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Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste, 4 Count

We have analyzed 594 reviews from Amazon and found:

46% of users say that: Product is amazing, works great, is my favorite toothpaste, is good. Taste is great, is good, is pleasant, work great. Toothpaste is good, doesnt taste gross, is also wonderful, has no after taste. This toothpaste is absolutely amazing, works better, is fun and trendy, is fairly good. 1% of users noticed that: Black toothpaste don't like, can make a mess, is just weird. Picture is fake. Black dots keep a rag close. Sore mouth is very unpleasant.

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671 178
love, great, tastes great, good, tastes good, like, is amazing, works great, loves, really works, is my favorite toothpaste, wonderful, is good, not gritty, freshens breath, fresh, fluoride free, minty, whitens, whitens your teeth
96 6
great, is great, good, nice, is good, fresh, is pleasant, amazing, minty, good mint, pretty good, all natural, super effective, does the job, whitens well, very nice clean, definitely messy, no bad, just like normal toothpaste, doesn't leave a funny taste
64 14
great, favorite, best, minty, excellent, good, whitens, does make your teeth brighter, super refreshing, tastes fine, like, love, is good, seems effective, burns my mouth, doesnt taste gross, permanent, consistently for one week, is also wonderful, fresh
this toothpaste
41 8
love, loves, like, highly recommend, absolutely love, really liked, doesn't make them hurt, does make a difference, something natural, fairly basic, is absolutely amazing, for much longer time period, works better, is fun and trendy, makes my moderately sensitive teeth hurt, is fairly good, tastes good, seems to clean well, really love, worth the time or trouble
44 1
are much whiter, fresh, feel clean, clean, are whiter, bright shiny, are already whiter, is brightened, cleansed, are definitely whiter, feel very clean, are several shades whiter, didn’t become any whiter, always felt clean, smooth, were back to being spotless, great, are a little whiter, feel so clean, feel so much cleaner
38 5
great, minty, is great, nice minty, fresh, pleasant, is very fresh, sticks, clean, refreshing, was very strong, good, was fine, is very very soft, not being overpowering, is freshening, is good, awesome, cleans great, surprised
35 1
feels fresh, fresh, clean, feels so clean, feeling fresh, thoroughly rinse, just feels so clean, feels super clean, feel super clean, can feel really dry, never felt clean, feels without feeling dry, felt very clean, super clean, didn't feel super clean, doesn’t feel as clean, feeling super cleaned, refreshed, feels so much better, amazingly fresh
24 2
immediate, good, are amazing, hoping for some, significant, are worth the cleanup, noticing, very pleased, better, instant, impressive, pleased, see, seen, really pleased, long, noticeable, no, noticed, have not been disappointing
this stuff
20 2
love, is amazing, is cool, made my teeth more translucent, works like a dream, has improved, did though, is awesome, would work so well!you guys, is legitimately amazing, works great, definitely works, was a noticeable difference, looked a little brighter
this product
16 3
love, highly recommend, feel, great, got, never tried, i found, been using, intrigued
mint flavor
good, pleasant, is intense, not harsh, is outstanding, is just right, not overwhelming, great, like the subtle, is perfect, is incredibly pleasant, smooth clean feeling teeth, is very strong, tasted good
8 4
black, cream, struggle every time 'cause, looking lighter, definite difference, one much darker, can finally match my soul
13 1
is made for me, does a good job, is to detoxify, absorbs any substance, absorbs beneficial particles, accidentally swallow, clean up, love, whitens, these days, does clean away, is a very smooth, not-noticeable component
12 1
best, more natural, has a mild mint flavor, does not feel gritty or coarse, tried all, black, black soft bristled brush, like, black tooth, normal toothpaste, makes my teeth, leaving my teeth feeling smooth
noticeable, no, no noticeable, was noticeable, noticed, slowly noticing, huge, big, did not notice
11 2
feels, tastes fresh, still feels fresh, stays minty fresh, stays fresh longer, doesn’t need freshening, is fresher, feel clean, no more bad, really freshens, fresh
charcoal toothpaste
9 2
love, try the hello, never used, like, is amazing, awesome, best, best-tasting
9 2
no, has decreased to almost completely gone, without cringing from tooth, once a day for a while, don’t have, tastes good, relief
9 1
natural, great, are better for you than commercial brands, happy, are so much better, are great, good, active
8 2
is soft bristles, has soft bristles, would be good, better, is amazing, was so soft, cleaned my mouth, is soft
feels different, is smoother n less foaming, wasn't as watery, felt very clean, was smooth, are good, is gel-like, stays well on the brush
7 1
excellent, significant, did not find any noticeable, great, gradual, subtle, will take some time
is great, stronger, natural, is an excellent fresh taste, classic, pure, fresh
mint taste
is really mild, not so sharp, strong, is very fresh, not overpowering, is not overwhelming, does not leave
great, is quite reasonable, is right, is perfect
good, awesome, great
6 1
best, works wonders, favorite, up before using as the charcoal settles, really gets back, has activated charcoal
5 1
’m still, bought another, will finish, full sized, best designed
nice, leaves mouth clean, clean my teeth, as clean, really clean, nice clean
5 1
update, great, honest, spit responsibly
4 1
nicely, cleans well, has less, is copious
4 1
don't bleed anymore, healthy, feel nicely clean, smooth
travel, good, perfect, like, generous
4 1
tried powder charcoal, noticed my teeth getting whiter, recommended to family, long time
my teeth
look radiant, are so sensitive, are any whiter, are not some horrendous mess, look amazing
were charcoal infused, really fade, are soft enough, clean very well, aren't too harsh
whiter, brighter, clean fresh
this brand
really like, is vegan, cruelty free, will continue to use
1 7
gets everywhere, tiny, not a fan, little, mess, mess3, no
black toothpaste
don't like, gets some getting used to, can make a mess, seems counterintuitive, is just weird