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Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor - Track Your Infant's Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels

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32% of users say that: Product works great, is amazing, worked great, is great. Owlet is amazing, is great, works without wifi, has given me peace of mind. Baby is breathing, is safe, is okay, was breathing. Sock are far from durable, is very reliable, has been the best purchase, are easy to place on the babies. 5% of users noticed that: App has gone down, has issues picking up the signal, is faulty, is wiggling. Alarm has to be within 100 feet, is then triggered, have not had any false, has needed to go off. Battery is low, will only last for you to be able to use, is horrible, is defective. Base station is very loud, was not working properly, is not working properly, was also alarming.

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1171 595
great, love, gives me peace of mind, works great, every night, like, amazing, best, is amazing, worked great, is great, highly recommend, wonderful, works perfectly, good, gave me peace of mind, recommend, definitely recommend, works well, keep
126 44
is amazing, love, is great, works without wifi, has given me peace of mind, recommended, able to sleep, without my, will wake us up, has brought me, provides some much needed peace of mind, with our second child, worries off your mama plate, works its magic, is awesome, needs to convene a meeting of the minds with customer service, was born, gives me the reassurance, have rested well, gave us that peace of mind
71 45
is breathing, is safe, is okay, was breathing, is being constantly monitored by the owlet, sleeps every single night with it, is 4 months, is up and alert, is sleeping and napping, peace of mind, had low oxygen saturations, kicks a lot on her sleep, rainbow, has to go through some naps, was first born, was born 11 weeks early, sleeps so much, is going to, has been sleeping in his own room, well enough
64 48
love, stays on, are far from durable, is very reliable, fit well, isn’t intuitive, easily lasts more than 12 hours, no matter, has been the best purchase, are easy to place on the babies, fantastic, most recent, did not disappoint, have fit him up, does give me peace of mind, goes off for no reason, were a little cheaper, just fits, work together, fits well
59 47
wonderful, gives me so much peace of mind, can, love, best, i slept like a baby, high hopes, his heart rate, easily able, so thankful, will play mockingbird lullaby, working relatively fine, is by far my favorite, provides vital information, super well, every day, still works, picked them up to alert us, works even without the app, works great
this product
60 24
love, highly recommend, recommend, absolutely love, definitely recommend, like, without, wish, zero faith, will help, amazing, very excited to use, is for you, makes that possible, great things, wonderful, stoked to get, absolutely no reason, absolutely recommend, could recommend
40 14
deep, much better, peacefully, more, better, best, safely, hard to come by with a newborn, much better at night, easy, light, so fast, need some, good, deprived paranoid new parents love more than false alarms, no one was getting any, decent, safe and breathing with no issues, restful, without being nervous wrecks
customer service
36 14
great, has been great, is great, fabulous, excellent, is wonderful, accessible, easy to use, was extremely easy to chat with via the app, was super easy, was very good-, was fantastic, was excellent, has been super helpful, has been wonderful to work with, had to wait longer, was very helpful, quickly, has been good, is outstanding
22 19
best, is fairly straightforward to setup, is getting good readings, has brought my husband, thankful, has been an absolute sanity-saver, is perfectly healthy, excellent, multiple devices, anxious, is a simple way to provide new parents with additional security, works exactly how, helps you check heart, was 10 days old, was portable, is higher than for comparable products, encourage, honest, will still work, peace of mind
13 12
will light up red, is extremely easy to setup, was always connected, pulsing green, provides constant assurance, started off next to our bed, is clean, white, unobtrusive, has always alerted us without fail, will alarm, will continue to work and alert me, will alarm with a noise and color
20 4
is high, small, is worth every penny, full, worth, is very high, is well worth, not at all what i would expect, safe sleep, insane, peace of mind, premium, is a drop high, acceptable, great, hesitated, feel like, like i was
battery life
13 9
is great, will last more hours, kept up, no problems, was good, was longer, was better, is totally, good, is long, can be a bit better4, is impressive
11 9
nice, find, still get an alert on the docking station, you can see the numbers, was perfect with her levels, join the dance, high heart rate alert, fast, sync, easy to pair, linked easily
10 6
is correct, good, right, n’t gotten any false, same, pretty close, were good, most accurate, feel comfortable, always able to check
peace of mind
13 2
great, is priceless, is worth every penny, is invaluable, has been great, amazing, is everything, helps us get better rest
heart rate
11 3
were low or high, accurate, like, gets low- easy to use-, was so high, drops at 70 and desaturations at 88%, high, are to low, was 220 or higher, are being monitored, is low enough
7 6
dropped out of the recommended levels, heart rate, well, preset, went below 80%, are to low, was given
this thing
11 2
love, is pretty good, is a life saver, is perfect, is outrageously hard to get just right, gives me peace of mind, is a lifesaver, is amazing
8 4
worked with their tech support, been without the product, able to sleep with ease, best $300, no issues, are so happy, had tons of false alarms, had no real issues
10 1
bigger, same, smallest, fits all claim, right, largest, newborn, larger, correct, multiple
10 1
best, excellent, have slept when baby sleeps, you can use your fsa, great, no regrets, happy with
8 3
monitoring your baby, placed correctly, been so nice, dropped 20-30%, worked flawlessly, ok, pricey, already saved her life
6 4
no, only minor
9 1
best, great, gives parents totally justifies the cost, easier, is monitoring her, were fairly smooth sailing, are working properly
7 3
during our baby shower, great, gives you piece of mind, has been incredible, is my opinion, is amazing, pros:1
set up
very easy, extremely easy, seems easy, easy, easy to, easy to use, is super easy, was effortless
oxygen level
6 3
are easily obtained, is amazing, still a big concern, is much more reassuring, low, is perfectly healthy
peace, peace of, was at ease
6 3
’s ‘solution’, very pleased, has applied for an fda medical device certification, nice, has done a nice job with the packaging, very helpful
5 3
great, love, high, super high, simplicity
5 3
red, are set to specified thresholds for each, lots of yellow, are terrifying
97 106
not working, has gone down, had a few issues, has issues picking up the signal, is faulty, prone to failure, doesn't work properly, fully charged, seems unnecessary, had a ton of trouble connecting, is wiggling, no way for you to turn the base off right off the bat, is very slow, sometimes completely unresponsive, can be very slow, wasn’t working at the time, takes awhile to connect to the base to get the heart rate, doesn't already provide this information, does not indicate a history of the readings, never works
30 86
false, goes off, n’t had any false, went off for low battery, never had a false, few yellow, many false, went off, few false, has to be within 100 feet, stopped getting, would go off on the base, no, false positives, going off every once in awhile, went off one morning, would have had to bury her, few second delay, never had a red, little false
12 20
is low, last only for 6hrs, will only last for you to be able to use, is horrible, too low, is defective, doesn’t work, was low on battery, is probably bad, has to be charged every morning, turns off, had gone bad, last for approx 12 hours, lasts about 18 hours, is dead, starts to get low, dies about 5 mins, not charging, barely makes it through the night
base station
13 18
blinks a slow green, is very loud, stopped charing the sock past 20%, do not plan, never stays connected to the internet, was not working properly, is not working properly, haven't had any issues, alerted, cannot tell whether it is the heart rate or oxygen level, close to the sock, go off 3 times, stays green, never wants to communicate with the app, turns red on top of another alarm, uses a usb cable, connects to the internet, was also alarming
false alarm
5 19
no, not experienced, everyone up at night, never have, unnecessary sleep interruptions, can cause, never had an issue, never make nd, were caused, doesn't fit properly, had no, worry
10 11
replaced, correct placement vs the left foot, still won’t work, is horrible, ambiguously drag, not charging correctly, will no longer charge, foot correctly, stopped working, bad, only works half the time
8 12
is only for your phone app to connect to, is bad, only downfall, range, back, wound not connect, you reattach, setup, doesn't impress me, banned, no, needed to connect to wifi
3 11
problems, stop, not, was slow, constantly checking, stopped, stops, did not change during a brady, wasn’t
5 7
bad, were negative, terrible, never written, not often mentioned, negative