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Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate(17 Servings, 21.6 oz.) - Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Smooth and Creamy, Non GMO

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45% of users say that: Product is perfect, is all plant-based, was really good, is great. Taste is good, is acceptable, is okay, is just okay. Flavor is great, is good, is decent, is good enough. Powder are pretty good, is a light green shade, will start to settle, has consistently been tasty. 1% of users noticed that: Container is empty. Smell is awful. Whey is out. Stomach is sensitive to something in it, is upset.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

580 139
love, great, good, mixes well, like, tastes good, tastes great, makes me feel great, tastes, blend, is perfect, is all plant-based, was really good, smooth, good option, taste great, filling, mix, amazing, is great
108 19
great, good, is good, like, good chocolate, is acceptable, is okay, wise, didn't have any negative impression, doesn't bug, liked, chocolate, is just okay, kind of vitaminy after taste, isn't going to surprise you, overwhelmingly sweet, no chalky, is definitely a personal preference, chalky, same with the
36 5
like, great, is great, is good, good, is decent, excellent chocolatey, isn't bad, is good enough, best, more traditional, natural, not much vanilla, is smooth, is consistent, are better than their competition, new, is surprisingly good, can be largely disguised, really like
25 7
are pretty good, post-workout, is a light green shade, added, will start to settle, mix to bake chocolate cakes, has consistently been tasty, easy to mix, serving scoop equal to one serving, mixed really well, is also very chunky, ounces of, is super fine, favorite, for my daily smoothie, with cinnamon, greens, less, like most protein, is sugar free
29 2
great, favorite, mix best, is a easy way to start your morning, appreciate, good, delicious, love, very good, just helped kick everything off, mix over most, was safe for my toddlers, healthy, wonderful, really agree, provide good sustained energy, every morning for breakfast, not have, really are delicious, thick
19 2
great, appreciate, most natural, high quality, look good, mixes well, and plenty of vitamins and no carbs, natural, benefits, cuts back, are organic, are high quality, good, like, has great, appear good, no toxic fake sugars
19 1
good, priced, high, cruelty free, has lots of, doesn't taste bad, healthy, has an amazing flavor, is slightly smoother, prefer, greens better, healthiest, always careful, pure, more, full of, is how to improve on the taste, is all nice plants
12 2
was mostly benign, is not overpowering, is pretty good, is not a strong flavor, is very good, versatile, is sweetened with stevia, is excellent, liked, definitely prefer, actually fairly decent, has a good taste
this shake
12 1
love, is so tasty, no stomach pains, keeps me full for several hours, is not too sweet, is a bit different in content, keeps me feeling full, satisfied, really like, is delicious, was tasty
11 2
smooth, is incredibly thick, goopy, is ok, is thick, creamy, milkshake, good, powder-y, very chalky, is smooth
this powder
12 1
has flaxseed, may be incompatible with a sodium restricted diet, quickly dissolves, is delicious, packed with flavor, just fine, is really tasty, isn't chalky or powdery, has minimal sticking, has a really nice vanilla taste, mixes well, is certified gluten
10 1
is doing some great stuff, is still good, shake every weekday morning, love, is an established, respected brand, are always my favorite, almost everyday, were at the top of the list, has been at the forefront for advancing the technology
this product
9 2
love, really like, makes me feel healthy, keeps me full for a couple hours, good things, will re oder, like
10 1
is good, reduced, good, was good, received on time, was cheaper than target, great, is lower than the vega one product, jumped $10 in just four weeks
still tastes great, tastes good, blends well in my nutribullet, switched, just taste, doesn't taste as rich, creamy, really hides a lot of vegetables, is quite good, stick
this stuff
8 2
love, crave, is delicious, loves
chocolate flavor
love, is palatable, like, is the only good, absolutely love, kind of tastes, is nice, is excellent, is my favorite
based protein powder, best, favorite, good, based protein all the time, love, didn't include eating, organic, among
protein powder
best, great, is great, lot, ran out, favorite
curbing your appetite, is great, is spot on, good, favorite, provides solid, real
5 1
prefer low/no sugar, is used for sweetener, is very sweet, leaves an aftertaste, is a better sweetener
very good, best, amazing, nasty, good, most natural
mocha flavor
is pretty good, is good, is great, mixes well in a blender bottle, not blender required, matcha
great, not too sweet, is that of a coffee milkshake, thin, not thick, is a bit better
good, best, great, not much artificial, works to improve sustained athletic metabolism
tastes amazing, seemed sweeter, has 1g of sugars, has more stevia, shake mix at target
can go hours, teaspoon of almond butter, more complex, best, appealing
4 1
improves, decently filling, okay with, couldn't even taste
is one of the better flavors, will move to the chocolate, are some of my favorites, is the best tasting flavor, like
well with a shaker, fresh, well in my blender, doesnt expand like a meringue, really well
4 1
pretty tasty, cost much less, best, great
would be a convenient way to travel, are easy to open, are good, provides 20grams of plant
different, dried, vegetable blend, frozen
this tastes
really good, fills me up, much better being mixed
well mixing, right consistency, came out very thick, is very thin
was back ordered, cheaper, comparable alternatives, best
3 1
alternative, i do enjoy, are excellent
3 4
runs at $1.39 per ounce, is empty, had an odd stale smell, in the trash
2 4
bad, is awful, vile, odd
2 2
very bad, dislike