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Hello Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Natural Watermelon, 4.2 Ounce

We have analyzed 987 reviews from Amazon and found:

55% of users say that: Product is fluoride free, works great, is great, helps. Taste is good, is great, was very light, is mild. Flavor is great, is good, is pretty good, are good. This toothpaste is great, has been a game changer, is our savior, has our vote. 1% of users noticed that: Cap was moldy, is a flip top, is too tight for kids, is difficult for kids to open. Bottle are so small. Juice is unstable. Child has a hard time squeezing the paste out.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

991 176
love, loves, great, like, free, tastes great, all natural, fluoride free, is fluoride free, good, likes, tastes good, loved, enjoy, ’s natural, works great, is great, highly recommend, safe, tasted
162 16
great, loves, love, good, like, is good, pleasant, so good, just like watermelon, fruity, is great, doesn't fight me to brush her teeth, does the job, was very light, subtle, is mild, overpowering, deep in ecstasy, really yummy, enjoyed
142 14
love, loves, great, loved, watermelon, nice, mild, is great, artificial, is good, likes, like, subtle, good, enjoy, natural, sweet watermelon, is pretty good, are good, non-mint
this toothpaste
127 6
love, loves, loved, really like, likes, is great, for our toddler all the time, loving, try, loves brushing, has been a game changer, repurchase, is our savior, clean, has our vote, will be purchasing, abolutely love, like, refused to brush his teeth, makes him brush longer
74 23
great, favorite, perfect, very good, best, fave, good, makes me feel, quality, more natural, was getting everywhere, clean, has a subtle, fruity taste, help with discoloration of her teeth, absolutely life, smells, refuses to use, has lauryl glucoside, actually cleans the teeth
32 5
good, like, great, appreciate, natural, instead of just the reviews, better, happy, is glycerin, aren’t perfect, very safe, really good, decent, high quality, doesn't have harmful, looks like, clean, more natural, are controversial at best, downright dangerous
watermelon flavor
23 3
love, loves, is wonderful, lovesssss, really liked, looks forward, is great, not too sweet, without floride-, is really good, really nice, not the artificial, not a fan, is just right, tastes good, motivates both my 5yo, enjoy, is uniquely delicious!i, really like
22 2
great, good, is much more pleasing, really like, so good, like bubble gum, is a fantastic value, like watermelon, delicious, amazing, like, just like the bubble gum, is amazing, love, pleasant watermelon taste, all loved, amazingly like watermelon
10 8
is small enough, big, is bpa free, is fluoride free, natural, good sized, generous sized, was actually a lot bigger, ordering, was easy enough
this stuff
16 3
loves, love, is awesome, is too good, is so good, is great, loved, is bubbly, goes along way like regular adult toothpaste, makes your teeth feel clean after, is amazing
15 4
are excited to brush, are choosy about texture, no longer, are super picky, really enjoy the flavor, will use, didn't like the flavor, should have fluoride in their toothpaste, dont fight me to brush their teeth, are so picky, are very choosy, top favorite, are loving the hello kids toothpaste, actually enjoy brushing their teeth, were excited
17 1
great, good, beat, is also better, came fast, is great, excellent, is comparable to others on the market, not too bad, reasonable, affordable
this product
14 2
love, highly recommend, purchasing more, will using, very happy, i found, did receive, would recommend
this flavor
12 2
love, likes, loved, better than other toothpaste, like, big fan, loves, enjoying, looks forward to brushing her teeth
natural, flavored stuff, is very strong, has a better consistency, easier to apply, likes, real, well brush, was fluoride free, is a unique flavor, hello kids toothpaste, ended up being everyone's favorite
10 3
perfectly fine, is no staining, is great, is white, is too sweet, helps, great, many of hello brand tooth, burns your mouth, amazing
cheery, great, are well thought out, high quality, lovely, cute, very cute, is exciting, loved
7 2
is about to turn two and brushing her teeth, will use, loves the taste, perfect, excellent, hates brushing her teeth, won't stop trying
great, best, very strong, yummy, wonderful
5 2
cruelty, is sls-, best, love, is great
6 1
fine, gentle-mint, is more kid friendly, are deemed 'too spicy, standard flavors, very happy
5 1
great, updated, original, good, honest
nice solid, great, not overly sticky, not runny, really like
was packaged brand new, smells, works great, seems fine, love, is too strong
was 14 mos, begs to brush his teeth, doesn't like the taste, clean, dentist approved, happy
lingering, still feels clean, wash for other flavors, happier cleaner, did feel clean, washes
watermelon taste
nauseated, pretty tart, super strong, is true, like, loves
is a nice flavor, one she loves, is the least favorite, one of my daughters favorites, green
apple flavor
3 2
natural, is organic, liked
4 1
opens his mouth, actually brushes his teeth, enjoys teeth brushing time, asks to brush
this one
4 1
has a mild flavor, isn't gritty or weird, is a winner, is the best
has been getting ulcers, enjoy the taste, is learning to get his teeth brushed, likes to brush his teeth, has never liked brushing his teeth
good, great, no big
is great, really happy, really impressed, high, great price
great, excited for brushing and nada, natural, friendly
3 1
has a great, overly gritty, nice
great, did not have sls, artificial food coloring, parabens
2 8
was moldy, is a flip top, is too tight for kids, is difficult for kids to open, is very hard to pop open, un-latch, very difficult to open, can be hard to open
2 5
hates, hate, boring, flavored, doesn't really like