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Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise

We have analyzed 1007 reviews from Amazon and found:

36% of users say that: Product worked great, is amazing, can control, was great. Sound are great, is great, is crisp, are realistic. App is great, is easy to use, is very easy to use, is super easy to use. Sound machine is awesome, is great, is loud enough, is the best. 1% of users noticed that: Button don't like, are on the bottom of the device, are unreadable. Clock are so ugly. Cord is extremely flimsy. Power cord will immediately fall out.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1644 518
love, great, loves, amazing, loved, worked great, is amazing, like, sooner, highly recommend, easy to use, every night, able to control, can control, night light, was great, awesome, recommended, is awesome, has been a lifesaver
183 88
light, love, soothing, are great, is great, clear, is crisp, loves, adjust, are realistic, variety, favorite, many different, easy, are perfect, are very pleasant, great, are soothing, softer, automatically adjust throughout our bedtime routine
113 39
is great, is easy to use, easy to use, is very easy to use, is super easy to use, is very user friendly, great, is user friendly, works well, has worked flawlessly, works really well, runs smoothly, very cool, are very easy to use, can program and control, connects to the device via bluetooth, is user-friendly, super convenient to use, is so easy to use, lets you program favorites
sound machine
98 32
light, best, great, recommend, is awesome, is great, looking, is loud enough, gets extremely loud, light when needed, love, is the best, good little, produces good sounds, basic $20, works great, best white, very nice, excellent, cost half this price
90 22
is green, green, bright, red, is amazing, great, soft, is perfect, turns green, provides a soothing colored, can match this one quality, is bright or dims, soft white, is marvelous, can go so dim, much brighter for diaper changes, is blue very calmly, are useful, are amazing, easy to turn on a low
104 5
light, loves, are beautiful, can adjust, different, many, is perfect, adjust, favorite, choose, luces de cualquier, like best for her nightlight, means a different things, are so soothing, pick, “waking, sleek, light changed, liked to choose his, can customize herself
this product
83 10
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, loved, recommended, highly recommended, absolutely recommend, loves, highly enough, zero issues, recommend, across, good things, loooove, showed, happy, would definitely purchase, absolutely adore, is gold, truly love
customer service
68 7
great, excellent, wonderful, is amazing, amazing, is great, awesome, best, was great, happy, is awesome, has been amazing, was amazing, is exceptional, super impressed, very happy, very responsive, speedy, stellar, reached out to me
48 21
white, worked great, soft light, few more, option, needed a night light, is essential, has helped him sleep through the night, masking white, extra, natural soothing, are soft, peaceful, disruption, loves, consistent deeper, nice choice, helps them sleep, light and, are great
40 17
is fun, useful, are very easy to use, nice, is controlled through an app, begun to actually display any problems, will come unplugged again, has changed our lives, can control, very attractive looking little, connects to my phone, cool, super easy to set up, properly, is marketed towards children, is so customizable!when, ability, is now consistently connecting via bluetooth, works as advertised, quite close
hatch baby
44 4
rest night light, light to use, stays on all night, made sleep time great, rests, company for a minute, night light, has to stay in her bed, is an amazing, easily select one (grandma, babysitter, rest night lights, rest in my son's nursery, works perfectly, took care of everything, has excellent customer service, loyal forever, reached our to us, scale, makes really cool products, for our 4 month old
33 8
favorite, can adjust, change, able to change, wave, dimmest, were easier to use, have a good variety, lower, is fine, quick, kind of bright, favorites, many different, low light, adjust, work best, so many different, many, easy to use
29 10
have the light turn, love, can turn on and off, easy to use, able to use, like, super easy to use, can be controlled, come on at the same time every night, light for middle of the night feeding and changes, control everything, has been amazing, green, is a huge help, really easily, is way better, really helps make it, with the rest, can control, easy to program
21 17
light, becomes unplugged easily, regular noise, received 3 replacement, continue to improve, new, able to control, worked great, is super easy to use, is combined with the night light, saved options, sound, wonderful little, exceeds expectations, is great, is near perfect, better, is controllable via a phone app, is on with both light, noise
24 13
love, is controlled by our phones, was linked into our alexa system, emailed me asking if i would like a new lamp, are no more faulty machines, ok, recommend, has been a lifesaver, extremely impressed, no fault, quite helpful, are able to control, can be customized to meet whatever our needs, enjoyed our, is amazing, is the best, has the best customer service, during every feeding- day, was so easy to work with and replaced the item, does the trick
23 12
can adjust, can be totally controlled, could be adjusted to a greater degree, sounds, shoots all the way up to max volume, light, adjustable, dim orange light, were a on top, was going out on occasion, without having to go in his room, awesome, great, light awesome, need to adjust, max, was fine, adjust, gets quite loud, could stand to have a wider range
this thing
26 8
love, is awesome, is amazing, has been a godsend, is so cool, is a miracle worker, is so so cool, is great, has been a lifesaver, is the best, is possessed, has helped considerably with bedtime, is wonderful, has been magic
20 13
easy to, easy to use, can set 10, are working fine, excited about using them, super easy, are easy to make, is easy enough, run on different days, are automatic, with different options, can be set to start, customizable, work, ton, so easily, joy to, looks downright fancy to boot
30 2
favorite, great, cool, love, light, nice, lot of other night lights, really nice, excellent, many great, ok to rise, are wonderful, my favorite, is very helpful, really easy, will be great, easy to use, best, ok-to-wake, key
21 10
is now 5 months old, sleeps in her nursery for naps with baby monitor, was 6 mo, is happy, goes right to sleep, feed my, kept waking up, hasn’t made her arrival, is too young, is peacefully asleep, sleeps so well with it, is my, enough, would wake frequently, buying another, is still in our bedroom, isn’t, best, has slept so much better, great
beautiful, sleek, lightweight, durable, simple, didn't quite meet our expectations, really like, brilliant, isn’t a huge ugly eyesore, is simple, clean, love, easy to set up, great, needs some work, is clean, intuitive, is really nice, sleek-, is sleek
25 3
ok, ok to get up, supposed to fade in gradually, still not quiet enough, not dim enough, been helpful to signal, been more reliable, been a life saver, okay to wake, working fine, worked very well, currently in our room, been a expensive product, worked out so well, going ok, been a dream to use, preprogrammed, okay, been a huge help, been tough trying to keep the volume
sound options
25 3
light, different, are pleasant, many, are soothing, lots, are perfect, can be mixed and matched, are great, different light, several light, few more, are wonderful, multiple, ton, were more, are tons of color, many light, are good, good
21 5
great, reached out to me, incredible, had amazing customer service, very quickly sent a replacement machine, is amazing, most impressed, impressed, cares about their customers, has been incredible, reached out, impressive, is amazing to deal with, has exceptional customer service, responds promptly, listens to suggestions, phenomenal
18 5
better, helps her, priceless, is well worth the money, good, helps my grandson, needed, so fast, issues, has been hard enough, really improved, is precious, like normal human beings, longer, is amazing, gpod
18 5
great, perfect, genius, handy, is really clutch, had been sleeping through the night without, best, has needed two firmware updates, is great, is ideal, excellent, amazing, wonderfully customizable, loves, very cool, is also very useful
12 11
has a different power adaptor, remembers your settings, is great, worked fine, combines the noise, no issues, made of high quality materials, is elegant, unobtrusive, modern, works as she gets older, very fashionable
20 1
light, adjust, easily adjust, are great, perfect, able to customize, can be controlled, color, is super convenient, fully customizable, are each adjustable, allows you to change sound, can adjust, has adjustable
this sound machine
21 1
love, absolutely love, adore, pretty sure, really love
sound quality
20 2
great, love, is amazing, are amazing, is incredible, is fantastic, is also great, is way better, is really good, is much better, much clearer, favorite, is excellent, extremely well, amazing, nicer, is great
light, many, would be pleasing for adults and children, are great, lot, lots, loved, numerous, sound, red light, blue, love, are tons of color
9 7
did stay, light, is large, dark, can control, was really dark, 2.5 year old, is already dimmed, like day
hatch baby rest
16 1
love, absolutely love, is a great product, super convenient to modify settings, is one of them, is a gift from god, is awesome, does my little one, no issues, always changing the coverlets, is just excellent customer service, is a great multi-functional product, love thee, very dim
12 4
favorite, very happy, great, best baby, absolutely the best, very pleased
9 6
great, update, updated, millions, ok
noise machine
12 14
white, dohm white, cheap white
9 12
sometimes won’t work, don't like, change the volume, stopped working, start working, can't lock, are on the bottom of the device, are unreadable, does what in the dark, had little lights, would cycle through about 20 classical songs, annoying problem
9 11
okay to wake, ok to wake, ok-to-wake, back little by little, are so ugly
8 10
not just, cant make changes to my settings, sometimes can't connect, doesn’t have enough range, reached farther, crashes, doesn't reach very far, absolutely pointless, not wifi, i would prefer to have a wifi connection
2 13
stopped working, just falls out, loose, bent, doesn’t fit appropriately in the sounch machine, won't stay connected to the light-, problem, does not fit well into the unit, became damaged, broke, is extremely flimsy, kept falling out