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Samsung Galaxy S7 G930v 32GB Verizon Wireless CDMA 4G LTE Smartphone w/12MP Camera - Black Onyx (Certified Refurbished)

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32% of users say that: Phone works great, looks like new, is fast, looks brand new. Product works, was great, looks brand new, is perfect. Battery life is good, was just like my samsung 3, works exactly as needed, has been good. Camera is great, works good, is very good, is far better. 4% of users noticed that: Battery was a little week, doesnt seem as bad, is low, was bad. Screen was scratched, was broken, is plagued with under-sensitivity, was scuffed. Home button is likely aftermarket, were all scratched. Charge port is loose.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

269 109
great, works great, excellent, good, nice, looks like new, is fast, love, awesome, looks brand new, arrived in perfect condition, looks just like new, was in good condition, smart, decent, was like new, is like new, was in excellent condition, very pleased, really like
226 140
love, great, works, was great, good, looks brand new, in perfect condition, no issues, is perfect, loves, works great, was the perfect solution, was easy setup, back for a full refund, came in great condition, started right up, is now august 1st, working phone, was very much worth, very easy to navigate
battery life
24 21
good, great, nice, is good, long, was just like my samsung 3, fantastic, works exactly as needed, has been good, is decent, lasts all day, is less than expected, is as new, is great, seems good, would be better, is like it was new, is wonderful, are great, very fast
16 5
great, is great, very nice, incredible, works good, is very good, plenty of memory, is far better, has some great features, is better in the s7
11 8
fast, real fast, came with a lighting, without any other extras, quick, just fine
good, was great, worth, quality match, was certainly right, could beat, same quality, great, exorbitant, were great, is awesome, very reasonable, was right
is great, worked as expected, works like new, is working well, work perfect, was great, synched up right, worked, works amazing, has been just fine, worked properly, works fine, else looks like new
13 1
great, excellent, very excellent, amazing, prime, perfect, works without flaw, 9.9/10, pristine
11 2
was great, fine, much better, got all the changes right, pristine, perfect condition, has to offer, can be bought in the edge model, is much heavier, is like a paperweight
6 5
delivered was a 930u, was up and running less than 20 minutes, mailed me a free sim card, with no problems, good, changed my sim card for free
8 2
one!fast, was quick, was a great bonus, super fast, was good, took 8 days, fast, was fast
8 2
were great, is going well with the phone, provided warranty, follows up and something changes, no reason, sent a follow up email the day, hoping for a more successful experience, recommend
great, was in very good, works great, really good, worked perfectly, looked pretty much new, nice
7 1
good, just to make sure, lot, most, update, great, will update
5 3
’s own health app, thanks, will be last, genuine, did a good job
5 2
no big, great, good
samsung galaxy s7
is great, is a great 21st century tool, checked me for a temperature, in a timely manner, purchased
4 2
cheapest price, is pretty picky, fulfilled, thanks for
refurbished phone
4 2
is like new, bit aprehensive ordering, gamble purchasing, very impressed
no, can be quickly, adequately resolved
has some good, are clear, easy to use, cool, more, easy to figure out some newer
speedy, dont have prime, fast, was as stated, was all over the place
4 1
was exactly as advertised, perfect, could beat, very impressed
was as if brand new, flawless, excellent, couldn't be happier, is perfect
3 2
screen protector
4 1
is on the way, is smaller, seemed to help, does help with the scratches
4 1
looks new, is the risk with, was a breeze, no regrets
cell phone
i actively need, is like brand new
i like, is excellent, right, need time to adjust
no, very light
2 1
great, nice
16 36
doesn’t work, become increasingly hot, was a little week, isn't dieing, doesnt seem as bad, isn't as good, drain quickly, only messed up, pretty finicky, doesn't even last 2 hours, isn't exactly easy, swelled, is low, never overnight, doesn't last long, had a overheating problem, exploded, saw it when checking, sucks, won't help
17 22
was scratched, scuffed, quit on last day of eligible return, scratched to pieces, i could trade it, freeze on me 3 times, broken, died right, had a small dead spot, died, was broken, stopped working, messed up, went black hear sound, only updated the left side, is plagued with under-sensitivity, went dead, had obviously never had a screen protector, was scuffed, micropitted.2
sim card
5 5
not supposed to, wouldn't connect, no, switched, not any other carrier
4 4
was on a list of lost, useless, belong to another account, was defective
home button
1 6
worn completely down, is likely aftermarket, were all scratched, might fail in time, scratch, seemed to scratch off
1 4
done nothing but glitch, extremely slow, glitchy, doesn't want to work properly
2 2
don't make them anymore, sucks
close, me a tech dummy, can't hear, never able to