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SmartyPants Vegetarian Organic Kids Daily Gummy Vitamins: Multivitamin, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Omega-3, Probiotic, Vitamin D3, Methylcobalamin B12, Zinc; 120 Count (30 Day Supply)

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43% of users say that: Product are great, are the best vitamins, are perfect, are tasty. Taste is great, is good, is not bad, was ok. Vitamin are awesome, are perfect, are yummy, are wonderful. Flavor are great, is great, was remotely pleasing, has improved. less than 1% of users noticed that: Attention are horrible, doesnt pay. Gmo don't have to purchase, is non-organic. Yellow are wasted. Lid is not very kid proof, is not child proof, is easily broken.

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2067 552
love, great, loves, good, like, are great, taste great, taste good, excellent, are the best vitamins, are perfect, are tasty, candy, likes, are candy, worth, are delicious, are good, is amazing, are soft
564 110
great, love, good, loves, like, like candy, is great, delicious, pretty good, yummy, really good, liked, loved, fine, likes, awesome, so good, amazing, is good, funny
378 74
great, best, gummy, good, favorite, are awesome, healthy, taste great, love, excellent, are perfect, yummy, lot, favorite gummy, are yummy, taste good, combo, wonderful, decent, very good
96 11
love, great, are great, good, loves, like, is great, liked, artificial, strong, no artificial, natural, was remotely pleasing, not a fan, liked them overall, fan, fish, still tasty, has improved, still need improvment
92 6
good, natural, quality, like, are organic, great, high quality, love, are high quality, are great, are more natural, really like, better, wholesome, essential, are super clean, immunity boosting, are impressive to balance their diet, is good, carefully sourced
56 43
goes pretty quickly, contains a 30 day supply, are the exact same when comparing labels, is open, is a 30-day supply, out for the nutrients, is a 180 count, has lasted a lot longer, lasted ten days, are finished, is their max, would be done in no time, may go faster, miracle, wont last very long, goes pretty quick, big, is 120 count, would be gone, make use
51 21
are picky eaters, will not even eat, are looking for them each morning, will be asking for more, didn’t want to take the other brand, seemed fine, get these daily, will not take certain ones due to the taste, never let me forget, are hard to please, beg to take their vitamins every morning, is a different kid, ask for these everyday, is not picky, incredible, can be healthy :-), eat quite well, don't have to fight, are getting the nutrition they need, look forward to taking them every day
52 9
serving, is 4 gummies, is just right for the little kids, stay within budget, is four vitamins, is good, high serving, right, is 4 gumdrop sized vitamins, was for their ages, was 4 gummies, was huge, is 4 per day, is 4, would be better, recommended serving, large serving
53 6
great, best, is a bit high, good, high, really good, is fair, is a little bit higher compare to the other brands, huge, can get outrageous for the brand, is a little steep, reasonable, was more affordable, is worth, cheaper, is better, fantastic in comparison to other brands, better, worth, is a bit higher
39 14
love, great, gritty, gummy bear, is very waxy, fake sweet flavor, is granulated soft chew-, is... stickier or creamier, is softer than a gummy bear, are good, smooth, sugary, chewy gummy, didn't like, nice, is much better, is nice, not too gummy, is soft, sticky to your teeth
46 6
good, great, positive, helpful, are so good, place siting behavioral changes, are so awesome, is based solely on taste, is two thumbs up, were so great, making their kids hyper, are absolutely true, helped you in anyway, left on different brands of childrens vitamins, was helpful, many, glowing, are always honest, accurate to my experience, is never persuaded by this fact
47 1
good, great, excellent, high, like, seems good, very high, fresh, tasty, very happy, superior, very impressed, is great, is high, love, equal, awesome, major step up, decent, best
24 17
no, coated, chewy, could.not give them to my 4 yo, is listed as the first ingredient, is helpful, effects, coated in, wasn't enough, coated with, low, lot of, not covered, real, not fake ingredients, is too much for my kids, perfect, for a kids vitamin, sparkles don't adequately mask, is less than most
29 10
good, amazing, like candy, wonderful, like a sweet, doesn't leave a nice taste, awesome, tastes like candy, nice fruity, is great, no funny, taste yummy, fruity, great, sweet to much sugar, a little strong, look like gum drops, away, taste the fish oil, love
32 5
great, best, good, easy to chew gummies, saw little improvement, nice, high quality vitamin
30 6
still had outbursts, is picky, was okay, was hyper again, looks so much better, perfectly healthy, asks for them every morning, learns faster than before, asks for them daily, has no allergies, remembers he needs to take them everyday, feels better, has more energy, asks for his vitamins everyday, gets sick less often from colds, gobbles them up, requests them daily, asks for them as a daily treat, continues to improve, begs for one more
this product
26 10
love, recommend, will continue to use, like, needed, really enjoys, returned, would recommend, try, highly recommend, very pleased, enjoy taking, found, she likes, definitely recommend, i found
33 3
fish, work their best, didn't taste awful, is a scientifically well researched option, may be 48 times more potent, is absorbed 10 to 15 times better than fish oil, is so stable, resistant to oxidation.(according, contain omega-3s, helps improve lipid, vitamins, well balanced, looking for other alternatives, doesn't taste funny, isn't summarily rejected, is a win-win in our home, doesn't eat fish, 303 mcgepa 66 mgdha, your child needs daily, easier to attain through proper regular nutrition
these vitamin
28 3
love, loves, are great, really love, are delicious, strongly support, recommending, like, are very tasty, colorful, are completely coated
24 6
great, well, typically run 2 per a serving, were coated, didn't taste great, are sweet enough, full amount, sour, were recommended, are not tough to chew, friendly, are almost all the same color, pretty big, fun try, no more, comfortable, gave my sin diareehha, are wonderful, taste great, very natural
noticeable, huge, big, no, positive, see, small, noticed, was substantial, seemed more hyper, haven't noticed, no noticeable, haven't seen, has been astounding, really notice, incredible, happy to notice
14 13
has adhd, is bipolar, is picky, super picky, was diagnosed with celiac, is calmer and happier, chews, is very picky, eats these without a problem, asks for his vitamins everyday, takes these every day, takes these vitamins daily, enough to chew, has more energy
this vitamin
24 3
love, loves, is the perfect, highly recommend, ordered, true benefits, helped beyond belief.🔴, includes vitamin e, too much sugar, has almost everything i need, comes up under organic, drive her crazy at night, prefer, keep buying, had omega, has the best form of b12
23 1
is 4 per day, recommended, is pretty high, fast, increase, requires 4 per, says 4 a day, is like 4 a day, safe, low, excellent, do go quickly, right, is 4 gummies per day, is four gummies, is four per day
22 2
recommended, is 4/day, is 4 gummies, are bouncing off the walls within an hour, like a lot of gummies, high, is four gummies, lower, is 4 gummies per day, being 4 chewables, full, large, keeps the costs down
22 2
great, should offer a pill, is really nice, has good intentions, has are awesome, good, puts into their products, seems very motivated to provide a quality product, is focused on helping by giving back to those in need, dedicated to serving children, clearly cares about the quality of its product, has selected the ingredients, cares about the vitamins, right place, was very nice, has yet to reply to that, is to customer satisfaction, is also amazing in customer service, above all others, is ecofriendly
19 5
switching, prefers a different, on and off for a couple years, best, they love, had good reviews, is on auto ship, long time, try a different, expensive, are separate, is fabulous, makes their vitamins with quality ingredients, cons, rather than one, vitagummy, has omega-3, switched to another, uses the higher quality methylcobalamin
19 4
best, excellent, great, good, loves, full, will take we have found yours, cheaper at costco, giving her the daily dose of vitamins, would be yummy, best gummy, doesn't have any corn syrup, support her diet, friendly
15 6
picky, super picky, need a little help, pickiest, very picky, ultra picky
great, noticed, huge, has some long term focus issues, see, no dark bags, major, very pleased, ability to pay attention, being more calm, attentive during homework improved physical ability, marked, definite, getting much less notes communication, eating, with my nails and hair
14 6
has the best price, can't be beaten, much cheaper, have to say and value their opinions, nearly everything, pays little more attention, is convenient, rocks, helps, is a big savings, cheaper, really needs
18 1
good, great, enough good, safe, full of great, has good, light
15 1
no artificial, artificial, without artificial, lot darker, synthetic, were more distinguished, no synthetic, do not have any artificial, very few, makes them easy to eat, no added, are nice
fish oil
16 2
don't taste, is good, great, has an adverse reaction to iron, is almost completely masked, is very low in antioxidants, does notpromotes lipid metabolism, does nothelps regulate the mitochondrial respiratory chain, doesn't taste, can't taste, don't taste like, help my spd child, taste, satisfied, recommended
11 6
does not, huge hit, took to them very well, is quite calm, has been taking these vitamins, has been healthier than ever, best, good, does not like candy, gets very little sugar
sugar coating
10 6
is not overwhelming, was way too much sweet, is too much, less, cut back, like a gum drop, crazy, alternative, don't mind, makes it taste
4 gummies
13 3
is a lot for 1 serving, get the nutritional value, per serving, is a treat for him, is the recommended daily portion, isn't terrible, recommend, was a serving, is suggested amount .my, are suggested per day, is too much for her, is too much, is one serving
12 4
been about a week, like his memory is improving, appropriate to add something, been a little while, ok, worked, necessary for kids, worth the extra dollars, like suck, put a kink in my typical schedule, been sitting on my kitchen shelf, working great
fast, was quick, quick, apo/fpo back, came in on time, was incredibly fast, was fast, immediate, super fast, is always on point, is no longer cost effective
omega 3
13 2
extra, great, are hyper active, helping my daughter, were included in this multi-vit, makes me feel good, all at once, is totally worth, taking, vitamin d