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Vega One Organic All-in-One Shake Chocolate (17 servings, 1.6 lb) - Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Non GMO

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43% of users say that: Product is great, is delicious, is good, works well. Taste is okay, is good, is great, is ok. Flavor is great, is good, is wonderful, don't like. Powder was inside or not, is amazing, is tough to get off tablecloths).anyways, is much healthier than whey. 1% of users noticed that: Tub is half empty, was only half full, is still sitting in my kitchen cabinet, can not drink. Smell has a nauseating, is disgusting, is not good, has a stench. Color is a little unappealing, is pretty unappetizing, is pretty muddy. Aftertaste is similar to after eating garlic, has a terrible, is a little plant-tasting, is a slight.

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2880 870
love, great, good, like, tastes great, delicious, loved, excellent, tastes good, mix, amazing, mixes well, healthy, really like, is great, is delicious, better, vegan, best, is good
550 190
great, good, love, like, pretty good, is okay, delicious, is good, is great, better, so good, really good, decent, is ok, gritty, is pretty good, is better, excellent, amazing, pleasant
258 68
great, natural, favorite, love, good, like, best, is great, plain, improved, really like, is good, neutral, chocolate, organic, changed, prefer, is wonderful, don't like, better
this product
72 27
love, recommend, loved, really love, like, high hopes, last time purchasing, won't be getting, ’ve been using, loves, enjoy, really like, last order, n’t be purchasing, pleased, quality, saves, contains that amount per serving, highly recommend, give
69 25
favorite, best, was inside or not, mixes easily, tastes chocolatey, is amazing, decent, is tough to get off tablecloths).anyways, mixes well with water, great, mixes good, isn’t great tasting, is much healthier than whey, pretty reasonable, are: protein, are appreciated, improved, blends well, worked better, vegan
53 29
gritty, smooth, thin, is very thick, harder to swallow, thick, creamy, is amazing smooth, funny, isn’t hard to swallow, made vega protein powders, not in flavor, is gel, sweetness, is very smooth, are taste, is good, is gritty, wasn't bad, nice smooth
60 16
great, best, favorite, good, delicious, was very thick, chalky, every day, better, are a great way to control your carbs, is the nutritional value, well as baking with it, easy, richer, is not gritty, healthy, has everything you need, thin, works perfect, keep us full in the morning
68 5
good, great, love, healthy, are fine, amazing, were were better, is fantastic, right, close to their original food state, are important, clean, quality, are top notch, like, are high quality, are all understandable veg names, are both vegetables and fruit powders, has great, really great
this stuff
57 14
love, is amazing, is really good, is awesome, was fine, is taste better, works great, has been around forever, is way way too sweet, is great to pack, keep buying, loves making smoothies, is really really really good, is the best, crave, tastes great, will do the trick, did not taste, is delicious mixed with almond milk, is great
61 5
great, good, keeps going up, high, saw, is deterring you, is a tad high, may seem high, difference, very surprised, much lower, much nutrients, keeping, best, not worth the ever increasing, increased, especially, is in an acceptable range, not too bad, increase
55 9
love, knows how to build nutrition powders, all in one shake, restores the old formula, one dust off my shelves forever, has been a staple in our lives, has switched the all-in-one to organic, is always my favourite protein drink, doesn't bother my tummy, tested, changed their formulation, tested high for heavy metals, recommend, one protein powder, loyal, will be missed, makes the best protein powders, tick all of the boxes, long time, protein powder
48 6
tastes much better, delicious, is my favorite, natural, is better, is very good, are more palatable, mix again, no longer, rich, tasted better, was great, flavored, was a good flavor choice, are the best, i am very impressed, enough to branch, are the best flavors, tastes good, doesn't have an artificial taste
42 12
great, high, best, really taste, not the vanilla, complete, better than pea, are minimally processed, is very high-quality, are not obvious in flavor, lot, clean, perfect, easily the best, lots of, switching back, extra, are two eggs, remained the same (20 g, high-quality
41 8
best, great, organic, helps me do that by adding greens, based and organic, based proteins out, absorb the minerals, unsweetened, awesome, very good, protein to put in my rotation, based protein powder, love, based protein, are high in sodium, tastes quite good, based protein formula, favorite, based protein a try for a change, vega
37 14
best, great, good, not the best, artificial, overly sweet, decent, not plasticky, very good, better, veggie, fake, tropical, is great, works well, gritty and powdery, very gritty
protein powder
29 10
best, great, favorite, dissolves completely with minimal stirring, helps improve health, is ok, is exactly as advertised, super picky, is really tasty, most healthiest, has gritty consistency, pretty good, very sweet, good, clean, just off for me, veteran, are high in sodium, tastes really good, better
20 16
large, super glad, is about 80-90% full, will finish, gave you less, was half full upon arrival, were all different, didn't feel like in a good way, vega, was a little more than half full, will continue to use the product, has about 18 servings, full, pretty sure, less servings, simply too much, has 10 servings, has ten servings, serving
29 4
are the best, like, alternating between french, is sweetened with stevia, drop of, is much tastier, is the most versatile, received french, is the way to go if you want this for smoothie substance, was awesome, love, have good flavor, not a big fan, flavored, greens, not bad, is better, surprised to see no, is the best, gives me some hope
26 7
great, good, should be kept separate from the current version, fairly accurate, are from a year or more ago, best, knows of reports, heavy metals, is for the organic chocolate variety, will compare this chocolate plant, glowing, is for the mixed berry flavor, positive, ingredients, is only for the coconut almond all in one flavor, negative, more stars, lot, natural, is for the vanilla flavor
24 9
leaving, exploring other options, much more affordable, is better, drinking, love, has been tested, is more gritty, ok taste, better, cheaper alternative, is sweeter, like, delicious, was my favorite, natural, better than, affordable, can't compare to, cheaper
this shake
27 4
love, recommend, keeps me feeling full for about 4 hours, no downsides, does not taste good, provides that, gave me no problems, gets me through my mornings, tons of health benefits, is really nice, loves, keeps me full all morning, is way better than shakeology, is excellent, tastes good, has great vitamins, nutrients, does not suck, has 20 grams of protein, like
30 1
is the best flavor, likes, madness, was a bit strong, was my favorite, was really good, was good, is by far my favorite, prefer chocolate, tried, perfect balance of sweetness, i highly recommend, is great, is sooo good, perfect, has been my favorite, are so tasty, has been my favorite flavor, all-in-one for a year, is great tasting
27 3
healthy, great, quick, easy, looked forward to my smoothie every morning for, terrific, ruining my easy, cheap, is the most important meal of the day, perfect, fast, best, filling and satisfying, looking forward to having as liquid, enjoyable, nutritious, favorite, working up, healthier, lower calorie option
26 3
delicious, green, is safe, is satisfying enough, simple, recommended, was very thick, is so good, variety, nutritious, every morning, added protein and greens, full until dinnertime, taste better, good, like a change from fruit, great, favorite, bolster my diet, amazing
chocolate flavor
26 3
great, is very tasty, has' been my favorite, alternated between the vanilla, was very intense, is okay, isn’t for me, was just too sweet, strong, like, is way better, love, liked, is good, is fairly tasty, are so tasty, not a big fan, stick, is legit, not overpowering
25 2
mixed, drinks, flavored protein last week, are more palatable, are the best, are off the charts overly sweet, was our favorite, is fine, was good, darn good, vanilla, unsweetened, is best, love, are the best flavors, are all good, mix, is my favorite flavor, freaking awesome, great
25 3
frozen, fresh, helps, non-dairy, great, more, taste, real, very sweet, will increase the calorie count, mixed, with, cannot mask the pea flavor
26 2
great, good, excellent, delicious, dense, significant decrease, is superior, is great, taste and low, very good, top, worth every penny, high, fiber, very high, vegan, appreciate
this flavor
17 9
love, no longer, really like, is amazing, is nice, light, is awesome, repurchased, is extremely sweet, absolutely love, is by far my favorite, recommend, drop, for the longest time
24 1
great, is pretty good, shakes, is vital, is top notch, needs for a meal replacement, gives great, vegan, are great, compares to home based business shakes, good, has more energy, good natural, pretty good, seemed unbeatable, provides, complete, is impressive, excellent, enjoyable
15 7
creamy, is better, has changed too from smooth, chalky, smoothly, has changed, has a very pleasant, good, prefer, thicker, no sludgy, nice, very good, is like a smoothie
22 2
good, great, swiftly, better, hits the spoke, doesn't taste like chalk, no artificial garbage or sugar, best, has the consistency, pretty good, fantastic, terrific, is a miracle
20 1
serving, larger, is now smaller, larger serving, try out the taste, would be bigger for the price, taste, smaller, number of times, large tubwe, reccomended snack, same, bigger, recommended serving, was available, swell bottle
almond milk
19 2
are very satisfying, sticks to my ribs, provides energy, organic unsweetened, unsweetened, fresh, always use unsweetened, make mine, always mix, mix daily, settles, water, made it too sweet, flavored, tasty, mixed, is more satisfying, using only a fork to blend, mixed with cashew milk
12 4
frozen, mix it with, ripe, fresh greens, scoop of peanut butter, would be pretty rad, almond-coconut milk, always added, removes any chalkiness, mix til smooth, very ripe, ice
9 14
nasty, big, choking down, is half empty, serious waste of a plastic, was only half full, is still sitting in my kitchen cabinet, can not drink, came with the seal removed, large, not able to finish, will not purchase again, trash, could try
12 13
weird, disgusted, not as bad, don’t smell it, makes him nauseous, has a nauseating, is disgusting, didn't like, is not good, bad, resembled that of spoiled milk, has a stench
9 11
unappetizing, weird green, pale green, is a little unappealing, icky green, is pretty unappetizing, is pretty muddy, big downside, turns you off, weird greenish brown, greenish
9 11
lingers in your mouth, unpleasant, terrible, is similar to after eating garlic, disgusting, bitter, has a terrible, is a little plant-tasting, dreaded, is a slight
new flavor
5 14
is horrible, is not good, is awful, is not as good, is yuck, is terrible, horrible, is too sickening sweet, is gross, sucksssssss, extremely disappointed, is absolutely undrinkable, is not improved