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LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine with 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan and White Noise Sounds and Sleep Timer, FFP

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38% of users say that: Product works great, is perfect, works, is small. Sound is great, is consistent, are perfect, is soothing. Noise is great, is perfect, are great, works great. Machine is amazing, is awesome, is great, works great. less than 1% of users noticed that: Cord is very thin, got bumped, don't throw them out, was just too darn delicate. Neighbor was difficult to fall asleep, are kind of annoying, got rid of their barking dog, can be noisy. Looping were talking about, don't hear, is absolutely no. Loop are really annoying, can be distracting, is no annoying.

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9702 2872
love, great, works great, compact, small, excellent, like, is perfect, works, highly recommend, is small, every night, is great, good, is the best, is amazing, amazing, wonderful, recommend, works well
1406 477
fan, great, soothing, good, right, like, consistent, perfect, big, variety, steady, excellent, is great, love, constant, many, best, lots, real fan, just like a fan
692 634
white, fan, perfect white, soothing, is great, great, good, variety, steady, perfect, best white, is perfect, consistent, are great, pure white, loud, background, constant, lot, better
624 298
great, great little, little, is amazing, is awesome, is great, wonderful, works great, best, is perfect, noise, excellent, is small, awesome little, awesome, amazing, is fantastic, fantastic, is compact, white noise
noise machine
375 285
white, best white, best, great, great white, fantastic white, love, excellent, perfect white, excellent white, perfect, is fantastic, great little white, is awesome, awesome white, amazing, great little, true white, good white, favorite white
556 101
adjustable, good, can adjust, is adjustable, great, is great, adjust, high, can be adjusted, plenty, loud, perfect, has a wide range, can get very loud, is easily adjusted, compact, right, works best, all the way up, has adjustable
509 109
is perfect, is amazing, love, thanks, is great, recommend, is awesome, highly recommend, is the best, did the job, is much louder, very happy, is better, arrived, has a volume control, easy to use, is the best product, is small, works great, much
sound machine
413 134
best, great, perfect, excellent, love, awesome, good, great little, is perfect, is great, dohm, very happy, cheaper, many, really like, portable, work better, is amazing, greatest, absolute best
322 85
best, good, better, great, so much better, restful, well, like a baby, able to, soundly, much better, uninterrupted, easy, has improved, deep, helps me, peaceful, perfect, is deeper, more
251 59
great, small, amazing, awesome, perfect, works great, compact, little, works well, nice, wonderful, is great, great little, effective, like, powerful, good, simple, loud, excellent
253 10
compact, small, perfect, great, nice, good, nice compact, nice small, like, is great, love, smaller, full, small compact, easy to use, is compact, like small, great small, very small, is perfect for travel
202 84
compact, great, is small, is compact, works great, small, great little, good, replacement, is well made, solid, nice compact, excellent, nice, lectrofan, is amazingly small, is small enough, is very compact, has a great weight, larger
this machine
218 57
love, highly recommend, absolutely love, recommend, definitely recommend, loves, recommended, very happy, like, ordered, works, did the trick, rocks, does the trick, has been a life saver, really like, literally brings my sanity back, glad, loops perfectly, takes care of all of this
this product
232 30
love, highly recommend, recommend, like, definitely recommend, absolutely love, very happy, loved, really like, found, good things, returned, give, thrilled, would recommend, absolutely recommend, very pleased, great, got, too much
this thing
196 12
love, is great, is amazing, is awesome, is fantastic, is a lifesaver, works great, is perfect, works, lasts, is the best, is a life saver, can get very loud, gets loud, helps me sleep, loves, is gold, is pretty nice, is for you, was life changing
volume control
169 24
good, love, great, is great, very good, is awesome, like, excellent, has, awesome, is perfect, perfect, precise, nice, is wonderful, is really nice, perfect nights sleep, multiple-options of each, lets you easily put it, is everything
131 31
perfect, many, favorite, right, is perfect, fan, best, are great, white noise, different, loudest, highest, lots, works for me, are awesome, high/low frequency, choosing, many different, very consistent, choice
146 10
light, very light, extremely light, super light, incredibly light, really light, lightest, sensitive, fan, fitful, fairly light, very very light, very* light, super-light, struggle with insomnia, crazy light, happy, fully expected the first night, good, perfect
105 43
great, real, is great, big, large, perfect, huge, mellow, nice, oscillating, cheap, works great, made, is perfect, no, used to be on all the time, all night long every night, no longer, long, lovely array
123 18
great, positive, good, glowing, excellent, many, original, updated, were so great, high, were great, were correct, favorable, rave, trust, never left, decent, is mainly regarding their customer service, won me over, were fantastic
fan sound
115 17
perfect, are very realistic, like, great, love, are perfect, good, are amazing, best, soothing, are the best, prefer, are great, variety, choice, worked great, are natural, drowned out unwanted noises, high quality, wonderful loud
noise sound
62 54
white, perfect white, great white, are appealing, no issues, are fine, consistent white, lots of options, just like a fan, good white, fuller white, clean white, nice, strong white, are great, pleasant white, are nice, beautiful deep white
96 10
great, best, very happy, very pleased, excellent, good, favorite, very satisfied, very very happy, glad, awesome, pleased, wonderful, happiest, incredible, did our daughter, work, amazing, better life, no regrets
75 24
great, nice, better, my 2nd purchase, can not go wrong, works perfect, best, having sleep difficulties, has helped keep me, perfect choice, is perfect, very satisfied, nice little, cannot be returned, should retail in the $10 - $15 range, is recall safe, does exactly how described, very cool, came as advertised, good price
43 40
fan, large, great little, fan every night, fan on high, awesome little, really really like, is amazing, is very loud, easy to use, fan going at night, sturdy little, is loud enough, does a perfect job of sounding, fan choice, has been a perfect solution, couldn't lug my nice, is impressive, has done the trick, did wonders
62 27
very loud, great, are high quality, impressed, is already going up, on the highest level, is a lifesaver, is good, are on the top, perfect for sound distribution, portable, is quite clear, effective, is on the top, good quality, produces good depth, is amazing, does a good job, solid, is quite powerful
90 3
good, great, high, very good, very high, excellent, best, solid, high-, fantastic, very solid, are all excellent, nice, dipped dramatically, are good, built fan/white noise sleep aid, is there too, same, improved, little wonder
sound quality
77 15
good, excellent, is great, is amazing, great, is excellent, is fantastic, amazing, nice, is really good, very good, is good, robust, much better, ease, need, seems good, not noticeable, is awesome, is absolutely fine
82 9
many, lots, plenty, great, good, nice, many different, plenty of, loved, love, few, lots of, fit your fancy best, lot, are many different, cheap, variety, small with lots of white noise, wonderful, choice
customer service
85 5
great, excellent, amazing, best, superior, is fantastic, effective, is outstanding, superb, spectacular, is amazing, is absolutely awesome, outstanding, appreciate good, better, impressive, phenomenal, unbelievable, exceptional, kind
54 31
better, much better, great, like a baby, happy, well, very well, relaxing, really well, so much better, never have trouble, like a baby with it, masking noise, beautifully, no trouble, peaceful daytime, just fine, has improved, better throughout the night, good
55 29
perfect, close, fills, fan, quiet, great, finally sleep, blowing dirt, covers everything, is no longer annoying, ran a fan, white noise, is right below their kitchen, stay in your, industrial fan, is too quiet, were the norm, different, want one for my, pretty loud
64 12
best, good, is awesome, great, is great, is perfect, is amazing, is a freaking miracle, is loud, more tolerable, was absolutely perfect, is a-mazing, uses a ton less energy, would always keep me awake, trip to colorado in the summer, works, is perfect for me, generates, has me sleeping like a rock, very personal
69 9
great, good, well worth, is great, worth, steep, is high, point wise, will not be disappointed, was hard to justify, seemed high, is decent, isn't a huge factor, hoped to get years of use out of it, is very fair, 100% worth, is good, was low enough, low, can't be beat
white noise
51 26
is great, is consistent, is soothing, perfect, is perfect, are good, was good, not the best, is decent, works great, helps my wife, is very good, high quality, is awesome, was unexpectedly my favorite, will be very loud, simple, amazing, is ok, is the best
sound options
71 6
many, lots, different, great, several fan, pretty much, are diverse, very calming, easy, works well, has good, are all excellent, nice and loud, better, excellentlots, much more varied, really like, has multiple, best fits, are great
52 21
ok, done the job, gone cause, still on the sound, small, been great, been on all night, third volume level, feature of my nervous system, working out very well, improved my chronic insomnia, expensive, been an easy transition for my toddler, possible her experience, not bad, working for my toddler, worked to help my child sleep, got a large volume range, usb adapter, been a life saver
62 11
like, sleeps, great, happiest, sleeps in my bedroom, powerful, is 10 month old, sleeps so well with it, can sleep soundly, sleeps like a rock, was hooked, up loud, has one in his room, sleeps with it every night and nap time, can sleep, is wonderful, fantastic, very noisy, sleeps through the night with it, sleeps through the night
56 7
compact, sleek, clean, great, modern, is compact, smaller, was updated to prevent this, small sleek, small, easy to adjust, simple and easy, smart working, is benign enough to blend, is simple, elegant, was better, ergonomic, efficient, like
37 68
broke, is very thin, broke off, could be longer, wrecked, stops working, doesn't fit with the machine well, got bumped, fell apart after two years, chewed twice, won't stay plugged, bad, should be turned when connected to the unit, pull right out of the unit, don't throw them out, replaced, little thin, must be damaged, breaks, was just too darn delicate