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SmartyPants Adult Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins: Gluten Free, Multivitamin & Omega 3 DHA/EPA Fish Oil, Methyl B12, Vitamin D3, Non-GMO, 180 count (30 Day Supply)

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46% of users say that: Product are great, are delicious, are good, are very tasty. Taste is great, was fine, have a well balanced variety of vitamins, was bright. Vitamin are good, are amazing, will be erased by your diabetic coma, are high quality. Flavor is good, is great, are wonderful, are tasty. less than 1% of users noticed that: Brand will never try. Coating keeps them from sticking together, were harsh. Fiber is only 2 grams per serving. All like fish don't taste.

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756 159
are great, great, good, love, are delicious, are good, are very tasty, are so good, taste good, like, are so yummy, are so tasty, taste so good, are coated in sugar, amazing, tasty, taste great, is good, delicious, very good
250 22
great, good, like candy, delicious, amazing, like, love, very good, really good, pretty good, so good, sweet, wonderful, yummy, just like candy, likes, easy to chew, fine, isn't bad, best
153 30
best, great, gummy, good, delicious, quality, favorite, are good, tasty, are amazing, wonderful, fav, seemed great, didn’t have my own, consistently good, allow me to tell my doctor, recommended, look forward to taking my, really cool, consistently keep the family taking vitamins
43 3
great, like, love, excellent, easy to digest, is good, artificial, natural, is great, nothing coated with sugar, are wonderful, very tolerable, liked, tasty, soft, light, slightly tart, awesome, few citrus-like, wonderful natural
18 13
is huge, goes so, 75% full, giant, smaller, is large, really big, finished, will last you 15 days, going to finish, is a 30-day supply, work, well as the weight management, huge, came so fast, able to finish, will be looking for all items
16 10
too much, no, covered in, coated on the gummy, lot of, real, low, aren't coated, is kinda too sweet, holy, enhances, doesn't over power, caked, is better
20 4
serving, is 6 gummies, real companyserving, couldn't swallow them, full serving, same, love, is 6 per day, good, is smaller, is 6 gummies/day, is 6, pinky fingertip, recommended serving, is huge, huge
22 1
great, best, good, nice, soft, pretty good, really good, better, very effective, never had any fishy, smartypants vitamins, very good
21 2
natural, pure, clear, deadly, taste great, no obnoxious, high quality, seems very good, very good quality, have very natural, are all good, like, right!--organic & natural, appear natural, low quality, has been checked, double checked for quality, healthy, best of all....tasty, make me feel good
18 4
great, are coated in sugar, extra one, hard time staying compliant, bunch, hadn't eaten, should look like, were moist, sweet, taste like candy, are the best tasting, are the perfect alternative, is genius, are the way to go, is probably the best, are easy to take, great way
20 2
great, perfect, vitamin d3, complete, tastes great, contains omega-3, gummy, are flavorful, match of, has omega 3 and vitamin d, best, meets my needs, in a chewy treat, really judge, is great, is important for me, 're natural, good, are the best
15 5
chewy, are wonderful, great, unusual, soft, were firmer, same, impressed, not firm, are yummy, is very soft, is a lot softer, are much softer, is a lot to get through
11 9
consistent, change up from taking, not swallow big, not take those big fat, doesn't like to swallow, was very happy to take them, hard, don't go down very easy, enough, are great
19 1
delicious, you burp up fish, has 1,600 mg of omega 3s, is a scientifically well researched option, may be 48 times more potent, is absorbed 10 to 15 times better than fish oil, is so stable, resistant to oxidation.(according, contain omega-3s, helps improve lipid, not enough fish, has good, looking to combine fish, organic, do supplement, no more fish, impressed, without him knowing
16 3
good, is great, great, not an outrageous, will not be a concern, has increased to the point, reasonable, is the best, is not overly high, worth checking, has a great
great, wrote to me, will soon decrease the sugar, good, really has inspired my brand, are few alternatives, offer a certified organic, amazing, impressed, is stellar, trustworthy, is amazing, thoughtful, is also amazing in customer service
this product
12 4
love, good, sugar coated, sweet, strongly recommend, chose, buy, highly recommend
these vitamins
15 1
love, are fantastic, absolutely love, are yummy, are really good, are not only smart, delicious, ethical, were ok, are great, are the best, are alright, are the only ones i buy, are good
11 1
is 6 gummies, recommended, reduce, is 6 chews, went to dr, is 6 gummys, is 6 gummies per day, happy
8 3
strong, no, very light, not unpleasant, fishy, was enough, bland, no horrible
9 1
recommended, is a lot to me, complete, is so high, is 3x daily, was 6 gummies, is 6 gummies per day, last time
sugar coating
9 1
can be a bit overwhelming, tooooo much, is too much for me, sweetness level outweigh the nutritional, do without, sour, sweet, isn't sickening sweet, good
good, great, high, is really good, gummy, wayyy better, best
8 1
good, no bad, like compost, taste like candy, let alone chew, strange, regular vitamin, fishy
5 3
is awesome, fulfill our daily vitamin intake, are tasty, is exactly the same as the kids version, very good
fish oil
is very low in antioxidants, does notpromotes lipid metabolism, does nothelps regulate the mitochondrial respiratory chain, did it, favorite, don't taste, recommended, is very good for eye health
7 1
has the best price, both quality, holds a lot of value, i run out, had a subscription plan, did influence my purchase decision
smarty pants
7 1
is formulated perfect, were the perfect solution, delivers, were recommended, are pretty good, are the best, thanks
4 3
have no noticeable, adverse, is crazy, no bad
5 2
growth, is not shedding, grow fast, healthy, seemed thicker
6 1
is higher than the kids version, best, is great, are an added bonus, great, well
this vitamin
6 1
love, really like many aspects, is cool, does not contain, has helped
6 1
are coated, addictively delicious, are packed with vitamins, is better than a pill, are like delicious candy, are so high in sugar and calories
these taste
6 1
great, so good, good
5 1
is a little bit to much for me, daily dose, is a bit much to take, is recommended, chews
4 1
is very competitive, reduces, tastes great, isn't loaded with dangerous artificial sweeteners
5 1
great, was helpful, helpful, better, should have read
healthier sugarless, come out, sugar-free, always popping the children's, is yummy, received the adult
tasting vitamin
great, best
swallowing pills
hate, difficulty, despise, difficult, hard time