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Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Best Seller Variety Pack, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Keto Friendly, 12 Count

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38% of users say that: Product are delicious, are great, is my favorite flavor, are the best protein bars. Taste is good, is ok, is great, is amazing. Flavor is ok, are good, is great, is the best. Bar are great, are delicious, is great, is ok. 1% of users noticed that: Box was open, were a bit crumbly, was 3 months old, was smushed. Aftertaste is horrible, has an awful, is especially bad, is unbearable. Boxes arrived at my door, have come smashed, have tasted like chemicals, were close to the expiration date. Package was extremely stale, came completely destroyed, came opened with one missing, are dried out.

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2994 1205
great, love, good, are delicious, are great, is my favorite flavor, are the best protein bars, like, tastes great, are the best, delicious, are my favorite, chewy, are amazing, is great, are good, filling, is my favorite, excellent, taste good
1022 301
great, good, amazing, love, better, delicious, like, ok, pretty good, very good, awesome, best, really good, excellent, is good, is ok, is great, artificial, fantastic, nice
747 129
favorite, best, great, good, better, like, love, new, excellent, is ok, are good, is great, is the best, amazing, my favorite, absolute favorite, many, chewy, delicious, are better
564 221
favorite, best, great, good, my favorite, are great, absolute favorite, love, best quest, tasty, delicious, are delicious, better, awesome, very good, absolutely love, is great, is ok, almost every day, big fan
225 109
good, great, gritty, nice, chewy, like, perfect, better, soft, is good, love, best, amazing, is great, pretty chewy, is not bad, weird, dense, consistent, awesome
protein bar
171 36
best, great, good, better, delicious, awesome, are delicious, pure, tasty, really great, very good, are the best, excellent, big fan, cleanest, one of my personal favorites, lot, very little sugar to boot, quick, convenient
quest bar
154 31
love, best, are the best, are great, are delicious, really like, are awesome, are so delicious, are perfect, are good, are my favorite, are my all time favorite, are amazing, do the trick, thoroughly enjoying, loved, are the ones i always return to, were an absolute jem, loves, are fresh
154 28
best, great, good, better, favorite, delicious, best-, very good, low in sugar, natural, not bad, fantastic, ok, very fresh, healthy, high in protein, easy to bite into and chew, delivers the protein i need, funky, yummy
156 4
high, great, good, delicious, best, more, full, very high, pure, fantastic, packed with, high-quality, really getting 22 grams, low sugar deliciousness, lot, filled with fiber, has 21g, lot of, too much, low carb quick fix
115 12
great, good, best, better, decent, is great, is a bit high, is good, keeps going up, is wonderful, is high, is comparible to in store, starts to go up, was better than my store, out, is right, was almost better, stays below $22/box, is discounted, high
this flavor
84 43
love, is delicious, stay away, is great, is the best, is my favorite, absolutely love, loves, like, don't waste your time, super excited, is funky, will not be buying, rebuy, really love, order, is okay, ordering, try, was highly recommended
these bar
99 28
are delicious, love, are great, are good, are perfect, filling, are filling, are the best, are amazing, are chewy, are fantastic, are so good, are normally good, fit into my daily calorie, are just perfect, are pretty good, good, are a staple in my diet, are tastey, are very tasty
65 14
low, no, high in protein, tasty, delicious, very little, stay stable, without added, manages to taste great, best low, good, less than one gram of, digestible, very low, no hidden alcohol sugars, almost zero, lowest, high amounts, almost no, minimal
66 14
great, changed, good, fewer, healthy, best, cheaper, added corn fiber, are much more natural, can hardly handle eating, are good, are high quality, are a little different, full of natural, fresh, are way better, healthier overall, are very clean, are not healthy, are generally good quality
74 1
great, good, healthy, perfect, satisfying, favorite, is a great, tasty healthy, nice quick, excellent quick, easy, clean, tasty, quick, is perfect for my diet, good clean, delicious, prefect, look forward, super healthy
56 10
low, best low, lowest, lower, perfect low, are especially low for the taste, very low, satisfying & low, healthy low, very few, full amount, great, decent, delicious, are all good, high, full of protein, super low, is great, high protein low
52 5
is the best, has changed the recipe, needs, needs to change back to the original formula, has outdone themselves with their birthday cake protein bar, worked their magic, is fantastic, does better with chocolate stuff, are the best, better, fan, best, well done, will lose some of its faithful customers, needs to stop trying, in ease of use, chewing, needs to lay off the artificial sweeteners, was one of the best, is a lot better
38 18
good, great, positives, is specific to the maple waffle bars, are real, low, nice, updating my, seeing, helped by, should have listened to the, not half bad, lots, many good, positive, glowing, never cease to amaze, helped in your decision, funny aftertaste, is for quest bars in general
46 8
great, good, high, highest, exceptional, low, varies considerably from one flavor, has been great, never had issues, has really gone down, protein bars, very satisfied, is amazing, best, excellent, kind, extremely satisfied, better price, is unbelievable, very good
44 10
love, enjoy, is delicious, great, cream, followed by the cookie dough in third, are amazingly delicious, not chalky, favorite, warm gooey, really good, is awesome, is good, only flavor, is very dry, more accurate, crumbles, help the texture, dough flavor, is spot on perfect
this bar
36 15
love, absolutely love, is for you, is really good, does the trick, meets that requirement, came in a sample pack, is easily digested, keeps me fuller longer, gets you through to the next meal, are great, very good, everyday for breakfast, tastes good, good meal replacement choice, loved, like, fills me up, will be exactly what you expect, is ok
30 17
love, crave, nice, no dark, were the best, best, were really good, not too sweet, chunk much better, too sweet, good, small...perfect for me, delicious, big chicks, prefer, white, dark, no, actually tastes like chocolate, not protein powder
29 21
has the best price, marked down, choice, made me give one star to leave a rating, was best price, were from august, thanks, last time, doesn’t have a good price, better deal, are hard, brittle, arrived fresh, well packaged, cheaper, carried them, always tasted, has the best pricing, has a great price, affordable
40 6
high, lots, good, plenty of, delicious, amazing, is amazing, decreasing my carbs and fat, recommended, is in them, definitely counts as carbs in my diet, makes up for the consistency, high carb low, high in, low net carbs, big, can't be beat, are good, loaded, less than 1g sugar
39 4
quick, fast, super fast, was fast, speedy, really fast, were perfect, prompt, very fresh, no problem, is awesome, rapid, very tasty, always great, on time, great, was right on time, pleased, very quick
32 7
is my favorite flavor, little lower cost than amazon, love, are amazingly delicious, is the most palatable flavor, really good, is awesome, little whipped, flavor, are his favorite, very delicious, protein bar everyday, is very dry, was the best, is a favorite, were delicious, is excellent, was a little better, very sweet, are pretty good
28 9
good, great, is filling, is how friendly, are super addictive, are like eating a candy bar/chocolate chip cookie, are sweet enough, so fresh, went well, are as tasty, low carb, full of protein, are a life saver, perfect for low-carb dieters, favorite
32 5
fast, quick, super fast, was really fast, delicious, timely, never disappointed, is quick, prime-free, buying single bars at the store, was quick, is available, was pretty quick, great, filling, prime negates
tasting bar
25 8
great, best, good, very good, amazing great, pretty good
cookie dough
26 7
stick, is my fav, is by far my favorite, like consistency, good, still good, is good, are the only ones worth the fat and calories, is still my favorite, is the best, best, two best flavors, are great, is the best flavor, is definitely my favorite, is probably the best flavor, is hands down the best, tastes like literal cookie dough, like, being my favorite
22 9
have a good, good, is like, nice sized dose of protein, nice, was surprised, may be off, is soft, chewy, are good, dense, coarse, is kind of like a brownie, very happy, is a bit better, is completely different, sandy, gritty, could be better, is palatable
this product
15 12
love, highly recommend, like, very familiar, heartedly recommend, will be buying, subbed to, pretty much speaks for itself, working very good, helps a lot, good conscience recommend, would buy, stayed away
great, good, are amazing, really solid, are acceptable, are within certain weightloss parameters, are right, are excellent, are good, can't beat, low-carb, unbeatable, the best of any bar, awesome, awesome source of fiber, best, are all solid, say 150 grams of protein a day, has good, are great
15 10
delicious, 10 seconds a side for desert, warm, delish, for a few seconds, softens the bars up, makes them warm, chewy, are easier to chew, for a healthy dessert, taste even better, better experience, fantastic, able to chew them easily, warmed for 20 seconds
17 6
low, very reasonable, good, lower, nice, very tasty, less than 200, left over last night, chewy, full of flavor, protein 28 carbs, very filling with low, count just perfect
16 6
stick, well at room temp, tasted wonderful, was a coated bar, convenience, are better quality, taste better, running errands, bought at a grocery, same bar, reach your grocery, try them out and wow, convenient, are much chewier, fresh
49 71
bad, was open, expired, were a bit crumbly, was 3 months old, was smushed, had bars with unsealed wrappers, ended up in my cupboard, received expired two months ago, came destroyed, came damaged, few bites, is almost gone, like a waste of money, save a little money, are stale and hard, were moldy, was not expired, was disgusting, inedible
20 38
horrible, terrible, bad, awful, is horrible, weird, very fake, has an awful, 15 minutes, leaves a bitter flavor, did not want to go away, crappy, left a bad, nasty, funny, displeasing, isn't pleasant, nauseating, is especially bad, very peculiar
10 15
gone thru many, canceled, expired, arrived at my door, used to come shrink-wrapped to my doorstep, have come smashed, have tasted like chemicals, were close to the expiration date, went straight into the garbage, were stale, dried out, reduce the cost a little, totally different, were hard, were horrible
11 12
was extremely stale, came completely destroyed, came opened with one missing, are dried out, very stale, was so hard, came damaged.called twice, left a message, no answer, completely dried out, kept it in the container, looked as if they had been stored somewhere hot