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Moto G6 - 32 GB - Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) - Black - Prime Exclusive Phone

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31% of users say that: Phone is great, has a lot going for it, are great, works good. Product looks nice, is easy to use, was a great choice, is a quality piece of technology. Screen is bright, is the same size, is really nice, is gorgeous. Camera is good, is nice, is terrific, is great. 2% of users noticed that: Battery get down to 20%, was worthless, is not removable, was non-replaceable. Call don't come through, are ads, have not been able to hear me. Speaker get clogged up with anything, has gone bad. Reception is pretty bad.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

379 173
great, best, good, nice, excellent, awesome, is great, fast, solid, highly recommend, would help, great little, bought, very good, loves, amazing, has a lot going for it, sleek, i like, no problems
331 217
fast, like, looks nice, is easy to use, easy to use, loves, love, nice, awesome, responsive, buy, slim, easy to hold, great, loved, was a great choice, one was an amazon deal, is a quality piece of technology, doesn't crash, is easy to mute
57 29
is bright, great, nice, large, clear, wider, beautiful, is the same size, lighter, better, is really nice, gets plenty bright, is gorgeous, touch, is nice, bright, is more than bright enough, 5.7 inch, is great, looks fantastic
48 22
is good, good, great, is nice, is terrific, terrific, renders color is like a flip phone, is great, is really good, us good, flagship, is slightly improved, is equivalent of the phones price, few special apps, is noticeably better than the g4, alright, was good, works faster, amazing wide angle shots, is good quality
battery life
29 8
is good, great, is excellent, is awesome, excellent, seems good, long, very good, is better than expected, ok, provide software options, 11hrs, like, works flawlessly, are the best, was better, good, fantastic, is adequate
29 1
great, was great, 3x greater, is right, you get more than expected, is so good, getting for the, very affordable, unbeatable, range be my new guide, reasonable, good, perfect, increased +$20, best deal, was $ 15 less than buying it, isn't anything to not to like, flagship, decent
19 4
takes great, is great, great, outstanding, are not spectacular, good enough, takes very nice, was very comparable.2, enjoy taking, is clear, have a mirrored affect, look fantastic, clear, scenic lookout point, very nice, are good
14 7
is a good upgrade, pretty happy, is more of a sidegrade, works on verizon, runs android oreo 8.0, has lots of nifty personalization options, is responsive, like, no difference, appreciated, is all glass, runs like a top, can't loose, wanting to upgrade
moto g6
12 7
is the best, all day, shoots, was easy to setup, very impressed, is functionally equal in all respects to the iphone 8, is likely the best phone, has much better cell, slim grip, very nice, $225 price
11 8
does not disappoint, is a good brand, trashing my expectations, like, continues to run a clean version of android, you, has been good, good job, good luck, does a fine job, went downhill quickly
13 4
great, good, is good, has very good, is pretty loud, audible loud, is fine, clear
15 1
is very good, attractive, is great, excellent, good, is better, i liked, can't notice, very impressed, great, is excellent, level and price, enough, is acceptable
16 1
good, great, few nifty, really great, has many neat, nice, essential, are incredible, really nice, are great, runs smooth great, very comparable, are more, happy
13 3
fair quality, decent, good, do not game, are a little warmer, will be in the day, are not bad, great quality, turned out great, are great the sensors work, sent quickly, takes good, takes look good to me
9 7
transferred from my old phone, has been pretty smooth, easy enough to delete, transferred all contacts, will help, i'd like to uninstall, run great, performed well, run faster
9 5
coudn't find, more money, less than $6.all, solves me since the phone, was amazing, cheaper than verizon, is great with returns, sent me a motorola g6 with ads, going back to
10 2
good, is good, great, is on the high end, high, best, very impressed, superb, is high
6 5
best, well-rounded, $500+, great, incredibly impressed, lot
7 2
fast, snappy, faster, is fast enough, top-end
7 1
works, is smooth, was laid out quite intuitively, was very customizable, transferred pretty good, is fairly intuitive, work perfectly
5 3
designed, came in tops, for the past several years, cheap, so good
4 3
unlocked version, favorable, downgrade, was helpful
this phone
5 2
love, highly recommend
really like, nice, is great, good, slim, perfect, comfortable
6 1
speck - presidio grip, solid, good, works for me, decent, is very slick
great value, is good, large, is a 5.7 inch 1080x2160 ips lcd, looks great, attentive, is amazing
4 2
is glass, cracks easily, has curved edges, shattered
4 2
was up, was awesome, was great, really enjoying
5 1
is great, incredible, latest, is light, works out of the box
16 21
inability to easily change, shortcoming, barely lasts a day, get down to 20%, issues, was worthless, only concern, had it open, is not removable, was non-replaceable, died yesterday, defective, doesn't last very long, faulty, has to be charged once per day, dies in 10 hours with little use, remaining at the end of the day, had held out, so not replaceable, spare
4 12
drops, don't come through, missed, useless, no longer, are ads, not going through, not hear me, blocking, have not been able to hear me, never dropped
6 7
stopped working, get clogged up with anything, left, little muffled, has gone bad, non functional
5 7
poor, no, very poor, poorer, biggest complaint, is pretty bad
2 5
are not in vain, emitted a loud hiss, replace, won't charge, with us at all times
sim card
2 5
wrong, did not allow my sim card, slipped, starter kit, invalid
2 4
themselveslack of updates, bought out motorola, is working hard to drive this company through the ground, hasn't motorola-
amazon apps
3 3
are a problem, didn't use near, missing
3 3
does not have a user replaceable battery, would not recommend, has is infrequent
glass back
1 5
makes me paranoid, is a poor, broke, very impractical, shattered
2 4
no, constantly loses, is horrible, bad problem