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BLU Advance 5.2 - Unlocked Smartphone - 5.2" Display, 8GB +1GB RAM -Black

We have analyzed 760 reviews from Amazon and found:

14% of users say that: Phone is great, works, works good, was getting what you wanted on your phone. Screen is big, is huge, can be split into two as well, are perfect. Price is reasonable, was affordable, are great, was good. Camera is really good, has flash, works well. 19% of users noticed that: Product don't buy, is very slow, don't like, came locked. Battery drains fast, dies extremely quick, dies too fast, is a stupid struggle. App will constantly crash, are slow to start, is either downloading or stopping, has closed. Battery life is utterly terrible, is bad, is horrible, is poor.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

238 232
great, good, nice, excellent, like, very good, love, good looking, is great, better, decent, very nice, works, expensive, cheap, awesome, unlocked, need, works good, fabulous
27 20
large, great, is big, bright, very large, is huge, can be split into two as well, cheap big, good bright, 7 inch, nice wide, nice large, beautiful large, are perfect, nice, larger curved, really nice, is definitely big enough, perfectly sized, convenient to carry
21 2
good, great, is reasonable, lower, pretty good, was affordable, are great, low, was good, very low, was great, getting a lot of phone
14 2
love, good, capability and quality of the , was perfect, is good, like, fits your pocket, small bags, is great, i like, is not burdensome, compact
9 6
really understand, dozen, does seem to work very well, pretty good, beautiful, better, is lightweight, like, decent
6 4
ok, already turning off, ok like the size
7 1
great, is pretty good, good, was very crisp, bright
excelente, no fue entregado, este, un, buen
5 2
is helpful, good, honest, if anything interesting develops, will update
blu phone
4 3
model, work very well, do generally like, are really good
4 2
very good, great, requires two sim cards, excellent
cell phone
4 2
needed a new, owned 5 different, wonderful, good
4 1
all, least expect, better, reasonably thrilled
3 2
easy to use, lacks, good
3 1
dosn't help, comes off, is completely solid
268 313
slow, freezes up, back, so slow, piece of crap, did not work, unresponsive, horrible, don't buy, is very slow, doesn't work, freezes, don't like, terrible, extremely slow, lags, came locked, works like crap, was sooooo slow, does not turn on
9 48
sucks, remove, faulty, won't charge second advance a6, last about 4 hours, only stays charged for an hour, drains fast, only last for about 4 hrs, out, dies extremely quick, like is short, dies too fast, is a stupid struggle, suddenly drops, is junk, lasted longer, is also junk, very horrible, won't even last a day, dies quickly
11 19
aren't selling, will constantly crash, freeze up constantly, shuts down, kept saying not responding, freeze up, are slow to start, is either downloading or stopping, own volition, has closed, won't even open, sd rather than internal memory, reload to the sd card to free up space, pops up, has stopped running, don't want to open the play store freezes, has stopped, do not work well, crash
battery life
3 24
poor, is utterly terrible, is bad, is horrible, horrible, bad, is poor, is only three hours long, isn't great, is seriously abysmal, is extremely poor, not to good, is quite poor, is not very good, was horrible, short, is very poor, complained about short, does not last long, last on average a few hours
9 9
isn't good, is low-quality, bad, is trash, is horrible, was also faulty, is terrible, is upside down, sucks
3 9
is very low, is extremely low, bottom not working, is not very loud, is bad, is quite low, turning up, was still low
3 8
a6will not work with any simm card, annoying, have the same complaint, useless apps, just froze up, no longer lists the advance 5.2, did not test, is no help
1 7
barely gets, interrupted, is almost impossible, unable to answer, doesn't let you answer, do not come through clearly, are not clear
4 4
is low, is very low, is pretty low, is too small
screen protector
4 4
did not received, is not easy to put on without having some bubbles, ended up not, no
1 7
sounds blown, doesn’t work very well, are not great, bad, isn't very good, unusable, isn't working volume
3 5
has issues, handles this problem, will not take it back, should remove this from their offerings, failed to deliver the first one on time
this phone
3 4
can't with, hate, don't recommend, do not buy
2 4
doesn't support 5ghz, doesnt reconnect to, was turned on, does not consistently work
1 4
not enough, real slow not enough, very limited, lacked enough
phone call
1 4
causes the phone to freeze, hardly could answer, stupid
2 3
not at all worthy, never work dont, donot
1 4
does not have two months in use, looses, crappy little, do not buy
2 2
bad, is not compatible with today's applications
2 2
not responding, weren't working
terrible, too low, was also faulty, is poor
1 3
couldn't open, is now dead, won't turn on
2 2
is completely sealed, cautious
1 3
didn't load up from my memory card, lose, not as good
2 2
didnt fit, haven't received