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Honor 7X GSM Unlocked Smartphone 5.93" FullView Display, 16MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Camera, Dual SIM, Expandable Storage, Black (US Warranty)

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36% of users say that: Product works great, is fast, is great, looks great. Phone is great, is fast, is good, is amazing. Screen is bright, is huge, is beautiful, looks good. Camera is great, is good, is excellent, was better. 1% of users noticed that: App will not appear as notifications on the lock screen, will periodically freeze up really bad, are noticeably slow to load, are slow. Speaker worked, is terrible, is a little weak, is just okno wireless chargingno nfcthe. Gps is terrible, is basicaly usless, is constantly seaching for signal, is highly inaccurate. Bluetooth has glitched off a few times.- gsm, is somewhat quirky, is automatically disabled, is now broken.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

935 409
love, great, works great, like, fast, good, is fast, excellent, loved, is great, nice, really like, looks great, loving, loves, was great, is the best, does everything, easy to use, work good
1028 300
great, good, best, amazing, nice, is great, very good, excellent, awesome, is fast, love, better, really good, fast, very nice, absolutely love, cheap, decent, is good, beautiful
189 74
large, big, great, is bright, beautiful, nice, bigger, is huge, clear, is beautiful, looks good, looks great, nice big, is great, vibrant, better, split, huge, crisp, massive
175 57
good, is great, is good, great, better, decent, is excellent, was better, best, is amazing, awesome, amazing, love, is awesome, very good, is fine, nice, takes great pictures, excellent, is decent
battery life
78 15
is great, good, is amazing, great, excellent, is really good, is excellent, long, is good, decent, is wonderful, amazing, is incredible, has continued to impress me, is the best, is more lasting, is phenomenal, is pretty great, incredible, easy to use
64 23
is great, good, is amazing, lasts all day, great, is probably the best feature, easily goes for 2 days, longer lasting, used to last me a full day, has long lasting, holds up good, very strong, last a long time, good sized, last easily throughout the day, lasts two days, amazing, stays long, lasts a good deal, is one of the kind probably the best feature
58 2
great, low, excellent, best, decent, affordable, isnt much to complain, you get more than ur money worth, no doubt, dont feel big different.only.the, works well, good, is very good, prime day, outrageous, is really low, very low, very reasonable, amazing, is great
43 4
great, is great, snappy, good, is snappy, zero issues, same, low light, high, works perfect, passable, is nice, -----------------does 90% of what i need it, little better, huge, is superior, very fast, good sized, zippy, ’s
31 13
great, good, okay, pro, most budget, impressive, wow, nicely designed, is good, has mediore specs, would probably be ok, comletly satisfied, awesome, snappy, very nice, will last me for at least 2-3 years without much headache, cheap, is neither thin, quality, is amazing
34 7
takes great, good, nice, clear, look amazing, takes decent, takes are breathtaking, takes pretty, takes nice normal, come out alright, are fun, takes really clear, looks good, takes good, outside a little bright, tinny, quality, look great, decent, looks great
36 6
great, good, best, cannot be beat, is really nice, put the praise, love, is up to par, high, works great, can't beat, very satisfied, impressed, very good, is unbearable, feel, better, beat, built, very high
29 4
good, updated, original, helps you make a decision, positive, are important to you, great, will wait, might change after some use, super helpful, covers all the pros, full, better, in mid april, awesome, very favorable, value, change, will update, best
28 3
cool, great, nice, is good to improve the performance, expensive phones, awesome, has fantastic, tons of, lots, most useful, useful, best, interesting, always work, plethora, many great, cool extra, high end, neat, pretty cool
works well, is great, works great, is good, closing, is very accurate, is working well, is just ok, fast, snappy, is exceptionally good, works smoothly, functioned as should be, is running well, love, is as expected, worked well, is working fine, is up to date on the phone, really appreciate
16 13
great, clear, loud and clear, is similar okay, good, optimal, is ok, is very good, remains solid, is load and clear, is loud enough, 200 phone, was good
22 5
great, amazing, very good, are better, very easy to use, nice, are clear, are really good, clear sharp, are too, sleek, work app, all, provides a location of where it’s taken, well, are great, decent, great quality, clear, fantastic
fingerprint sensor
21 5
recognizes your touch almost instantly, is blazing fast, accurate, actually works, is so freaking fast, is stellar, works perfect, really liking, works quickly, smoothly, is really quick, us.pros, works fast, has worked flawlessly, works perfectly, works less that 50% of the time, very fast, is super snappy, is a dream, really nice
24 1
great, bright and big, is amazing, is 👍, richer looking led, nice clear, is also very clean, bright, nice, was a high point, good, full-view, beautiful, best 18:9, best, gets just as bright, is great, is even better, are premium, large
17 6
-don't know if that matters, had, work, come out, newer, four, good, have always worked with the usb connection, easy to switch, came out, cheap, guy, rid, close, just seems so ancient, like, has been officially retired
13 9
wants $85 to mail the phone, puts on top of android, has the potential to take over the us market, can address this in future updates, has got me as a customer for life, last week to replaced my lg, easy eye feature, believer, is so big, should be a aaa brand, all app notifications, fan, uses for data
build quality
is great, great, is excellent, is definitely a step up, liked, is top notch, feels similar of an iphone, is similar to phones, real true premium, is superb, feels amazing, feels like it cost way more than $200, are premium, is on par with flagships, is just amazing, improving, is study, is commendable
16 5
ok, usable, runs pretty smooth, worked really good, been the best, nice face, cheaper, very fast, been worth the wait, still at 50%, 1/4 the price, pack with features, full specification, still easy to use one-handed, hard to get a clear picture
picture quality
16 4
is amazing, amazing, is fine, very good, better, really good, is great, is good, is better, good, is fantastic, could be better, great, is average
11 8
is up to date, sucks big time, is runs smooth, is clean, will definitely leave you polarized, has alot of options, is the low mark, comes with a lot of tools, sucked, fast, sharp
10 9
fast, quick, without, fairly fast, is kinda neat
camera quality
11 7
is ok, is great pictures, is excellent, was going to be nice, is pretty good, can't compete with the top of the line phones, little more sharpness, looks way better, has a very responsive finger print unlock, great
16 2
great, happy with its, impressive, happy, offers great, is too good, same, were too impressive, awesome, best, is nothing to complain, amazing, nice, decent, good
16 1
good reliable, very impressed, unlocked, soooo impressed, bunch, fantastic, have their up's & downs, great, good, looks great, meets my needs, fast, ended up returning, gives you a bang for your buck, best, average
14 3
fast, 8, can handle most app's, resque plethora of sensors, is fast, seems snappy, speedy, is good, won't compare flagship offerings, strong, powers, very good, really good
call quality
14 2
is great, is excellent, great, was good, is good, no issues with bluetooth, is decent, awesome, is not that bad, is ok, was about standard, be good, sucks, was fine
fingerprint scanner
13 3
fast, i like, is quick, works great, is so fast, accurate, works flawlessly, is incredibly well placed, works immediately every time, is really nice, works wonderfully
this phone
12 4
love, like, cheap, returning, nice and big
11 4
nice, good memory, come out looking overly-saturated, with very nice, pretty, look washed out and muted, good, are true, are vibrant, is as advertised, not exaggerated
12 3
more, good, is an even greater value, total of 160 gb, soooo much, is adequate, use, helps with keeping more local files on phone, 64gbs, is great
8 7
clear, make, are loud, were clear, are crystal clear, light user of social media, was so loud
23 33
kills needed, will not appear as notifications on the lock screen, hard exit, cannot, ran very, take up unnecessary space, will periodically freeze up really bad, like shitty, constantly buffers, are noticeably slow to load, react very buggy, fully fire up, are slow, don't work properly, issues with speed, can freeze, remain non-responsive for minutes, freezing point, still get loaded onto the internal memory, won't help
12 13
bottom firing, messed up, isn't as good, worked, mediocre, is terrible, is a little weak, is just okno wireless chargingno nfcthe, could be louder, water resistant, isn't very loud, negative, doesn't really bother
3 24
is terrible, is basicaly usless, is constantly seaching for signal, stopping working, is highly inaccurate, doesnt work with a case on, heavily, doesn’t work properly, work-site, never works, noticing problems, has completely stopped working, is horrendous, loses contact with the satellite during navigation, ok, worked the day, started having issues, has never worked quite fast, broken, never work
5 14
delay, drops even honor branded watches, wont stay connected to headphones, reboot to reconnect, has glitched off a few times.- gsm, only be done, intermittent/weak, is somewhat quirky, slows wifi speeds, speed drops significantly, is automatically disabled, doesn't work, is now broken, kept getting worse
5 9
slow, does not support, no, slows down significantly, will not connect only 2.4gz, connection drop frequently.3, poor, i can't install updates, stopped working