the winning combo, helps mine with there bathroom issues. less than 1% of users noticed that: Gummy is a little hard, are all stuck together. After taste was really bad. Directions is only 2.5. Container is very difficult.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

848 264
love, great, loves, good, are great, like, are delicious, likes, are amazing, are candy, are the best vitamins, excellent, is good, are easy to chew, recommend, delicious, taste great, are perfect, loved, awesome
210 46
great, love, good, loves, like, is great, pretty good, better, is good, like candy, amazing, very good, delicious, hated, enjoys, yummy, really good, wonderful, is dominant, like normal fruit snacks
158 44
great, good, best, gummy, very good, awesome, everyday, are awesome, excellent, better, easier way to get kids to take their, every night before bed, like the best, favorite, pretty good, wholesome, regularly, happy to have a prebiotic, chalky, wonderful natural
37 6
great, love, is great, keeps her regulated, gummy, is the winning combo, advance tastes better, part benefits, really helps, helps mine with there bathroom issues, was helping my daughter, extra, has changed our lives, without, extra bit, did not get stuck, well as, needs to be healthy :), really works, works great
33 8
great, is good, enjoys, like, loves, really like, is fine, is happy with the, takes them with no, likes, tangy, okay, prefers, are very good, like a gummy candy, was fine, not super sweet, not chemical tasting, is great, good
22 19
doesn’t hold enough, stay soft, lot quicker, fair, getting ready to order, contain fiber, biggest, nearly full, were fine, way on every order, plan to keep her on them, has been a challenge, will last a good, recommended, indicates for children 3 and up, says to start with a half dose, with ease, finished her first, he approved, had real soft gummy vitamins
28 9
will actually eat, didn’t care for the flavors, are much more comfortable, is super picky, are sooo happy, will actually take these, is ultra picky, will not eat these, are more energetic, better focused, eats, still happily take them, are picky, good, won't eat these, way too gassy, wont have anything to do with them, will actually eat these, like these better, are bonkers for these
31 1
great, love, wonderful, are good, help with behavior, are ok with the taste, like, are the most complete, were better, natural, high quality, right, are amazing, good, aren't coated with sugar, has wholesome, pure, are excellent, quality, no bad
18 4
great, best, was a bit more than i’d, reasonable, good, increased, discounted, is a bit much for you, are better options, full, worth, you get what you pay for
14 7
ended up with cramping, has always had issues, has problem with constipation, has cut back on his lactose chewables, developed allergy, redness, itching, was fine, was having stomach aches every day, has been so regular, has to brush, doesn't fight me, has more energy, chews them carefully
12 7
taste of vitamins, is super sticky, very dot candy like in, love, good, is very important, hated, difference, love them, was chewy, sticking in his teeth, is very sensitive
13 3
no added, no, low, less, most vitamins, coated smartypants, not covered, doesn't have any added, love no, lower
17 1
good, no fishy, fine, is off putting, no fish, amazing, funky, very high sensitivity, is enough, easily, no strong, strong fish, vitamin, looks remarkably similar to the orange, great, rather medicinal
good, high, or bad taste, lower, excellent, affordable, very good, great, higher, is great, best
these vitamins
15 1
love, are great, loves, are so easy, fun to take, have really helped, are more expensive, sticking, were ok, are the best
13 1
great, good, higher, never left, helped you, many, was helpful, never leave negative, positive, did read, wonderful, about kids gummy vitamins
11 2
great, excellent, good, best, strong
this product
10 3
love, recommend, so happy, very careful, really nice to find
6 5
picky, extremely picky, light, doesn't eat veggies often, pickiest
8 4
no issues, all night long, fast enough, 4x, everyday, no more issues, has to use, not be afraid
11 1
fish, fiber, helped her battle, taste like fish, methyl b12, have omega 3 fish
this vitamin
9 3
love, loves, really liked, benefits, has many other horns to toot, help him to stay regular, makes her go everyday, have been a complete lifesaver
6 4
serving, is twice as many as must vitamins, is 4 gummies, multiple kids
5 2
no artificial, don't seem to be different
8 1
recommended, is four gummies a day, full, is four vitamins per child, are much higher than daily needs
7 2
is less sweet, will take consistently, were sugar coated, uses fully active folate versus synthetic, for my kids, no complaint, many other common
8 1
good, really good, huge, are better, are back to normal, moving along nicely
perfect, best, hassle, contained fiber, don't seem to have all the properties, important, like
partners with vitamin angels, excellent customer service, gives back, donates vitamins to children in need, will try again, stand for -, good
7 1
great, magnesium, providing a vitamin, fiber, healthy
4 3
no, constant, is a big issue, was born
5 2
great, good vitamin, excellent, ask for their vitamins daily
6 1
good, great
no high fructose, no high fructose corn, filled with corn, no high-fructose, corn
5 1
13 13
missing, often get stuck together in the bottle, are all stuck, are stuck together in a big lump, tend to stick together, super sticky, were all stuck, can cause digestive issues, melted / stuck together, stick together pretty badly, are stuck together in the bottle, are sticky, are very sticky
6 6
didn't care for the taste of these, will not take them, is my picky eater, was suffering from constipation, does not like the taste, won't be able to afford
3 4
is a little hard, many, are all stuck together, become real sticky
strange, waxy, funny, had a bitter, odd, couldn't stand