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Olá Baby 100% Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon Teether for Baby Led Weaning 2-pack

We have analyzed 760 reviews from Amazon and found:

57% of users say that: Product are great, are soft, are perfect, are awesome. Spoon are great, were too long, is perfect, was perfect. Baby is now almost five months, is already 1 year old, was able to use, will play on. These spoons are great, are amazing, are perfect, are awesome. less than 1% of users noticed that: Plastic spoon were too long. Amount of food is rather small. Metal spoons don't seem very good. Usual spoons are too hard.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

861 96
love, great, are great, loves, soft, flexible, are soft, awesome, are perfect, are awesome, are flexible, is perfect, are amazing, easy to clean, works great, nice, worth, work great, are the best spoons, work well
165 25
great, best, soft, favorite, awesome, are great, were too long, perfect, cute, is perfect, was perfect, amazing, flexible, is soft, easy to use, are really easy to hold, exactly 1 month ago, is also easy to wash, super cute, best designed
64 14
loves to chew, super soft, is now almost five months, is already 1 year old, ’s first spoon, led weaning, easier time feeding himself with this, was able to use, loves these spoons, should have no trouble learning, ’s teeth, will play on, loves feeding himself with this spoon, comfortable, has it since forever, 4 months, really likes to chew on spoons, led weaning for my son, petite, can feed herself
these spoons
58 3
are great, are amazing, are perfect, are awesome, are terrific, are soft, love, are so easy, are easier for my babies to hold, are fantastic, absolutely love, are nice, soft, are wonderful for teething, are very soft, are wonderful, really helped, easy to grasp, no problems, really are great
23 10
solid, great, strong enough to hold, so effective, stays in the spoon, easily able, goes everywhere, scooped up, easier to start, stays in even if you turn the spoon, doesn't drop off easily, picks up, sticks to the spoon pretty well, promotes green, stays on the spoon
this spoon
24 3
loves, love, adores, likes to chew, like, is great, is very practical, does a great job, is amazing, is exactly what i was looking
love, great, helpful, small enough, silicone, nice, brilliant, are super fun, is beautiful, practical, is flexible, is always fabulous-- containing purpose behind everything, thin, modern, attractive, clever, flexible, is great, interesting, really cute
perfect, right, great, her, love, nice, longer, good, very good
14 3
perfect, right, easy to hold, gives me the best success, easy to clean, makes it very easy to do the mouth wipe, good, love, texture, is genius, are perfect
15 1
great, high, very good, is good, easy to use, clean, is great, super, high-, excellent, super easy to clean
11 3
no downsides, great, could be more logical, con, low, will just stick with two, was lower, is higher than other training spoons, good, is a bit of a commitment, is a little high
is soft, is very soft, are thin, flexible to scoop foods, soft enough, are so flexible, soft, super soft, is just way too soft, are incredibly flexible, flexes like crazy, leafy
12 1
is soft, durable, easily scoop the last bit of rice cereal, soft, safe, is so soft, bendable, nice to touch, works like a spatula, scraping food clean from the food bowl and baby's face, means safe for baby, made of
10 1
good, is great, is even flexible enough, comfy, lasting, easy to clean and no harmful, is perfect, nice, is flexible, is soft, is perfect for gummy baby mouths
10 1
great, best, favorite, have recommended, really good, very pleased, excellent
great, for teething babies, excellent, greay, munches on the spoon, takes nicely to them, is ready to eat
8 3
does really well, can easily hold these on her own, was able to use, is teething, really enjoys eating, biting her spoons, happily feeds himself without any issues, was exclusively breastfeed
baby spoon
8 2
best, cool easy to use, great, marks, plenty
6 2
great, terrific, utensils to eat with
5 2
is over, perfect, has been great, relatively clean, will appreciate this
easy to hold, perfect, easier for her to hold, soft bendable, soft, soothing for her teething gums, variation in the softness
easy for baby to, likes, easy to, easy to grip, very easy for baby to, perfect
this product
5 2
love, pleasantly surprised
was a little bit longer, soft to use, short, is round
4 2
doesn't have teeth, tries feeding himself, should be fine, can safely try to feed himself
is great, nice, well, easy, is easy to maintain, are both perfect
4 1
good, raving, great
high, nice
spoon tip
3 1
is soft, works great, work like spatulas
2 1
was $10 or less, make sure we always have them
olababy spoon
3 1
were on the more expensive end, came highly recommended, is the best
came on other gun, came in other, longer handles for bigger kids, more
shape of the spoon
fits perfectly, comfortably, holds the perfect amount of baby food, easy for my son
is as advertised, was fine, based off reviews
teething toy
good, great, excellent
loves, clean up
2 2
was flimsy, have been previously opened
2 2
just to try/play with, completely stopped eating
2 2
getting crampy, not ergonomic
self feeding
1 2
tends to have trouble with regular spoons, isn't that great