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SmartyPants Women's Complete Gummy Vitamins: Gluten Free, Multivitamin, CoQ10, Folate (Methylfolate), Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Biotin, Methyl B12, Omega 3 DHA/EPA Fish Oil, 180 count (30 Day Supply)

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46% of users say that: Product are delicious, are great, are perfect, are good. Taste is great, is good, is fine, is okay. Vitamin are soft, are amazing, are being distributed through my system, are huge. Flavor is great, are great, are so good, is quite strong. less than 1% of users noticed that: Taking vitamins has never been easier, has ever made me feel different, don't like. Container has only a 30 day supply. Swallowing pills don't like. Taking pills can feel so awkward.

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714 132
love, great, are delicious, good, like, are great, are perfect, yummy, are good, taste good, tasty, are fantastic, excellent, taste so good, are easy to chew, wonderful, are yummy, are wonderful, are sweet, are so yummy
278 36
great, good, amazing, like, love, like candy, really good, pretty good, awesome, is great, like vitamins, sweet, is good, very good, isn't bad, too good, strong, good enough, is fine, is okay
148 21
best, gummy, favorite, great, good, taste great, like, amazing, tasty, very well, not treats, nutritious, burps, continue taking these, are soft, chewy, taste fine, aren't rolled in sugar, easy to do, ’re geared to meet the unique nutritional
57 7
great, is great, fruity, like, are great, good, natural, soft, really good, consistency, mouthfeel, artificial, are so good, nice fruity, is quite strong, tart, pleasant, easy on tummy, enjoy, nice
28 17
is huge, huge, reordered, large, was short an entire day of vitamins, cute, big, smaller, is a lot bigger than expected, lasted over a month, is done, always finish, contains a 30 day supply of vitamins, is a one month supply, for my husband, working my way, finished my, substantial, gives you a 30 day supply, pretty quick
26 16
good, is soft, like, nicest, is great, is softer than gummy bears, gummy, great, not soft, slightly chew, swedish fish, are great, is more of a dry gummy, best, pretty good, fine, tasty, isn't bad, is a bit different than your usual gummy, awesome
31 2
are great, grown ups, alway stick to your teeth, are a convenient way to take vitamins, tasty, makes taking vitamins easy, are delicious, are really soft, are really delicious, generally good amount, lot of, are great tasting, contain more than twice, best, have everything, are easy to do, liked, are easy to get out, easy to chew, taste good
22 2
serving, is 6 gummies, is six gummies per day, is 4 gummies, is larger than i expected, large serving, is fine, full, is six gummies, calories compare to, is 6 gummies per day
21 3
great, best, really good, easy solution, much better, super vitamin, easy to chew, good, fresh
21 2
good, love, excellent, are all natural, healthy, looked closer, impressed, great, help my skin to glow, clean of any harmful, are all naturual, are everything, clean, super high quality, have high quality, high quality, best, are high quality, are fabulous
11 6
no longer get big, like, many, smaller, should be already well-known, you have to take 4, big, are harder for her to swallow, taking regular, most, was taking to grow out her hair
16 1
good, great, reasonable, adding all these vitamins up, excellent, stay reasonable, jump, is much lower than whole foods, amazing
high, great, excellent, arrived on time, good, very high, seem more or less the same , is good, is high, can't really beat
11 1
donates to charity with each purchase, awesome, has high standards, researched the balance amounts, comes out with a gummy, feel free, would make vitamin d gummies, good, is very transparent, keeps in mind the things, no artificial flavors
this product
10 3
love, like, will continue to buy, won't be sorry, really liked, highly recommend
7 4
recommended, is 6 of these daily, is 6 gummies per day, mostly from cane sugar, difference
these vitamins
11 1
love, are great, loved, are by far the best, are wonderful, are fantastic, are way too sweet, are formulated for women, are very tasty, are the best
9 2
best, should include these two important ingredients, a little too sweet, ive found, switched to another, great, will faithfully take, favorite
minimal, no, organic, refined, isn't too bad, are consuming, is minimal, pretty please, overcomes, is a bit much
9 1
don't taste fish, no fish, in addition to vitamins, is a nice plus, is no fishy taste, yummy, gummies, in one dose, don't want to be tasting
8 2
good, sticks in my teeth, sweet, great
seems shiner, growing, growth in a month, is growing like a weed, thicker, nails growing faster, big difference, incredible, like
about taste, revise, different, texture, great, honest, unbiased, is based solely off of my experience with the product
are growing faster, stronger, grow long, strong, are fabulous, feel stronger, are so smooth, healthy, are stronger
4 1
artificial, bright, happy with natural, no synthetic
6 2
1667% of the daily, is 6 yes 6 gummies a day, reccomended, good solid, recommended, daily
6 1
great, good, are large, didn't taste
gummy vitamin
5 2
best quality, are a good idea, natural, tastes great, good
6 1
chew-able, better, sugar free, healthier, great, good
this vitamin
love, provides it, tasted a lot better, gives amazing energy, contained all the nutrients
5 1
is great, great, like, don't have that chalky vitamin feeling
many, well, wonderful, essential, was working, great
absorbing, well, pretty, giving me, is quality foods, great
5 1
positive, are definitely noticeable, wasn't going to have any side, miraculous noticeable, dilutes
3 2
is another nice addition for women, promotes healthy skin, love
3 2
made just for women, great, best
2 6
complaint, continued to hurt, quit hurting, problems disappeared, upset, bother
3 3
no, almost immediately, intense lack
2 4
horrible, super dizzy, tensed up neck
taking vitamins
2 3
has never been easier, has ever made me feel different, don't like