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Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner - with USB Charging Station, Instantly Wash and Dry Your Make up Brushes with 3 Adjustable Speeds Bonus 5oz Cleaning Solution Included

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48% of users say that: Product is amazing, works great, works, works well. Brushes are like new, are dry, are clean and dry, were cleaned. This product will purchase, will wash and dry my brushes, keep suggesting, will use. Makeup is waterproof, was left behind in the bowl, is easy to rinse. 1% of users noticed that: Bowl is glass, is odd, is a little bit tricky, don't even use. Box looked like it had been previously opened, was not sealed. Battery is defective, dies quick. Glass bowl was broken, is impossible to empty.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

1501 458
love, great, is amazing, works great, easy, clean, good, amazing, works, works well, awesome, works really well, brush cleaner, is awesome, does the job, loved, fast, recommend, cleans, quick
172 39
clean, dry, fast, are like new, dense, are dry, are clean and dry, were cleaned, works great, come out clean, are completely makeup free, came out impeccably clean, completely dry, deep clean, easy, are wonderful, fit all of my brushes -large, small, come off pretty much dry, very expense
this product
94 10
love, highly recommend, recommend, absolutely love, like, definitely recommend, really love, very happy, loved, i would buy, will purchase, enjoy, absolutely over the moon, interested, wonderfully, really like, really enjoyed receiving, will wash and dry my brushes, really want, loves
32 3
brush cleaner, clean, love, best, brushes every day, brushes are extremely soft, out of the brush, brushes clean, loves, daily, brushes are completely clean, excellent, completely clean, brushes nice clean, soft, bottom of bowl, starting coming off for concealer brushes, top line, best professional, flawless
makeup brushes
28 3
clean, dry, enjoy cleaning, tried to clean them with brush shampoo, expensive, nothing like clean, cleaning, patience, saved my face, is usually a daunting task, are like new, cleaned all four, always dreading cleaning, many cleanings, lot, cleaned some, have never been so clean, thoroughly enjoy, are just like new, is super easy
this thing
27 1
is amazing, is awesome, love, is great, makes cleaning brushes, fast, easy, is a life saver, is a life savor, is perfect, got them incredibly clean, was pretty cool, is brilliant, works great, is worth every penny, better not break, is kinda fun
16 12
clean, pretty much always use, should be used for different bristle lengths e.g.:1, will be more effective, never discolored, ran clear, left from my brush washing, after each brush, refilling with clean, stayed clean, better way, is spun out, is less than effortless to clean, rinsing the brush
20 6
deep clean, best, is clean, rinsed in clean water, can collect more bacteria, was clean, cleaner, washing, cleaning for dummies, was completely covered with foundation, cleaner for a test spin, is almost completely dry, thick, clean dry, clean, cleans my massive, was spinning, cleaner right away!pros
19 3
great, impressed, good, awesome, easy to use, high, like, is extremely easy to use, brush cleaner, decent, will endure frequent use, has some room for improvements, is great, is sub par
13 8
good, make up brush cleaner, were great, thoughtful, update, great, is based on brushes, honest, bigger brushes, liked, cleaner 3 times, after a few more uses
11 6
comes with attachments to accommodate 8 different size brush handles, works like a charm, wanted to review, fantastic, works great, very pleased, was simple to use, is rechargeable, even better, wonderful, worked well
13 2
seemed to work about as well, really nice, has been rinsed out, is great, always use, just a touch of, saving way more, does a fantastic job, works very well, wish, would the ever get, is really nice, just to clean anything off the brushes
8 7
is amazing, cleaned it, is a life-saver, cleans the brush in 30 seconds, rubbing alcohol, has clearly already been used, to clean them, can't really bare any weight
great, fair, reasonable, had changed from nearly $60 to $22, is perfect, very good, is worth the time saved, like, worth, unbeatable, right
8 5
not only cleans the brushes well, amazing little, gets them cleaner, awesome little, worked really well, nifty, holds the collars, twice just to clean any brushes
10 2
in nice, arrived in was professional, was well taken care, was awesome, was impeccable, was great, was nice, shipped very quickly, is cheap, was really easy to set up
11 1
very long, saves, reasonable, washed my brushes 3, really long, spent on each brush, reduces significant, working full, beautiful, no waiting for dry
faster, looking puffier than normal, drying time for smaller brushes, medium, might be nice, highest, multiple, has three, high, super fast
right, large sample, no damage, fit my eyebrow brush, better variety, nice, different, throughout the handle, could be purchased separately
6 5
beautiful, were originally white, would be straight, are almost dry, went everywhere, are very tightly packed
best, great, good, very worthy, won't regret
9 1
luxe, love, is glorious, leaves my brushes smoother, recommend, baby, fared a little better with moderate foaming, decent clean, is worth it
8 2
are clear, simple, really appreciate, are super detailed, easy to read, were clear, were very easy to follow, worked great
great, beautiful, achieved only in minutes, very happy, better, instant cleaning, best, can measure, desired
5 4
handles to hold the brushes, came right off, are nice, durable, fit all of my makeup brushes perfectly
amazing, arrived in perfect shape, i was hoping for, is ok, worked perfectly, has its own box, looks well made, was okay, was in tact
customer service
7 1
great, good, incredible, was excellent, is excellent, is exceptional
5 3
luxe brush spinner, nice cute, luxe nails, flaws, needs to be evaluated
great, best, perfect, going to buy
5 2
is perfectly sized, very sleek, is awesome, came charged, just charge
13 14
is glass, wasn’t broken, is odd, doesn't allow the water to fall out completely, isn’t plastic, started melting, is a little bit tricky, don't even use, causes brushes to dry, breaking, careful not to drop it, has a cover on it that, is hard to clean
5 6
tried it out, looked like it had been previously opened, was not sealed, defective, empty, not even going to return
6 6
did not work, run significantly slower, stopped working, didn't spin, stopped, broken
4 7
bad, is defective, won't start, died, dies quick, adequate amount of time, loses
glass bowl
4 6
was broken, pretty much broke, prevent slipping out my hand, clumsy, is impossible to empty
4 6
still no red light or movement, won't turn on at all, i received was doa, will not hold a charge, was still charged, ☹️.
2 6
did not work, broke off within 5, fix, is broken, problem
1 5
not ideal, broke off in my hand, gets real thin, break, completely shattered
my brushes
3 5
dirty, ruined, hated cleaning
2 5
no, were defective, wouldn’t light up on the wand, turned green