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Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, Sour Cream & Onion, 21g Protein, 4g Net Carbs, 130 Cals, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Potato Free, Baked, 1.1oz Bag, 8 Count, Packaging May Vary

We have analyzed 2424 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product are great, are delicious, are ok, are good. Taste is good, is ok, is great, is decent. Flavor is good, is great, are good, is ok. Chip are great, is great, don't expect, are my new favorite. 2% of users noticed that: Bag has 21 grams of protein, was still sealed, was shipped in an envelope, are broken into tiny pieces. Aftertaste is disgusting, is just atrocious, are bad, is even worse. After taste is atrocious, is weird, is terrible, is awful. Potato chip was missing, are completely verboten.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1293 590
love, great, are great, like, are delicious, are ok, good, crunchy, are good, are pretty good, crispy, are awesome, are amazing, taste good, are very good, delicious, worth, are light, are crunchy, are crispy
448 274
great, good, pretty good, is good, like paper, better, like cardboard, really good, like, excellent, is ok, like salt, is great, not a fan, is decent, amazing, like chips, no, artificial, ok
302 93
good, great, is good, favorite, is great, best, no, are good, is ok, nice, like, was good, are better, cheddar, is really good, crisp, salt, love, was okay, is spot on
194 94
best, crunchy, are great, love, great, favorite, good, perfect, amazing, light, delicious, craving, is great, tasty, pretty good, healthy alternative, low-carb, crunch, nice, don't expect
114 108
good, is good, is different, crunchy, powdery, is great, weird, crisp, like, great, is light, crispy, is okay, delicious, pretty good, was the killer, are great, is off, different than a traditional chip, is like eating paper
57 24
sour, are the best, is my favorite, well as the cheddar, were good, strong, much better, love, a bit overwhelming in taste, good sour, really good, ate great, are amazing, not like any other sour, cheese dip, best flavor, edible, is definitely my favorite, cut easier to live with, hint of sour
79 7
high, good, great, taste, is a-okay with me, very high, is filling, amazing, important, packed full of, crispy, taste delicious, boatload, excellent high, is a no brainer, like, enjoyable, source for these, will be good, better ways to get
70 3
great, good, satisfying, healthy, crunchy, perfect, salty, favorite, decent, delicious, look forward to them, crispy, low calorie, welcome, best, good crunchy, really good, tasty crunchy, sweet, quick
these chips
41 23
are great, love, are amazing, weren't bad, good, are terrific, really like, surprisingly really yummy!i, were dry, highly recommend, are awesome, really hoping to like, are pretty good, great, are great for body builders, are tolerable, are ok, pretty good, are absolutely delicious, are flavorful
45 7
low, low calorie snack, ultra-low, satisfies the craving for snacking, awesome low, more protein than, super missed snacking, great low, better, great crunch, doing low, are super low, are low, good
26 18
great, best, not bad, pretty good, better, ok, very plain, excellent, very nice, high in protein low in carbs, very artificial, affordable great, stomach ache, good, has 20 grams of protein
38 2
great, is good, good, is nice, nice, satisfying, is great, are amazing, is super nice, light, perfect, is also spot on, is also really nice, solid, is so satisfying, satisfies my desire for junk food, was nice
24 9
great, cheaper, reasonable, good, isn't as bad, eating a little healthier, is always going up, cons, were lower, scary, is a bit high, pretty decent, is right, is way too high, is for the best, no, not much to complain, better, slightly higher, is a little high
this product
18 9
love, recommend, continue to buy, came across, had hoped, came out, mixed reactions, highly recommend, pleasantly pleased, able to find, recommend giving, is for you, like, get
carb diet
22 2
low, very low, reduced, crunchy, super low, perfect, limited
19 4
is the best, were the best, are great, is a little better, is good, should have selected, is better, is much better, good to go, is so much better, are the best, is my favorite, are best flavors, is best flavor, has a bit more flavor, are our favorite
17 3
crunchy, low in carbs and made from real, high in protein, are more filling, satisfying, are better for me, healthy, overly salty, tastes good, keeping enough, very dry, doesn't quite taste, tasty, sugary, fatty or greasy, natural
this flavor
10 9
like, won't be ordering, will not eat, love, is really good, needs to go back to the original salt, really like, is the best of the bunch, is my favorite
is extremely generous, is generous, is good, is perfect, helps with portion control, perfect, nice serving, sample, is significant, bigger, serving, tall, is great, good serving, is also satisfying, larger, pretty expensive
are awesome, are incredible, great, moderate, ok taste, are what i'm looking for, are not bad, are impressive, are great, are far more impressive, are ridiculously amazing, amazing, incredible, are so incredible, perfect, has a protein powder aftertaste
11 6
vinegar kind tastes, needs to be flavored way better, no, is not enough, great, really helps mask, very good, low, appreciate, is delicious, were okay
13 4
low-carb, trying to eat healthier, healthier, perfect, high protein, very strict, awesome, less carbs, good, great, keep up with variety, low carb
9 7
isn't bad, is definitely different than a regular chip, were not good, very light, better, doesn't seem to be the same as the other chips, delicious, nice and light crispy
protein chip
12 3
best, are quite tasty, healthy high, better, pretty good, are perfectly crispy, flavorful, very good, really like, crispy
cream flavor
12 2
sour, was very good, is strong, is a lot better, funky cheddar sour, leaves much to be desired
8 5
good, made from very few, few, aren’t keto, decent, healthy, can be pronounced and identified
6 5
great, super low, scoop of whey, are low, low
24 50
finish, tiny, couldn't even finish, could not finish, has 21 grams of protein, could not even finish, was still sealed, “, didn't even finish, wet/soggy, open, couldnt finish, couldn't even finish half, few, couldnt even finish 1 small, never finish, before tossing in the trash, was shipped in an envelope, seemed stale, are broken into tiny pieces
11 49
awful, weird, terrible, horrible, bad, is disgusting, unpleasant, nasty, very bad, odd, is just atrocious, strange, are bad, is even worse, is awful, funny, is pretty bad, disliked, super weird, is a little strange
after taste
3 20
horrible, terrible, weird, is atrocious, is weird, odd, is terrible, nasty nasty, awful, is awful, fishy, very slight, slight, was horrible
potato chip
10 11
eating, disgusting, thinking of regular, was missing, high protein, strange, would have, are completely verboten, greasy salty, greasy, not like
10 10
bad, never write, rarely leave, negative, ok, are dry, are not good
10 10
so bad, like cat pee, moldy, bitter, worried about, hit your tongue, like extremely fake cheese, like foot, wretched, bad
5 15
for sour cream dipping, do not say improved, arrived crushed, will get eaten, uneaten bags, throw away, wasn’t damaged, arrived damaged, can not return them, was showered with crumbs, struggle to finish, chips to waste, ended up, had our first bag
2 12
like, wasn't eating, dry like, many bites, dry, flavored, like eating crispy, bland, like slaty, like salty
3 11
horrible, stale, bland, terrible, really gross, like old, stinky cheetos, like salt and vinegar chips, nasty, like a triscuit gone wrong
tasting chip
6 8
worst, horrible, not the best
5 9
worst, opened a second bag, are god awful, disgusting, bad, grossest, weird
these taste
2 11
horrible, awful, terrible, absolutely horrible, absolutely terrible, pretty bad
6 7
not a fan, don't add anything more other than sodium, are gross, were unbearable, are horrible, not very much, is weak sauce