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DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes (2 Packs 30 Wipes) Individually Wrapped for Travel, Unscented Wet Wipes with Vitamin-E & Aloe, Septic and Sewer Safe

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41% of users say that: Product are great, work great, are awesome, work well. Wipe are sturdy, are awesome, work great, are for dudes. Smell are super convenient, is good, is better, are thin. Scent was pleasant, is balanced, is pleasant, is different. 1% of users noticed that: Toilet paper is abismal, was invented, is not used, has been killing me. Wrapper is extremely brittle, is not flushable, can sometimes be difficult to open. Toilet was clogged. Tp is unavailable, was low.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1264 258
great, are great, good, work great, are awesome, love, excellent, do the job, nice, work well, work, are individually wrapped, best, awesome, thin, amazing, perfect, are good, easy to carry, are nice
211 43
dude, great, best, moist, fresh, large, love, good, clean, gets the job done, portable, are sturdy, are awesome, work great, perfect, convenient, good clean, are for dudes, are great, are thin
106 17
great, good, nice, clean, like baby wipes, exactly like baby wipes, pleasant, fresh, dude, muted, very neutral, are super convenient, funky, no, is good, better to me, like, very baby powder, not irritating, very discreet
88 21
nice, clean, refreshing, pleasant, was pleasant, fresh, nothing too powerful, fruity, without perfumes, handy, no, is balanced, isn't strong, is pleasant, suitable, is different, wipes for pre-work gym, good, light pleasing, lack
81 4
perfect, good, decent, nice, larger, large, right, durable, reasonable, travel, easy to use, great, convenient, is easy to carry, love, still compact, good pocket, you might need to use two of these, best big, tear so easily
40 18
good, is funny, wasn't so crinkly, loud and crinkly, were a little more discreet, grey, makes it easy to take, is highly convenient, is perfect for office, was the superior original dude wipes, black, is different, is clearly gender-oriented, looks like, changed for no apparent reason, nice, makes it easy to put in wallet or pocket, regular, more masculine, convenient
these wipes
52 5
are great, are awesome, love, work well, are the best, are easily torn apart, tear, have a clean, not perfume, not medical smell, are soooo convenient, have changed my 19 year old's life, are definitely large in area, thick, are meant for all of us byam, are lifesavers, used to be excellent, are good, are a life saver, recommend
29 13
good, great, best, better, much lower, awesome, like, surpasses any similar product, easily, much thinner, feels much cheaper, pretty good, higher, went south, excellent, has declined so much, okay, are better, equal, nicer
20 13
keep, at work, stick, came extremely beat up, is just about done, is different, ordered, slightly larger, being black mostly showed wear, creases very easily, is larger, was planning to do a subscription, has had a different formula, haven't even gone, big, brings one into the bathroom, handy, keep them handy
30 4
great, good, is right, might seem high, is one of the best, isn't bad, isn't too bad, hefty, fluctuate up, durable, my issue, is the primary reason for purchase, pure'n gentle store wipes, thinner, tear easily, cheap, decent, are subject to change, excellent value, fair
this product
26 4
love, really like, highly recommend, not go wrong, would buy, like to use, continue to use, has changed, very impressed, like, can't live without, do like, really enjoy, looked into, need, loves, loving, will continue to use, highly recommended, should be more expensive
17 3
best, are amazing, works out for you, are life savers, are awesome, are life changers, are great, soft feel, doesnt burn, conveniently packaged, rock, greatest
baby wipe
17 4
are larger, are for babies, are better, have done the job, doesn't have to steal my kids baby, good, cheap, no difference, nicely-packaged, priced, are the best, are the clear winner, stronger, not any different, like
fresh, don't leave, fresh as a daisy, don't like, free, feeling soft, clean, looking clean, like a feshly changed infant, odorless, nice, all day, like a baby, without, dude, like like aloe, good
13 4
convenient, looks much like a condom's package, is less intense, buy the individually packaged, doesn't dry out, easy to take, is individually wrapped wipes, is open, smiled
15 1
no unique, much better, i really like, refreshed clean, overbearing, is no overpowering, very subtle, mild, no stinging, are a little larger, no, pleasant subtle, works excellent, more masculine, sweet
clean, fresh, great, easy, good, extra clean, extreme clean, fresh clean, good nice, refreshing, nice fresh
13 1
great, good, best, refreshing, does not irritate
lingering, no, thick, are durable, don't break down easy, no disgusting flowery, has a pleasant, removing, good, manly, pleasant, are under control
great, good, cute
10 4
easy to carry, was the best version, are easy to carry without notice, handy, are small, easy to stash, stays moist, are easy to carry, is easy to carry, convenient
these things
12 1
are great, are cool, are truly amazing, are heavenly, work good, are cracking good, are amazing, are basically essential
9 4
making u feel refreshed, get the job done, occurs, at work without announcing to the world, wipes, countless hours, raise some questions, clean up, bringing condoms
9 3
will be looking at different, was co, stay moist, are very sturdy, looking, favorite, very feminine, great, were more then double the price
7 4
clean, happy butt, no more dirty, nice clean, is so clean, been cleaner
7 4
hiking, afew more, large, more difficult to remove, reseals well, convient, is perfect
9 2
awesome, cleans the exact thing, funny, better, won him over, more masculine, is just an added bonus, nice
keep them, nice to take, can easily fit, keep them in your backpack, has 1 pack, wipes, keep 3, handy to keep in your, very discreet, keep one in his, drop one
large, strong, sturdy, soft enough, not too wet, clean
9 2
good, great, feel comfortable using a wipe, clever, keep your dignity, slick
6 4
good, serious, high, positive, 5-star, negative
6 4
great, extra, perfect dirty
wipes work much better, wipes weren't hipster, trendy enough, wipes to use to clean up, wipes comes in at 0.04 per count, are these amazing, wipes come on top, wipes
individually wrapped
are ideal, is great for long travel days, will dry out, like, wipes are handy, wipes are nice, discreet, very convenient, wipes look exactly like condoms
perfect, are just right, is about right, does the job well, enough, is very pleasing, not too perfumy
dude wipes
6 1
love, great, were very good, recommend, amazing
clean, portable, like a real dude, incredibly fresh, fresh, cleaner, comfortable, confident
toilet paper
4 19
is abismal, was invented, is not used, clean something far more dirty, never go back, has been killing me, cheap, orphanage-grade, just sucks, doesn't get you clean, don't use, is horrible, doesn't always get the job done, is not offered, broke-down, less irritating, sorry excuse, ran out, doesn't cut it
2 7
is extremely brittle, crinkly, noisy, would change, is not flushable, out of the stall, can sometimes be difficult to open
2 6
not into the, few sitting, subpar, was clogged, flooded my entire bathroom, clogged