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Vega Protein & Greens Chocolate (25 Servings, 1.79 lb tub) - Plant Based Protein Powder, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Vegan, Non Soy, Non GMO

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43% of users say that: Product is delicious, is amazing, is great, is perfect. Taste is good, is great, is pretty good, is ok. Flavor is different, is very good, is great, was delicious. Powder has a very strong, is extra fine, is mildly sweet, is very good. less than 1% of users noticed that: New formula is not as good, is so bad. Seal was punctured, were perforations. Stomach was upset often, was turning, was rumbling. Package came with holes punctured.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1343 475
love, great, good, tastes good, like, is delicious, excellent, delicious, tastes great, really like, tastes amazing, greens, mixes well, so good, is amazing, gritty, does the job, blend, taste good, awesome
324 112
great, good, love, like, pretty good, is good, is great, is pretty good, sweet, like chocolate milk, is ok, so good, fantastic, delicious, like chalk, excellent, better, texture, really good, amazing
126 32
great, good, love, is different, is very good, is great, like, chocolate, amazing, sweet, vanilla, natural green, protein powder, neutral, trying another, overwhelms anything else, change is for the birds, new, picking, was delicious
48 17
favorite, taste, greens, good, absolute favorite, has a very strong, sweet, save your life, we liked, look elsewhere for protein, is extra fine, is mildly sweet, not overpowering, is very good, mixes in pretty well, is not as chalky tasting, is much better, with holes in the lid, is the smoothest mix, mixed with almond milk
protein powder
54 11
best, great, good, favorite, mix, is a staple in my house, is delicious, organic, always tastes, new, is so hard, vegan, non vegan options, excellent, super green, would be better, helps the shake be thick, well-bodied, are full of fillers, is a great base
37 24
great, good, favorite, there been adequate improvements, is no gritty, is a very fine powder, helps even out, is great, full 10 minutes, is huge, i really like it, light, fluffy, reasonable, is not bad, smooth, horrific, flavor combo, is slightly grittier, really granular
this stuff
34 13
love, is awesome, is delicious, is great, enough, is fantastic, is the perfect solution, is vegan, doesn’t taste good, blends well, will be everywhere, is amazing to cook/bake with, is so good, works better, tastes awesome, doesn't bloat me, is full of great stuff, fills me up for hours, delicious, is actually pretty good
32 12
great, best, better, good, not the best, pretty decent, decent, smooth, gross, very smooth, super chalky, little bit artificial, easy to mix, surprisingly good
this product
38 3
love, like, definitely recommend, enjoyed, absolutely recommend, definitely be buying, loves, is very sweet, very pleased, helps, really like, far exceeded my expectations, really love, alright, will definitely purchase, really liked
28 6
great, good, very pleased, are secondary, is fair, was reasonable for the size, cheapest, is great, was good, better, is a bit high, high, is exceptional, is pretty reasonable, decent, reasonable, go for it
26 5
best, delicious, stick, is a richer flavor, vanilla vega protein and greens, tastes much better than vanilla, are too overpowering, taste, is so good, is super overpowering, is sooo good, better than gardens, plan on sticking with this, is really sweet, not overpowering, is overly sweet, is another matter, is all used up, is great, was for my bedtime
25 7
is better, tasty, is a great flavor base, basically everyday, has a very coconut smell, is delicous, will be the same, pretty good, is great, are great, are too overpowering, like, is just as sweet, greens, makes your smoothie, is good, delicious, chalky, is tasty, tastes great
27 4
great, enough, clean, best, high, awesome, faithfully taking, never liked, very solid, good, non dairy, ive ever repurchased, dust, powders sweet, greens line, lots, adequate, skeptical, like, is higher than most vegan powders
22 7
great, are no longer creamy, healthy, is very comparable in taste, super, has more protein, less sugar, highly recommended, perfect, keep me full for about 4 hours, refreshing, is good, has been a great alternative, is delicious, yummy, was much more natural, greens, is balanced in flavor, smooth
26 2
great, high quality, good, are great, healthy, very well priced, completely clean, excellent, wholesome, packed with good, lots of healthy, is reasonable, good clean, decent, no hidden, impressed, like, fresh, are generally ok, enjoying adding different
22 4
love, has changed their recipe, is my go-to protein powder, does does this, is my favorite, needs to revamp this recipe, is a go to for plant based powder, is my good, all in one nutritional shake, like, is awesome, is the best vegan shake, is my lifeline to health, changed the formula, is beneficial, almost necessary to me, is filling, satisfying, great meal replacement, is pricey
18 7
positive, great, better, good, original, everyone pallet, are positive, always read, read, were good, with more info in time, many, lot of positive, wonderful, was encouraged my the, cracking up
this powder
18 7
blends well, love, blends well alone, is extremely sweet, has been a large part, blend, isn't chalky, really is good tasting, make my nutribullet smoothies, makes for great smoothies, like, helps me get my protein, helps cover it up, really packs a nutritional punch, is very smooth, dissolves completely in juice, almost completely in cold water
16 1
great, delicious, perfect, creamy, perfectly good, tastes great, breakfast, is much better, makes a great, very gritty, was much darker, green
chocolate flavor
12 4
highly recommend, is ok, is really strong, i blend with almond milk, is good, like, recommended, love, great, is so good, is the only one i have used so far, is very rich
16 1
great, good, really good, fills me up, amazingly good, natural
this protein
13 2
love, really like, will continue to buy, mixes very well in smoothies, mix tastes great, mixes very well, like, tastes wonderful
10 6
were required to label it very clearly, is “all natural, can do for a shake, definitely taste, can smell, mix, can taste, is supposedly natural, flavored rather than chocolate flavored, can sometimes be subtle
9 7
strong, very strong, no harsh, no funny, starts to get overwhelming, odd, was waaaaaay overpowering, peppery
vanilla flavor
bit more gritty, less tasty, isn’t overpowering, artificial, mild, is pretty sweet, to be overly sweet, strong, may like the vanilla, likes, big fan, is really strong, almost overpowering, doesn't have any strange, is also good
14 1
excellent, great, good, very pleased, mixes well with my blender bottle, has always been phenomenal, very high, is somewhat different than if purchased in-store, more, high
11 3
great, is completely different than before—much thicker, chalkier, is pretty thick, is fine, is good, not watery, not too thick, creamy, smooth
well, fairly well, very well, is very smooth, seamlessly, makes an easy way to get greens, adds more flavor, ice thing, well with water
smaller, serving, oz, pant, smallest, is good, largest, gritty, is pretty big, are both great
10 1
frozen, like, adding, have zero points, fresh
this flavor
7 5
really like, tastes better, love, not stomach, is quite good, very drinkable
9 3
best, based proteins, huge fan, favorite, based protein, based protein powders, high quality
9 3
is or add to a smoothie, be good to go, was delicious, swell, always add more, plain, is just fine, without issue, disolves fully
7 2
compared labels, big, scoop included, is such a better deal, worth of servings, huge, is smaller
9 1
tasted like chocolate, is creamy, chocolatey, greens, great, healthy, has a lot of nutrients, tried adding more fluid, better
9 2
fruity, manages to taste like grass, is great, stuff all day, odd, tastes good, ok, is a bit vegetably, improves mixed with water
6 4
good, delicious, much better, great.con, sweet was nice, kept me satisfied
this brand
8 2
love, benn, absolutely love, highly recommend, loves
5 3
yummy, next time, half a, works well, protein & greens
7 3
is vegan, great, is a good tasting brand, keeps me full, vegansmart, best, favorite