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DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes 48 Count Dispenser, Unscented Wet Wipes with Vitamin-E & Aloe for at-Home Use, Septic and Sewer Safe

We have analyzed 830 reviews from Amazon and found:

38% of users say that: Product are great, work great, work well, were great. Wipe are good, are decent, will leave little fuzzies, are the best things. Packaging is all your getting for double the money, is awesome, is nice. Smell is good, was good. 2% of users noticed that: Package were unscented, is super noisy, can at work or storing them in your laptop bag, is so tightly packed. Lid is basically loose, is useless, was flimsy. Toilet paper don't use, will never use. Towels are not all the strong.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

527 190
great, good, are great, love, work great, like, work well, were great, thin, are awesome, burns, are huge, are too thin, tear really easily, liked, are wipes, cleans well, durable, are perfect, worked well
103 44
dude, great, are good, best, good, refreshing, solid, good clean, love, finish the job, outperform any brand, are decent, no overpowering smell, excellent, large thick, will leave little fuzzies, larger, large, better, flushable
21 13
like, great, nice, good, introduced for women, earns some cool points, stay moist, is all your getting for double the money, superior, seems more manly, cool black, improved, won't come out, is awesome, ripping like other reviews, is nice, prosnice, cool
24 5
good, great, nice, do not haveca soapy, very gentle, is good, terrific, pleasant, a bit like the equate®, decent, isn’t offending, doesn’t smell like baby wipes, no, always moist never drying out, was good, expecting, wonderful neutral unscented, pleasant clean, funky, fresh
22 8
no, nice, strong, no perfume, no nasty, no perfumey, soft, not too wet or gross, lingering, was nice, good, lasted quite a while, subtle, better, fresh
these wipes
24 1
are thinner, are no joke, are great, works well, exceptional, really like, highly recommend, are moist enough, are comfortable to use, don't smell womanly, are the best, seem to be thinner, do the job-, are flushable, biodegradable, won't ruin your plumbing, were described, are very soft, soothing, are life savers
18 5
good, perfect, larger, great, don't tear easily, matters to me, same, much better than regular wipes, is slightly larger than regular wipes, do like, is just right, are thick, luxurious.-
this product
12 11
love, use, time purchase, very happy to find, better versions, superior
12 3
good, great, is ok, is very thin made, no qualms, pretty low, plenty of higher, in light projection, higher, improve
12 1
good, was 1.00 cheaper than kroger, is little high for this product, are perfect, nice, is high, very god, fair, great, my issue
11 1
sensitive, incredibly oily, has very sensitive, has had no problems, easy, highly sensitive, thin, was inflamed, peeling, very sensitive, feel soft
6 4
like, has no, no weird, no, free, hint
6 2
negative, are flushable and 100% biodegradable, are right, popular, are larger, positive
great, n’t an add, good, is as described, delivered on time, perfect, excellent
6 2
wipes are tiny, tear easily, wipes, are just fine, wipes without fragrance, wipes scentless
7 1
wipes, cheap, wipes for dudes, wipes are more sufficient, smell better, wipes to be honest
baby wipe
4 2
pretty much like, are way cheaper, are functionally more manly, is much stronger
these things
4 2
were great, are great, are the best, are amazing
great, cool
3 2
great, good
wipes clean, felt nice, smooth, cleans, very refreshing
gag gift
great, awesome, fun
fresh, clean, don't leave you, great
3 1
gives me a rash).fortunately, wipes, are better
generous by packing in 48 sheets, supports the troops, to be quite responsive to customer feedback, very environmentally responsible in terms of their production
at work, scooped up several, eco-friendly, economical
12 16
struggled to open, try leaving one in water overnight, were unscented, is super noisy, doesn't close very well, ripped horribly, cons - difficult to get out, noisy, bad, does not seal properly, can at work or storing them in your laptop bag, isn't so full, tight to get out, difficult, very hard, is so tightly packed
4 10
doesn't stay close, isn't air tight, is basically loose, not air tight, wouldn't stay closed, doesn't snap tightly closed, is useless, was flimsy, doesn't close correctly, changed the dispensing
4 4
did not experience, annoying, had been fixed, are about packaging
3 3
bit undersized, doesn't do one simple, can be that stupid
3 3
are very thin, almost breaking apart, tend to stick together
toilet paper
2 4
don't use, wet, would have torn up my rear, will never use
3 3
fragile, no too strong, not made well
2 4
trouble, damn purple, hard to get out, hard to pull one wipe out
2 3
tear, are not all the strong, defeats the purpose of the product
do not disintegrate, puddle, is too cold, too hot, was thinking of adding
1 4
came unglued, not the, only issue, is crap
flushable wipe
2 3
are not this difficult to dispense, no such thing, weakest
2 3
clean, don't provide toilet paper, whipes
2 2
scam, a little goofy