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ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Universal Pod Case | Classic Collection

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37% of users say that: Product are great, work great, are perfect, are awesome. Glasses are great, work well, are awesome, work great. Phone is always with me, works great, work great, are always with me. Case is durable, is nice, is sturdy, is very slim. 2% of users noticed that: Nose have come off leaving just pinpoint “prongs, keep wanting to fall off, is not wide)the quality feels cheap, are so rough. Nose piece are very fragile, has broken off, are flimsy, keeps breaking. Nose pad were defective, are a problem, are not easy to replace, come off. Nose bridge is too low, has a bad reputation, has broken 3 times, has fallen off.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

4450 1256
great, are great, love, work great, excellent, good, are perfect, are awesome, work well, awesome, convenient, like, perfect, very convenient, compact, are very handy, is great, nice, work very well, stay on my nose
845 317
great, are great, best, work well, love, are awesome, work great, nice, convenient, easy to use, compact, handy, are ok, light, good, always have, excellent, absolutely love, awesome, are fine
362 152
handy, always, very handy, is always with me, i always have my, you always have your, very convenient, i always, convenient, i always have my cell, works great, perfect, always has his, work great, great, are always with me, always with my, sticks, good, works well
191 88
thin, sturdy, slim, convenient, is durable, is nice, sticks, hard, ultra thin, is sturdy, small, soft, very thin, great, durable, better, is very slim, fits nicely, is slim, is incredibly thin
282 7
great, good, nice, is great, awesome, brilliant, is good, wonderful, cool, amazing, works great, very good, pretty useful, is fantastic, very useful, is amazing, is a superlative, needs much improvement, junk!cute, fantastic
175 24
thin, good, great, excellent, are great, are fine, are excellent, are good, clear, love my thin, are very good, convenient, are clear, are nice, extremely strong, shatter resistant, are perfect, decent, are awesome, is great
97 62
are clear, clear, good quality, scratch very easily, great, are very clear, are good, scratch easily, clean, good, are far from being secure, make everything look great, cheap, scratch so easy, looks cloudy.not a particularly secure, comfortable fit, acceptable, are accurate, are so very, are thicker
reading glasses
79 63
great, pair, are fine, without, compact, nice, good, amazing, convenient, don't worry, light, perfect, keeps breaking, very practical, are always handy, ultra-thin, are really light, are so handy, always have, fantastic
106 34
good, great, high, excellent, very good, better, is good, is excellent, decent, nice, very high, reasonable, phone!good, very compact, far better, lightweight, priced right, is commensurate with the price, sufficient, higher
85 19
great, brilliant, excellent, good, compact, clever, very clever, great compact, perfect, is brilliant, nice slim, literally all the time in conjunction with my phone, convenience, easy to carry, is great, more robust, different nose piece, very creative, cool, fit for asian noses
77 25
are great, love, was my answer, still fine for daily use, hard, clever, are too powerful, confortable, easy to carry on, confident enough, used to replace them for free, guarantees their glasses, gives free replacements for life, fit my husband well, are right, used every day, will honor their lifetime guaranty, thanks, eliminates the need to carry an extra pair of bulky glasses, is rugged
great, is great, is good, good, love, nice, very cool, is awesome, like, work great, awesome, is brilliant, brilliant, excellent, neat, work well, extremely convenient, convenient for occasional use, wonderful, breaks easily
85 4
perfect, great, compact, full, small, right, like, credit card, larger, very convenient, nice, fits most, loved, is perfect, cute, fit different, good, nice compact, durable, can fit into a wallet
65 30
lifetime, great, excellent, amazing, good, is great, better, keep away, stated, taken advantage, replacement, need some kind of, made the price palatable, was useful, is fantastic, goes, is very seamless, is any good, is real, is an added bonus
this product
73 13
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, like, really like, recommend, always use, convenience, solves my dilemma, recommended, will always buy, sucks, loved, is for westerners, look, very pleased, came across, strongly recommend, definitely buy, is actually just as advertised
light, very light, durable, no, very comfortable, extremely light, thin, easy to store, convenient, easy to carry, drives customers away, easy to carry with you, lite, comfortable, stays on my nose, easy to attach to phone, fit well on nose, compact, really happy, made a difference
customer service
59 16
great, excellent, was outstanding, outstanding, good, awesome, is amazing, is excellent, amazing, should be better, 7 days, was great, has been very attentive, is best, superior, needs a complete overhaul, is top notch, is outstanding, is over the moon, prompt
35 31
great, fit snuggly any sand, were not corrective enough, good quality, scratched very easily, is clear, appear true to magnification, is easily scratch when wipe, better, awesome, easy to fit, strength, was a bit bigger, good, was clear, stronger, scratch too easily, can scratch easily, are polycarbonate, high-quality
34 29
perfect, able to read, need to read, convenient, quickly, unfolding glasses, pretty handy, very handy, can read, does the job, especially, fine, great, extremely handy, you can read, very helpful, not ideal, reading glasses, fly, looking
59 2
great, perfect, comfortable, nice, very light, work great, is good, perfectly, good, is perfect, very good, best, very well, uncomfortable, easy to fit in your pocket, handy, easy to carry, extremely well, beautiful, well on my lower nose
46 15
great, good, is response, is great, stands behind their products, want to buy stock, provides you so you will buy more, wonderful, are good, has a very good return policy, has great support, nice to work, sent me a new pair with no scratches, was great, gave me an immediate, does offer lifetime warranty replacement, gives a lifetime warranty, responded immediately to a question, comfortable, lightweight
57 2
best, good, greatest, are great, beautiful, real, able to read, coolest, well on my face, are really comfortable, light-duty, really really like, rock, pretty hard, are a home run, neatest, are absolutely cool, will look soft, are freaking awesome, are perfect
50 7
great, is right, good, worth, reasonable, full, reduced, thinnest, best, i expected a little more, is fine, is ok, beat, are worth, is the same, get a new pair, cant get the $19, is so worth, new pair, i paid for 1 one pair
42 10
great, handy, delivered on time, works as expected, questionably works as advertised, was as expected, is actually less than ok, durable, great little, is great, coolest, works wonderfully!!!highly, pretty cool, is worth less, pretty neat, is very good, is a gift, good, best, purpose of purchasing your
great, best, amazing, greatest, brilliant, good, worthy of praise, long overdue, greatest little, neatest, terrific, awesome, super, genius, incredible, great little, fantastic, outstanding
40 9
easy to carry, handy, very handy, easily fit, small, wonderful, keep them in my shirt, can carry them, perfect for storing my reading glasses, is super-useful, small enough, keep, keep them, great, always in my front, light, easy to slide, fit, easily carry, no more readers on top of my head
32 10
great, readily available, attached to his, best, are available anytime and anywhere, easy to use, is always attached to me, i almost always have with me, very convenient, convenient, is always, are always handy, is perfect, is so convenient, long, light scratch, brings them everywhere, fit n my, assures me, has readers at his fingertips
27 17
free, good, great, extra, safe, better made, clear, lasted less than a month, came out of the pouch, was great, buy another, perfect, work very good, best, arrived and scratch free, lasted 2 months, larger, has been seamless, nice, well
36 6
clear, is clear, perfect, good, great, is acceptable, very helpful, is crystal clear, stays on nose, very light, blurred, not great, is just good enough, correct, correct for the power chosen, better, very clear, small enough to fit in any pocket, is great, pretty good
19 14
great, handy, easy to carry, confortable, keep them, always searching, always stay, small, no more digging, really want to travel, crowded, easy to keep, no more bothering, very handy
28 9
fine, small, very fine, strain, quick peak, super fine, is getting smaller
26 9
great, best, greatest, very happy, excellent, jump online to, smart, just for menus, good, great little, sure to register, favorite, best reason
phone case
26 6
handy, is ribbed, is very strong, does not stick, tucked into my, good, keep mine, keep, stick, compact, has a magnet inside, always be handy, secured them to my, should be ready the next time, connected to my, attached to, has horizontal grooves, better, well, easy to remove and wear
154 196
piece broke, pieces broke off, piece broke off, pieces broke, hurt my, piece fell off, flimsy, pieces break, broke, pieces fell off, broke off, very fragile, pieces break off, piece broken, piece off, piece breaks, painfully, not comfortable, doesn't stay on my, easily get twisted
nose piece
26 110
broke, broken, are very fragile, has broken off, are flimsy, keeps breaking, broke off, are fragile, uncomfortable, broken off, tend to break easily, broke the same day, already broke, already broke off, folded back and damaged, feels very rough, replaced it right away, has bent so not useable, was quite small, tends to break
nose pad
21 51
broke, broke off, break off, broken, flimsy, were defective, are a problem, broke off with 2 months, breaks, biggest issue, are not easy to replace, broke off within 2 weeks, break very easily, trying some, just fell off, frequently break, come off, broke within 2 weeks, did break, fragile
nose bridge
25 35
broke off, breaks easily, is too low, no, doesn't really go fully away, has a bad reputation, broke the second time, broke within a week, breaks off too easily, broke, has broken 3 times, constantly breaking, breaks too easily, not for someone without, has fallen off, warned, fell off, pinched, do not stay, broke within the first month
nose clip
6 39
broke, little, are pretty flimsy, holds the glasses on your nose, broke on first time used, break within a month, brok off, thin, broke off early on, is not allowing anyone to re-order replacement glasses, are flimsy, breaks, fell off after a week, broke off, eventually broke, broke within 2 weeks, tiny bit sturdier, does not stay as suggested, too small, are a little painful
21 22
heavy, broke, not everyday, not intended for active, ok for very short, very minimal, not for long term, not for extended, not for active, broke in 2 weeks, zero, no hard, not for long duration, not designed for heavy, very occasional, not be able, not for full time, not for constant, not really good, not for long
13 23
didn't last well, didn't last a full week on phone, is worthless, stopped sticking within 2 weeks, is too weak, didn't hold, does not stick too well, didn't hold well, stick, did not last, only send one strip, does not hold tight, is not designed for silicon or rubber cases, backing faulty, came off, didn't work, didn't last a week, has loosen on the case, backed case, failed and glasses lost