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BLU R2 PLUS - 4G LTE 5.5" Full HD Unlocked Smartphone - 32GB + 3GB RAM -Black

We have analyzed 516 reviews from Amazon and found:

28% of users say that: Product works great, looks nice, has some liabilities, has more storage capacity. Phone is great, was great, is amazing, is a beauty. Screen is large, has different features, is much brighter, is bright enough to see outside. Camera is great, is good, is very low quality, is terrific. 3% of users noticed that: Battery dies quickly, can drain quickly, has completely died, is failing to charge well. Speaker is not loud enough, is weak, is located at the back of the phone, are not of good quality. Sound is horrendous, is a bit off. App don't function properly, is often a half hour delay, were no longer compatible.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

242 203
like, works great, great, excellent, love, had to return, good, up, fast, worth it, looks nice, has some liabilities, has more storage capacity, is excellent, already active line, work on their network, meets the required expectations, has a good weight, has been dropped and/or pushed off a surface countless times with no problems, don't even bother
274 164
great, good, nice, is great, awesome, decent, very nice, really like, excellent, unlocked, fantastic, was great, i like, very good, love, impressed, is amazing, replacement, like, best
38 20
is large, great, big, nice, larger, large, crystal clear, has different features, decent, is much brighter, crispier, is bright enough to see outside, seemed to be brighter, is very responsive, lot bigger, large size, protector, clear silicone case, better, protective coating
27 22
good, is great, is good, better, takes great pics, is very low quality, loves, decent, is terrific, is the best, is nice, is decent, ok, great, sweet, were more settings, amazing, gets the job done, is just a little better than average, is even better than expected
battery life
14 11
good, is above average, little better, are all amazing, is great, is quite good, love, is just insane, decent, is shorter
18 1
good, is right, great, incredible, pretty good, excellent, was the same, very good, five stars, lower, quality, extrmely satisfied, is astonishing, should be a big portion of your buying decision
12 7
great, is beautiful, takes good, awesome, better, decent, nice, doesnt support volte like the information states, takes great, complicated with it, come out darker
nice, great, good, should last more than two months, comparable to a galaxy, are great, work very fast, attractive, lightweight, thin, included
10 6
logged a ticket with, good, won't compensate anything, good job, glad, are affordable, done with, could be great, keep getting, would do better to create an private aircraft aid application
11 2
full hd 1080p, nice looking large, good, bright crisp, keep turn, is a crisp with curved glass, smooth to the touchthe fingerprint sensor is quick, is to short, nice, is 5.2 inches, is great
9 2
good, very surprised, was much lower than expected, fantastic, comparable to a galaxy, is good, great, is really good
fingerprint scanner
6 3
works great, is pretty accurate, works very well, quick, works perfectly, is a nice bonus
7 2
ok, okay, still a great buy, been quick, faster to just install the app
7 1
lots, awesome, extra, good, little more, swapped out with no problems, was easy for him to adapt to the use of it
was reasonably snappy, is also better, great, thanks, good, comparable, has a perfect balance between price, excellent
6 2
no, haven't had any major, without
4 3
good, excellent, cheap, support off
6 1
thank you, was all that i expected, was bought on behalf of a friend, appreciate, arrived on time, returned
5 2
looked pretty good, updating, negative, great, really surprised
are different, i like, is good, is perfect, is about the same size, is exactly what i needed, little better
6 1
massive, plenty, fine, tons, decent, was faster
4 3
great, excellent, very fast
4 2
clear, decent, loves the gold aluminum
you won't really find anywhere else in this price range, decent, wise, great, nice, almost identical
3 2
does not contain much bloatwares, new nugat, is android
blu phones
3 2
good luck, owned many, firm believer
19 34
dies quickly, do not hold the charge, can't replace, problem prompted a warranty service, only drawback, does drain quickly, started to last less than 10 hours, started to die quickly, last a couple of hours, can drain quickly, needs to be charged several times in a day, has completely died, can't access, is failing to charge well, last a day, get annoying, low, does not last for 1 day of usage, drains quickly, started to die
6 16
hard to hear, is not loud enough, is weak, is located at the back of the phone, are not of good quality, sounds with problems, stopped working properly, doesn't always work, isn't working correctly, quit working, very small, only complaint, issues, defect
5 8
no, is horrendous, problem, is a bit off, very slow, low, constant problem
4 8
crash constantly, don't function properly, small delay, didn't work on it, frequently freeze, would crash, is often a half hour delay, were no longer compatible
4 7
quit, came on and off, issue, stops working, issues, drops, dropped
1 7
are dropped, barely hear the other person vice, drop alot, hard to answer, are terrible, lengthy, were not heard
1 7
give me inaccurate results, is terrible, crashes, properly working, few issues, is glitchy, didn't work very good
2 5
would not recognize my headphones, doesn't seem to work at all sometimes, don't work at all, is unstable, was difficult to pair
sound quality
3 3
is terrible, worst, terrible
sd card
3 3
sense my micro, seems loose, problem
3 3
is absolute crap, failed, something wrong
2 3
forced, poor, completely locked me out of my phone
charging port
broke after 2 days, completely died, isn't made well, had been having issues, is just going out
2 3
just got garbage phones, should be ashamed of themselves for professing compatibility, charged me a restocking fee