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Nokia 6.1 (2018) - Android One (Oreo) - 32 GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

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25% of users say that: Product works fine, works well, is fast, is excellent. Phone is great, works fine, is working great, worked. Screen is bright, is very clear, is beautiful, is bright enough for web browsing. Nokia is back, keeps recommending, is more powerful, was my go-to brand. 4% of users noticed that: Camera is terrible, is subpar, has about 100 messages, keeps glitching. App will become unresponsive, can not be moved to an auxiliary sd card, were crashing, is prone to freezing. Software is ridiculous, is laggy, is just buggy. Sound will randomly stop, will cut out for about 15 seconds, is a little to low, is not stereo.

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442 276
fine, works fine, love, great, works well, like, fast, reliable, smooth, feels sturdy, is fast, is excellent, amazing, works, can't beat, looks nice, very happy with, shipped with oreo 8.1, looked like an excellent deal, does everything i need
377 239
great, good, solid, amazing, nice, like, is great, love, decent, cheap, beautiful, excellent, recommend, better, really nice, pleased, works fine, practical, inexpensive, mid-range
59 24
is bright, bright, great, nice, big, is very clear, is beautiful, is bright enough for web browsing, is closer to what you would expect, bright and vibrant, looks good, is decent, love the radiused edge, better, legible, is very vibrant, has rich colors, is 1080p, time every day, crisp
36 29
is back, keeps recommending, stay away, is more powerful, was my go-to brand, promises monthly security updates, lasts 3+ days, really like, choice, built some excellent phones, has a 630 soc, is noticeably faster, runs android one, did me a solid, make me care about selfies, pull through, is a great company, has nailed it, beautiful, rugged
battery life
45 2
great, long, is great, is good, excellent, solid, is fantastic, longer, was pretty decent, amazed, is okay, pros:-, good thing, brandgreat, is amazing, is quite good, is several days, amazing, is exponentially better, was terrific
build quality
is fantastic, excellent, is amazing, great, is top notch, good, is nice, is awesome, solid good, impressed, feels impressive, solid, is very nice, exceptional, android one software experience, nice, superb solid, very solid feeling, comfortable to hold, runs great
22 12
lasts more than a day, lasts much longer, next up, lasts full day, lasts well, slightly larger, could use work, can last 2 days, could be a bit longer lasting, lasts for a long time, long time, non-removable, holds a charge for a long time, charges quickly, good, lasted longer, seems better, might be a better way to spend the same money, mostly excellent, lasts two days
18 6
very snappy, solid, reasonable, excellent, is really decent, is on par, will be sufficient 90% of the time, is fast, smooth, fast, lots of mobile games, really love, excelente, looks and, serious, wise, little less, issues
21 1
good, great, can't be beat, is right, seemed ok, affordable, twice, very neat, flagship phones, will not find a better deal, was about the same, awesome, reasonable, edit, very good
15 6
pure, can use the internet connection to get text messages, big selling point, better, needs a lot of improvement, attractive, guaranteed 3 year updates a major selling point, seems very logical, internally consistent in its user interface, excellent, nearly a decade
15 6
came the android, speedy, fast, come far more often than other phones, guaranteed, quick, outweighs these deficiencies, keep coming monthly, reduced a star, shows up, arrived today, looking forward to future, frequent, got the replacement, is a bust
14 7
5 star, awesome, higher end, beautiful, really enjoying, very good, best, is nice, very snappy, is better than some phone, expensive flagship, worked as described, amazing little
14 3
more colorful, is more than adequate, is alright, dark blacks, could use work, great the camera, is very crisp, clear, good color rendition, is great, crisp, is crisp, shows up for cricket wireless, is more than acceptable
nokia 6.1
13 2
working well, $600-$700 less expensive, has band 12.updated review, holds call quite well, really really happy, is part of the android one program, has an additional gb of ram, i checked out, is an android one phone, is better, wait, is a excellent upper mid-range android one device, is built on google's android one platform
13 3
won't let me post a review, love, awesomeness, ease of returns, does is make sure all accessories, was awesome fast, returned through, was linked directly from the nokia site, was still discounting it, needs to change their return policy, has great return policy, great, made good
13 1
is flawless, fast, is good, keeps up with everyday tasks, capable enough, excellent, is really a great value, absolutely meets my expectations, respectable, amazing, wise, experience without spending a fortune, mostly excellent
9 5
clear, is sharp with good angles, can be quite good, are looking more like a real camera, is very sharp, high dynamic range, clients all the time, beautiful, takes nice
11 3
is adequatelooks sharp, sleek, is definitely excellent, is fairly good, is very quick, quick, decent, better, much better, fastest, is quick and snappy
12 1
is smooth and fast, runs like butter, worked, is working perfectly, worked well, is more of what you pay, still the same after a month, is fine, is currently up to date, is working, worked right away, close
9 2
slim, clean, solid-feeling, great, is very sleek-, sleek, practical, unmatched, incredibly appealing
6 5
works very well, possible given the speed, been running well for everyday use, been working great, is significantly faster, working
8 3
nice, neat, glad, enough, as well, is critical, so many
6 5
good, great, is good, is improved with the system update, was improved
8 2
really enjoy, very happy, basic, work fine, best, excellent, solid, very nice
android one
7 3
is the best part, running 8.1 oreo, is really bare bones, slim, getting updates quickly, will allow malicious code to run in any form, run
great, looked good, liked, decent to nice pictures, right, are important, perfect, worked right out the package
good, are amazingly good, are good, will come back as great, are punchy, bright crisp, warmer and darker, shape, recorded
6 4
was 51.9gb, could be better, is pretty low, is pretty good, minimal, run out
83 103
mediocre, is terrible, is subpar, has about 100 messages, randomly freeze, very often, freezes constantly, keeps glitching, downside, my biggest disappointment, issues, lacking, complain, don't care much, is still terrible, will only work, is lacking, is not good, not important, is absolute garbage
19 24
crash all the time, annoying, being slow, crashing, not responding.but the worst thing, stops responding, will become unresponsive, just don't have the design polish, crash a lot, closing, can't be moved to the sd card, can't connect to the internet on wi-fi, affected, can not be moved to an auxiliary sd card, were crashing, i never see a hiccough, i tried fails at this miserably, freezes more than 50% of the time, freeze constantly, is prone to freezing
7 11
is ridiculous, wasn't ready for prime time, bad, buggy, freezes, is laggy, is just buggy, snags, lag disappear, fix, failure
7 10
no, will randomly stop, poorly engineered, like nearly uncomprehensible, can't see a shit, will cut out for about 15 seconds, is a little to low, disappears from headphones occasionally, is not stereo
7 9
comes out blurry, cannot be transferred to a computer via usb drive, would show up, were a bit blurry, sharp, are pretty awful, didn't need to take masterpiece, are blurry, were often blurry
5 11
randomly skips every 10 seconds, has problems, egregious, won't connect to anything, cuts out, issue was with the volume control, hard wire something external, started messing up, stopped working all together, gets wonky, doesn't auto connect
camera app
3 12
freezes constantly, crashes constantly, has locked up twice, was very slow, poorly handles lighting, freezes on launch after a day, annoying, frequently freezes upon launching and/or, is really frustrating, will be in some state of non functionality, occasionally freezes up, froze often
4 8
stopped working, is no longer working, spontaneously stopped working, is bottom firing, tinny, stopped workingdoesn't want to charge properly, goes out or gets fuzzy
3 7
keeps crashing.-, stutters, crashed, becoming intermittently unresponsive, really lag, timed out, not responding once in a while
2 8
is ever so slightly recessed, do poorly, must be some cheap generic industrial type, could be higher, same, not working correctly, don't work, is completely useless
2 7
have to be made on speaker, can't hear, blocking app, many, more dropped, won't open, miss
3 6
lost, immediately drops, low, is a little low, would go up an down, louder