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Vega Sport Protein Powder Chocolate(19 Servings, 29.5oz) - Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder, BCAAs, Amino Acid, tart cherry, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Non GMO (Packaging May Vary)

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42% of users say that: Product is great, is the best tasting, is delicious, is amazing. Taste is good, is great, is pretty good, is amazing. Flavor is good, is great, is delicious, is excellent. Powder is so fine, is fine, is super fine, is soo good. 1% of users noticed that: New formula has a bad taste, was disgusting, is awful, is so bad. Whey made me bloated. Whey protein is harder on your stomach, don't like, will not go back, don't really like. Packaging was noticibly dirty, is super deceptive.

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1725 434
love, great, good, tastes great, like, tastes good, loved, delicious, excellent, is great, amazing, blends well, mix, thick, liked, recommend, vegan, is the best tasting, taste great, awesome
409 88
great, good, is good, amazing, is great, love, like, is pretty good, is amazing, delicious, better, mixes well, mixes easily, is better, best, ok, very good, prefer, liked, really love
148 26
great, love, natural, good, is good, is great, best, like, vanilla, is delicious, enjoy, is excellent, awesome, are great, is pretty good, different, chocolate, changed, maintains a good, has good
86 15
favorite, is so fine, best, fine, is fine, is super fine, is soo good, is super sweet, pretty chalky, is so good, big fan, be careful, makes my shake, trump of protein, bottom five protein, is extra fine, lite, i'm always energized, protein, absolute favorite
85 13
best, great, favorite, vega, high, good, good quality, amazing, delicious, excellent, correct, works perfectly, always clean consistent, highest, is great, can easily result, plenty of great, anti-inflammatories, doesn't have those ingredients, doesn't have a chemical taste
53 9
is the best, goodbye, added more natural flavors, is honestly the best protein powder, came out last with a lot of lead, offers more than all that fancy shit shakeology sells, better, makes the best tasting, best tasting, assumes no liability on products, is one of few protein powders, thanks, switched their packaging suppliers back in february, one all-in-one, one most mornings, is a protein, has always been my go to for a vegan, was truly a life saver, is a clean protein, should really look into sweetening
protein powder
48 11
best, excellent, great, good, not fillers, were remotely close to edible, really good, full of good greens/nutrients, isn’t gritty, amazing, very tasty, is made with healthy ingredients, is perfect, mixes ok and good physical resutls, is extremely fine, favorite, doesn't give me gas, was good, tastiest, quality
this product
49 8
love, highly recommend, like, loved, really like, n’t recommend, rocks, please keep, buy, will purchase, definitely recommend, still be purchasing, endorse, very happy to have found, happy, very good, added xanthan gum, highly reccomend, absolutely love, tested
37 18
great, love, liked, really gritty, better, very gritty, is very smooth, gritty chalky, has the best, could be improved, is actually great, enjoy, pretty great, are great, sand, smooth, is smooth, has a smooth creamy, slight chalk, is good
45 2
great, are great, good, like, are all natural, clean, simple, nutritional info, kill taste, added by the producers, not a naturally occuring, compares to vega’s, for yourself and try it, long string, perfect, appreciate quality, are healthy, are top of class, are top notch, most importantly-
this stuff
43 2
love, is great, is delicious, has a great complex, tastes awesome, mixes wonderfully(even, ended up, very impressed, has high levels of lead and arsenic, pleasantly surprised, pretty surprised, is really good, is tasty, low calorie- 150 calories, is my favorite, packs a punch with 30 grams a scoop, is very tasty, vegan, really like, makes everything taste the same
39 3
is my favorite, love, is very versatile, best, is a wonderful choice, rocks, is the way to go with this brand, isn't too bad, is outstanding, is better with the bcaa berry, better, is by far the best flavour, is the best, are the best vegan proteins, is unbelievable, prefer, is a bit too sweet, has the best macros, is absolutely delicious, is fine
34 7
best, great, good, not as chalky, not the best, does the job, synthetic, super sweet artificial, not too bad, pretty great, nice, more natural, funny, pretty good, wasn't super nasty, decent, natural protein powder
37 2
great, good, high, worth, is way too high, excellent, is higher than i'd like, better buy, is pretty steep, cheaper, works out to about $2 per 30g protein drink, not bad, has risen by 60%, is very good, cheapest, big bottle, you pay, is on point, should expect the same quality each time, is half as much as the health food stores
33 2
best, based, really good, good, has been proven, based protein powders, based protein 100 +, based protein, favorite, won me over, based pre-mixed protein on the market, doesn't upset my stomach, tasty, could help me gain muscle, great, easy on your stomach, based protein shakes, based protein powder, especially, excellent
29 1
tastes great, creamy, is pretty darn good, is more savory, is awesome, is rich, delicious, is also delicious, very good, is a good flavor, is not chocolatey, is especially delicious, is better, is alright, are good, is amazing, really like, shouldn't be labeled, comes through, great
23 6
is huge, is large, bigger, is better, is gigantic, is hard to beat, are huge, out of the jarscoop-, is huge-, works well, has 160 calories, will net more protein, got 20% larger, is big, will go fast, so big, is great relative to calories, is larger than 1/3, is way too big
26 1
high, great, good, safe to ingest, clean, is consistent, both, is one of the best, has declined, perfect, highest, liked, is top notch, is superior, true, affordability, is unbeatable, meets every standard
24 2
like, hello peppermint, has the best taste, are very delicious, is the best tasting flavor, is the way to go, is my favorite flavor, is so good, goes down much better mixed, tasted ok, is a nice alternative to the chocolates, is the best flavor, came first, really tastes, were good, is freaking amazing, is the best, is excellent, is the most palatable, is better
20 5
great, good, perfect, tough, excellent, lengthy, improve, is surprisingly creamy, delicious, best, satiated hours, is recommended, intense, almost every day, new favorite, immediately, stuff
12 8
huge, big, has turmeric, sitting in my cubard, finish, larger, is quite large, very soon, was half-full, is made of recycled plastic, is solid - normal plastic container
this protein
19 4
love, is great, is thick, really loved, for a long time, okay, is bomb, has really helped me reach my macro, very pleased, goes down easily, is the best, is working good, is very good tasting, perfect for smoothies, is fantastic
20 2
delicious, favorite, is delicious, comes out super thick, well with my fruit, tasted great, very good, very well, non-dairy, help of these, easy, is not chalky, pretty thick, was so sweet, sweet, creamy, nice frosty, are full of sugar, healthy
16 6
black, finish, is like a new product, looks big, came care covered in the powder, came without a scoop, is about 20 full scoops, large, is a great convenience, come payday, blue, greens, is tasty, has high protein, helped recovery
19 2
great, good, have not been bad, is smooth, creamy, delicious, very healthy, ’ll update, positive, love, are just as good, really good, no positive, better, pleased, excellent, adequate, seen noticeable
chocolate flavor
16 3
is ok, pure, love, would go on sale every once in a awhile, is nice, subtle, mixes well, does taste a lot like cherry, liked, is also delicious, really liked, are very good, really like, natural, natural vanilla flavor
old formula
15 5
was delicious, worth, left my muscles rejuvenated, not sore the next morning, is sooo legit, wasn't unusual to have a couple shakes a day in the summer, tasted better, was amazing, for a few reasons.1, has 25g of protein, too thick, was awesome, was the best-tasting protein, going back, had 5,094 mg of bcaa
16 2
serving, difference, pack, is two scoops, full-, little surprised, bigger server, blends decently, bigger, cup, is huge, mixserving, scoopscoop, is better than something like 25g
15 3
good, great, is awesome, my husband drinks, tastes like vanilla, better, not much artificial, bulletproof
this powder
14 3
has a harder time dispersing, really like, tastes great, does not taste chockie, has served me well, works great, might be right up your alley, mix delivers on both, is perfect meeting my nutritional requirements, gives me energy, really helps me stay full, keep my cravings, is certified gluten, tastes fantastic
vanilla flavor
14 3
liked, isn't too intense, is very sweet, good, is subtle, is quite pleasant, compliments pretty much any fruit, is decent-, is so delicious, is the best, is really pea, is now sickeningly sweet, is nice, like
14 2
flavored, had a good flavor, mixed very well, was not too bad, best, is the best flavor, was a good idea, are the best vegan proteins, is good, chocolate and, mixed, love, like, is actually decent
mocha flavor
16 1
is delicious, is awesome, actually tastes, can't be beat, is probably the best of any powder, enjoyed, is enjoyable, is definitely the best, is very enjoyable, is the best tasting, taste great, is fine, love, tasted good, is nice
this one
12 5
is creamy, is one of the best, is not only super nutritionally balanced, is not bad, is by far the best, best, is far sweeter, is decent, is the best, is not too bad, doesn't have the best texture, is a keeper
this protein powder
13 3
love, like, really like, huge fan, very pleased, highly recommend, very please, was ok, is thick, chalky, pleasantly surprised
great, good, taste great, tasty, amazing, make a fruit, is delicious, washing clean the blender, thinner, terrific, refreshing, vegan lifestyle, has helped me not be hungry, is bearable, were coated, thick
12 2
smooth, is's, is smooth mixed, is phenomenal, decent, gritty, was good, is really thin, good, had more cake to the powder, had not been compromised, best
13 1
is good, protein in vanilla and chocolate, love, benefits, vega, was suggested as a replacement, vega sport, notice better, is not just for extreme athletes, quickly become my favorite, blends easily in a shaker bottle, ingredients of high integrity, great
new formula
10 12
has a bad taste, difficult, was disgusting, is awful, left me feeling sluggish, is so bad, loathe, tastes horrible, is more powdery, is just nasty tasting, couldn't drink, is disgusting
7 8
made me bloated, makes my joints hurt, switched to plant based protein, would cause me to break out, cannot tolerate, upsets my stomach, stick