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Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked 64GB - US Version (Midnight Black) - US Warranty

We have analyzed 1656 reviews from Amazon and found:

30% of users say that: Product works well, works great, is great, works. Phone is amazing, is great, is fine, works fine. Screen is amazing, is beautiful, is big, is very clear. Samsung is on a roll right, got a heck of a deal, has added a new 'bixby, has stayed on script. 1% of users noticed that: Battery was in the shape, is already failing, is losing its life, dies in hours. Bixby is constantly trying to insert itself into my life, is nonresponsive, is bad, is an insult. Button are no, is quite useless, is in a very difficult spot to avoid, is not capable of being set. Software is just as bad, is absolutely horrible, is an abomination, is atrocious.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1120 660
love, great, good, works well, works great, excellent, fast, is great, like, no problems, works, sleek, nice, works perfectly, awesome, fine, easy, works fine, loved, up
1047 382
great, best, love, good, nice, unlocked, awesome, amazing, is amazing, is great, beautiful, excellent, is fine, works fine, works great, is fast, really like, no issues, very good, is awesome
186 147
curved, great, large, bigger, is amazing, is beautiful, beautiful, amazing, is big, larger, gorgeous, bright, more, excellent, better, replacement, edge, big, black, awesome
76 75
does, is on a roll right, you, fer life, sells a 64 gig phone, enjoyed, wish, provides a smart switch app, makes high quality products, exactly what, took it to heart, at&t for hours, should give customers the ability, got a heck of a deal, adds the option to disable the bixby key, really, clearly put in a lot of effort, really hit it big, does offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty, keeping phone protection in mind
111 29
great, is great, good, nice, is awesome, love, is very good, excellent, is outstanding, is point, is clear, bright, shines, is excellent, good pictures, can take good pictures, takes sharp pictures, is incredible, is quite good, works really well
battery life
74 27
good, is amazing, long, great, very good, better, is great, is ok, is good, amazing, improved, is very nice, is top notch, is fine, is sub standard, outstanding, solid, longer, big, has been awesome
67 14
beautiful, amazing, stunning, curved, gorgeous, love, sharp, is set to 1440p, is nice, no noticeable, most prominent, brightest, very clear, sure to lock bone, is gorgeous, will always make the phone look sexy, touch, is high resolution, is absolutely amazing, edge
34 27
is now fitted for the screen ratio, get more granular, transferred perfectly, average, opens, runs smooth, works, works so when im doing above ceiling inspections, you prefer to use, great, good, does so well, works great, makes them much simpler, runs in the background, favorite, can keep accurate topography, fit more, who the hell knows, appspro - multiple
37 18
amazing, wonderful, beautiful, has exceeded my expectations, had a slightly longer, works perfectly, has ushered in a new era of design, very interesting, strongly recommend, is still under us one-year warranty, fine, to be bloatware free, decent, gorgeous, efficient, is working perfectly fine, easily the best, incredibly beautiful, keeps on for 4hrs, arrived in great condition
38 5
is awesome, do it justice, represented big changes in cell phone tech, is everything, s9 at least for a while, feels pretty light, read my review, met all expectations, employs two different biometrics, has most everything i wanted, became fully operational, feels long at first, more easily, much more comfortable, was very quick, easy, chews through battery rapidly, got here in one-day, uses minimal power, takes better low-light photos
works great, is perfect, was as expected, was fine, went smooth, was transferred easily, is amazing, worked well, is so good, looks great, works perfect, worked out well, is ok, works well, runs fast, looks so great, is great, ok, is working great, pretty much upgraded
35 1
great, was great, excellent, reasonable, pay the, can't beat, are insane, is so much less than at att, has dropped by about 90 bucks, is less than what straight talk, better, full, cheaper, incredible, works great, was right, best, good, were still high, was the best
21 14
negative, bunch, is coming from a long time apple user, is to confirm other reviews, nice true, helps fellow page plus users, honest, good, helpful, awesome, will happily update, long-winded, has less to do with any issues, helped me, helped other skeptical buyers, were half good, can help you out, decent, updated, same thing
26 8
great, lots of neat, had all the, bunch of crazy, amazing, excellent, best, thoroughly enjoy, many, love, ton of extra, exploring that, are flawless, advanced, are alright, wonderful, comes with are great, useful, many helpful, are lots of new
31 3
sleek, aesthetic, like, beautiful, good, very elegant, best part, is amazing, was well, smoothe, satisfied, marvelous, fast, works, wonderful, very fast, nice, great, was actually approved, look
30 2
great, are great, good, are amazing, crystal clear, are crystal clear, is so clear, are perfect, excellent, come out wonderful, great quality, come out like a pro, shoot, look far superior, seem really nice, takes some incredible, zooms, come out bright, vibrant, all great
17 12
long, locked down experience, easily outshines, beats, upgraded, look like a toy, wish i had purchased, functional, much better than, better, nuff said, does this, ahead of samsung in actual usage, does this by default, does, was $80
24 2
nice, good, right, love, like, larger, easier to handle, are exceptional.2, not to large to hold easily, not too small, proper, preferred, is important to me, very practical, i like, is nice, is great in the hand, easy of operation, perfect, easy.-
21 5
good, no, can't fix, protects the front, waterproof, clear, variety, feel just as nice, will lift up the screen protectors, all-glass, shock resistant, thick, works well, rugged, durable
galaxy s8
20 6
unlocked, was great, running perfectly, 420569089304420502100016205514 thru usps, coming out very soon, is a great flagship phone, goes back to the store, is wonderful, gave me $200, is a wonderful phone, has the infinity edge screen, went on sale over labor day weekend, infinity screen, beveled edge, has one of the best battery lives, is a solid, good golly, good condition, open box
sim card
14 10
was up and running in minutes, was done, gave me a, was instantly up, straight talk, work with international, transfer my, floor model, was good to go, had no issues, can burn you a new, $10.00, started working immediately, worked as it should
20 5
great, sunset, are very clear, excellent, sharp, are awesome, awesome, are clear, crisp, nicely, can trick facial recognition, took quality, are wonderful, takes even nicer, was taken by s8)3, can unlock the phone, look great.-, nice
21 4
powerful, is nice, blazing, was as expected, seems great, satisfied, prosexcellent, is a top-of-the-line phone, best, snappy, are flawless, outstanding, is great, issues in the past, overall, high, low light, incredible, slick appearance of the phone, good enough
screen protector
14 9
good, without, currently available on the market, decent, seem to pop off super easy, on mine, just out of paranoia, scratches easily, recomended, was very convenient, tempered glass, makes, already on it
19 4
great, is fantastic, seems tip top, is great, superb looks, feels great in the hand, has been included in cellphones, is beefy--64gb, expandable storage, delivers as promised, work across multiple devices, is top notch, is pretty good, reliable, hardly worth mentioning, excellent
15 8
thanks, thanks to, lets a lot of knockoffs, like, came through again, shipped it promptly, has them priced, is a good place, will get it, spectacular, fast, amazing job, in the last 5 years, happy customer
12 9
got fed up with, happy, beats, is to compete on the basis of price, i'm done, needs to step their game up, just announced their new iphone x., can keep their nsa iphone x, hasn’t announced anything, has much better accident touch detection, has the best one being in the home button, does relistic speech better
11 8
good, great, is loud, is really nice, are a bit quiet, are loud af, facing, so happy, are great
13 5
great, are bright, vibrant, bright, are nice, smooth, amazing black, are vibrant, were off, are perfect, are great
14 5
with no scratches or ding marks, received on time, new in untouched packaging, arrived as described, negative zero, was gear 360, is coming from in your cart, is described as unlocked, arrived new in box, was bought here in the states, is fine, sync right up to my network, is perfect, arrived fast
picture quality
17 1
is great, excellent, great, amazing, awesome, like, looks great, is excellent, love, is most important to me, is phenomenal, looks like a 1mp camera
13 5
streaming very very enjoyable, is no problem, is fine, good, great, excellent, look amazing, comparison, does take really good pictures, is playing and create a gif, is a three (3.5, pretty awsome, nice
46 49
needed to be constantly charged up during the day, isn't as what a new phone, was in the shape, finally permanently died, would always drain once down to around 25%, checked, poor, slightly diminished, is already failing, is losing its life, pull for a reboot, only really takes a beating, not, dies in hours, cannot be replaced by the user, sh__ty, cannot be done with the s8, charging problems, had dies, is not removable
21 29
hate, doesn't seem any more useful, doesn't compare so i haven't tried it, is constantly trying to insert itself into my life, not a fan, is nonresponsive, is bad, is an insult, dislike, no, is useless, is just a pain, tries to interfere, is just terrible, do not like, is terrible, is annoying, didn't even try, is cumbersome, isn't great
10 22
are no, is quite useless, dedicated, hard, is in a very difficult spot to avoid, extremely annoying, could be configured to use with google assistant, is not capable of being set, disable, do not however like, disrupts, off the screen.3, can become an issue, is directly below the volume buttons, completely useless, is annoying, is below the volume buttons, off, is in an awkward location, is a pain
11 14
lag, lacks consistent security patches, is just as bad, is absolutely horrible, refused to let me do it, is an abomination, main downside, is atrocious, might not be to everyone's liking, quirks, tripping balls, is awful, terrible, felt jittery
samsung product
8 13
crappy, never another, 6.1.never, wont be buying, will not be buying, bias towards, will never be another, never even consider, will never buy, very disappointed, i never buy, will never by, no longer buy
9 12
not compatible, big mistake, does not allow wifi calling, start up screen a peers, has many of the verizon based apps blocked, shut up, is no way to add these services, should have paid the money, has been refusing to activate unlocked phones, slightly negative, is not compatible, after work
7 11
was even able to register, is not valid, didn't buy, didn't have the funds, will try to get, accidental damage, voids, no, covers everything aside from water and physical damage, mislead by mention, is already expired
bixby button
4 14
sucks, too easily activated, is nothing, was broken, is terrible, is annoying, is extremely annoying, can't remap, constantly, isn't that needed, almost wholly useless, is annoyingly easy to accidentally press, not so scary, sensitive