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TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone with Amazon Exclusive Free $40 Airtime Bundle

Phone works great, is great, works, is perfect. This was $50 for prime day, works as described, is a great value, is the deal. Tracfone has been perfect for my son, have no plans to change that, has completely upgraded, is a good carrier. Screen is bright, is large, is much more colorful. Battery was not removable, can be replaced. Samsung is aware of and the only solution. Speakerphone is on the side. Problem was addressed, has not been fixed.

4.1 out of 5 stars
258 opinion
195 6 57
positive 195
great, nice, good, works great, is great, excellent, like, loves, really good, very good, awesome, very pleased, i like, works, very nice, wonderful, best, is perfect, worked, were previously paid, do everything, would be better this time, great basic, is fine, came with minutes, is totally worth, had to order, works perfectly, well, recommend, was shipped correctly, is easy to use, five stars, work with amazon, much happier, very functional, really enjoying, is vey easy to use, quality, works great nice, very quickly, is very easy to use, very great, lots of features, no brainer, was tolerable, is the best phone, had two previous, fantastic, came in great condition
neutral 6
similar, my first samsung, refurbished, old track, least expensive, bundle for my son thinking 1000
negative 57
didn't want, will not activate, lost, temporary, total ripoff, only a few months, completely reset, never had a smart, bad, not sure, is a little large, wasnt able to be activated, without a card, does not send phone messages, would be reduced to half price, problems, unresolved, not too smart, did not even work, will run out of minutes/data, has been activated by tracfone, awful, hate, was overheating, does not do that, is no joke, didn't do that, have not been able to use, virus, not staying clean or reseting, picks up wifi, did not get the prepaid minutes, was slow reacting, got lost, to work, is not sending or receiving sms texts, switch over, left, chirped and dinged, doesn't triple your added minutes, fixed, not a smart, does not offer this feature, will redo it, is hard for me to rate, was up, working 10 minutes, is about the bundled minutes, still isn't activated, by turning the phone off
187 opinion
134 53
positive 134
love, fast, easy to use, loves, works well, was a good deal, works great, is like pulling teeth, worked well, wonderful, is perfect for me, good, really works good, loving, is preloaded on the phone, is super fast, ’s fast, very easy to learn to use, huge upgrade, like, took basically an entire team of indians working out of a call center, was easy to asemble, about 1/4 in shorter, all working, very pleased, good option, even better, professional, more i use, is easy to use, is made for shorter distances and selfies, was well worth, was pretty much brand new, offers more modern features, easy so far, is nice for the price, came in a box labled for a $15 bundle, does most everything, works better, deserves 0 stars, was on sale for $, looks more profesional, runs fast, was a replacement for a motorola, works with my moviepass, is quickly responsive, syncs with my tablet, is their first smartphone, easy, is awesome
negative 53
doesn't have the best camera, isn't triple minute capable-, back, not sure how to follow up, no way to send, will not work in that country, was intended to be a gift, could not be activated, had no way of protesting, did not come with a card, couple of hours, for pornography, was too slow, took over 12 hours, is stuck on some foreign language, cannot get, was supposed to, was pre-loaded, is constantly showing pop up ads, sometimes moves off the screen, needs data to be cleaned, turns out something was wrong, will be less than $10 a month, not like a physical card, too small, misspells everything, didn't drop, up, will not wirelessly charge, not able to use, filled up and cache/data, constantly on wifi, doesn't say pro, is a bit more awkward to carry, hasn't made a difference to me, will only use data, doesn't seem too difficult, did not appear automatically, say the minutes included in the bundle expired after 60 days, no use, not just pushing, nothing to compare, is a bit difficult to place, won't allow me to now, has way too little memory, comes locked, for a couple of days, light hits, is not a physical card, hate
37 opinion
30 2 5
positive 30
a easy enjoyable instrument to use, was $50 for prime day, works as described, easy to hear ringing, is a great value, is the deal, does everything, should be good, is certainly an improvement, is pretty good stuff, gift to my tween daughter, is perfect, is an inexpensive option for smartphones, holds all the apps, was good value, is a great, is a nice, works so well, has everything you need, is turning out to be a better plan, was a good deal, does not seem unusual, is by far the best, enough for my use, helps, was the easiest activation ever, is much faster, for my son, met my needs, from best buy
neutral 2
isn't a dealbreaker, isn't a galaxy s or note
negative 5
very puzzling, isn't it, cheaper at retailer couple months, is an extreme inconvenience, had trouble with
32 opinion
19 13
positive 19
has been perfect for my son, no fault, best, really easy, very fast, forever, have no plans to change that, has completely upgraded, wants great options, affordable plans, doesn't have unlimited, good, upgrade, helped me out online, is a good carrier, no problem transferring minutes, ran out of space, thank you, upgraded
negative 13
needs to sell day/month cards, did contact me a week later, had some issues, was replacing, slow, has not fixed, cannot fix a login issue, couldn't use straight talk or verizon, felt worse, users out, caused problems, do not recommend, gave me a hard time activating it
26 opinion
16 10
positive 16
bright, big, crystal clear, is bright, great, nice larger, larger, super bright, inch, is large, large, easy to use, is much more colorful, sized, easy to read
negative 10
fades too quickly, was chinese, unlock, not before, shot, will scratch as easily, should come on, not 1st, is barely bigger than 4.5
20 opinion
9 11
positive 9
replaceable, is good, removeable, much more compact, lighter, holds, change, is good enough
negative 11
replace, removeable, issue was a game changer, spare, charge, was not removable, can be replaced, cannot be changed by owner, remove, nearly dead
19 opinion
17 2
positive 17
great, good, nice, works good, reasonable, was right, incredibly pleased, very decent, pretty good, very reasonable, i am beyond impressed
negative 2
is almost silly, won't kill the bank account
16 opinion
13 1 2
positive 13
is decent, excellent, is perfect, is good, sound, great, won't be getting cinematographic shots, is okay, not great, takes great pics, seems adequate for casual shooting, ok not great
neutral 1
aren't the best
negative 2
gets frozen in one mode, not sure
battery life
14 opinion
12 2
positive 12
great, seems to be great, longer, is much improved, outstanding, is pretty impressive, so much better, big difference, is very good, very good, charges quickly
negative 2
seems really short, bad
12 opinion
positive 12
great, good, best, super great, amazing
10 opinion
6 4
positive 6
not bad, good, got a good gripe, got a good fill, bargain for the priceif, smaller than my lg g3
negative 4
can only run the android 6.0.1, ever lost, broken, slow and lags
10 opinion
9 1
positive 9
great, nice large, bright, vibrant, sound, good, is much clearer, takes better pictures with the camera, is pretty with good contrast and color
negative 1
was getting so dim
10 opinion
positive 10
good, great, from another source, i needed, very pleased, is good, shipped fast, arriving on time
9 opinion
4 5
positive 4
works flawlessly, doesn't burn up the battery so quickly, is so much better, has great free backgrounds and wallpaper
negative 5
is aware of and the only solution, very disappointed, wouldn't stop me, doesn't have any lights, second slower
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
were added, new minutes tripled, keep rolling over as long, extra, working
negative 3
don't want to keep adding, transferring, extra
8 opinion
7 1
positive 7
supposed to get, minutes, 0.3 gig, ahead of time, were added, minor, should be on the new card
negative 1
wasn’t there
customer service
8 opinion
5 3
positive 5
was great, great, was amazing, did the rest, has improved
negative 3
poor, did not like to deal, terrible
8 opinion
6 2
positive 6
full-fledged, inexpensive, works like the some of the higher priced versions, budget, best, excellent
negative 2
instead of reading at night, could be acquired for so little money
7 opinion
6 1
positive 6
wanted new, are easy to use, will do internet, realistic, can be unlocked, were all mostly lg
negative 1
go into screensave mode
7 opinion
positive 7
great, has some other new, offers sufficient, is enjoying, many, super
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