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Apple iPhone 6S 64GB - GSM Unlocked - Space Gray (Certified Refurbished) Phone works great, is great. Product is great, worked fine. Everything works fine, works perfectly. Battery has, is at 82%. Screen is not functional as well, was destroyed with black spots. Charger is no longer working.
3.9 out of 5 stars
517 opinion
327 81 109
positive 327
great, good, works great, is great, nice, excellent, works perfectly, works fine, very nice, awesome, perfect condition, works perfect, worked great, great condition, good condition, very good, perfect, was great, amazing, excellent condition, pretty good, is in perfect condition, very happy, is in great shape, is working perfectly, flawless, is awesome, great shape, works just fine, is working great, is good, is perfect, works well, is clean, better, nice spacey, in great, fairly good shape, no good, very cute, perfect shape, work fine, beautiful, performing very good, gets quite warm, far the best, was awesome, super happy, came pretty pristine, good delivery time
neutral 81
looks, works, is excelent, is going well, is being sold on the us market, worked with my sim, works properly, won’t even turn on, came fast, doesn’t look like any formal refurbished work, doesn’t appear to have any scratches, all of the mixed reviews, is an absolute tremendous shape, worked immediately, could have been better cleaned, has scratches in the bottom, has surpassed my expectations, gift for my daughter, arrived early, quite a lot, has been reliable, grate, seems to be working good, lasted a little under a month, seems to be ok initially, works normally, doesnt have any scraches, is getting overheat.., is no good at all, is dope y’all, came, is not unlocked like stated, work perfectly!it comes, lot of scratches, keep freezing, quickly, drain a lot, had deep scratches, looks completely new, worked well, works perfectbut, is ok, looked spotless, is, did not work. , have been more pristine, is running quickly, showed up quickly, has been a lifesaver, turned off unexpectedly
negative 109
bad, useless, did not come with headphones, freezes, very bad, functional, is really frustrating, looks worse than the refurbished 6s, gets restarted, did not vibrate, so the battery drained, bought on the page presented problems, a little difficulty, is not working properly, loose, will not hold a charge, malfunctioning, heats, not allowed, is 10/10 no scratches or dent, are lots of problems, didn't hold a charge, stopped working, is half broken, starts to fade out completely, no longer reads sims or receives service, fully unlocked, turns off randomly, does not work for verizon, no, no problems, unlocked keeps saying no service, keeps freezing, does make, express 2 day shipping, does not lag, shut off, is destroyed from a software standpoint, was terrible, was compatible with our service company, n’t work on verizon network, will shut off, really badly, will die at, would work with verizon, a dead, keeps freezing randomly, freezing or randomly dying, broken, is at 100%
233 opinion
147 43 43
positive 147
works great, works perfectly, works well, works perfect, works like new, looks like brand new, awesome, came in great condition, great, works perfectly fine, ’s in perfect condition, worked perfectly, was great, works flawlessly, is perfect, works like a charm, works very well, very pleasing to purchase, does look clean on the outside, works just fine, works and looks great, ’s still working great, is working great, is very fast and easy to navigate, doesn't fit easily into some pockets, is working fine, really happy with, was a fair price as well, doesnt bother me works great, was very easy to set up, works so who cares, looks just like new, ’s great, i fully recommended, love, ’s awesome, is amazing, was in flawless condition, quick and easy, ’s perfect, works good, looks like new, works perfect with all carriers, is working very well, looks really good, came very well packaged, was clean, good love, works very well and looks sharp, fast and easy to use
neutral 43
works, far, doesnt work the same as us model, worked right out, performs correctly and well, works quite well, arrived on time, arrived very professionally, ’s one way to save, works but the battery dies quickly, won't let me put zero, operates just as well, works on all carriers, didn't come with direction, works correctly, almost completely silences, to thoroughly test, worked for 1 day, came, meet my expectation, was well packaged, came totally new without scratches, won't come back on, did not work as well as expected, had a lot of problems, arrived quickly, ends very fast, turned out extremely well, does for taking voice notes, looks almost new, got delivered with none, works , worked, swift off, looks brand new and functions the same, came 3 days before expected, doesn't look like, had no scratches, will completely shut off around 45, is not reach my complete expectations
negative 43
didn't come with headphones, does not work, doesn't work, continues to work properly, is a waste of time, doesn’t seem to slow down, drops, ’s not used for work, would not charge and ended up dying completely, goes off, doesn’t work properly, i didn't regret, stopped getting any service at all, keeps freezing, ’s a little sketchy, ’s my only mobile phone for work, no problems, keeps jumping to ringer, has dent around the corners, ’s outta rubbish, never stays on, worked for 6 months, freezes up at times, turned out to be defective, does not come with earbuds, n’t too upset about, doesn’t slow me down during, has refused to turn on, is very annoying and hampers my usage, works with my metropcs sim card, work for other carriers such, just turn off, doest not turn on, dont trust, started locking up and freezing, was hard to get off, doesnt stay plugged, gets switched off unexpectedly, doesn't work ok, does not work with my carrier in brazil
122 opinion
16 29 77
positive 16
pretty good, good, good condition holding, replaced right, is pretty good, far is in good conditions, drains pretty quick, runs out pretty fast, holds very well, is lasting very well, is decent, decent, works perfectly, doesn't seem to be perfect, is still in good condition, is excellent
neutral 29
dies quick, can last only one day, seemed to be draining quickly, seems ok, dies very quickly, seems okay, runs out, cheap, just drain quickly, holds charge, last long, seems a bit used, showed 70% of health, was really drained but everything else, was junk straight out, runs out unusually quickly, is great—, only lasts a couple hours, percentage, does not last as long, drained really fast, came 77% charged, appears normal, doesn't work good, significantly used, seems to run down fast, drains rather quickly, was dying pretty fast at first, lasts less than an hour
negative 77
defective, problem, showed 128 cycle counts, bad, has, is at 82%, doesn’t last as long, is not holding for more than two hours, would only charge to about 72%, has been hanging in, wear level, started draining around the same time, is really bad, does not hold more than 4 hours, is a little weak, really bad for lithium batteries, only last with less then two hours, is damaged no charging no power, looks to be fake one, dies too fast, sucks, has to be charged, died in about 4 hours, damaged, drains too fast, is clearly broken, could not maintain peek, is holding all day, is very bad, does not hold a charge, is not good, was very bad, not good at all, was faulty, is not working, was awful, seems to be replaced, does not last as long, i do, is useless, percent changes, a big problem, is garbage, was completely defective, won't hold charge, is poor, does not hold a charge consistently, is difficult to charge, is not working 100%, fully charged
103 opinion
100 2 1
positive 100
perfect, great, excellent, good, very good, relatively better, great looking, outstanding, perfect pristine
neutral 2
pristine, functional
negative 1
93 opinion
71 10 12
positive 71
great, excellent, good, very good, very happy, is great, very nice, nice, flawless, received right on time as well, amazing, in good care, beautiful, worked fine, is working perfectly, looks good, perfect, really good, is perfectly great, is good, well great, works great, is very good, a very good
neutral 10
excelent, doesn’t meet my expectations, arrived, works, goog, is, very unsatisfied returning, matched
negative 12
very bad, bad, didn’t work, does not charge well, terrible, extremely disappointed, was not functional, useless, very disappointed, not better
50 opinion
39 9 2
positive 39
works fine, works perfectly, works great, was fine, is great, is fine, ok, was perfect, works well, is going perfect, was just fine, works very well, looked good, works wonderful, is still completely fine, working perfectly, else seems to work perfectly, seems great, excellent, works perfect, is very good, seems to be working wonderful, very happy
neutral 9
works, ok, well, functioned just right, unlimited, went well
negative 2
there’s no problems, is functioning properly
battery life
44 opinion
18 11 15
positive 18
great, awesome, is perfect for my needs, is good as well, isn’t perfect, isn’t as great, isn't the best, works great, seems to drain super quick, is very good, seems fine, isn’t so great, isn't the greatest, good, is perfect, seems to be great so far as well, drops fast
neutral 11
is average, is 90%, is not that good, is 3, less than normal use, not very good, is lucky to get 3 hours of, overall speed, seemed shorter than normal, slightly lower, ample
negative 15
seems to be poor, is terrible, is horrid, has been deplorable, sucks, is pretty horrible, horrible, poor, is crap, succcccked too, is awful, absolutely sucks, no damages, is much less than i expected, has blown me away
38 opinion
6 10 22
positive 6
is in good condition, in great condition, is crystal clear, is awesome, great condition, was clean
neutral 10
had a few dings, goes bonkers, is all scratched, had lots of small scratches, ever go past the activation, is not fully attached in the top left corner, is coming off at the top, larger, very scratched on, has scratches
negative 22
i cannot turn off, is not functional as well, was destroyed with black spots, white, black, not cut off, not responding correctly, was pristine, badly scratched up, does not respond with a screen protector, didn't work, would turn milky, has broke after the 30 day return, is not working, doesn't work, is flush, stopped working, damaged, did not work properly, tottaly broken and, moving left, has zero scratch
29 opinion
18 5 6
positive 18
best used, works great, very good, good, is fine, works perfectly, fantastic, works perfectly right, dent free, great, is in very good conditions, flawless, perfect condition, came perfect, worked fine, is working good
neutral 5
didn't work okay, looks, worked exactly, affordable, really fast
negative 6
does not have wifi or bluetooth, broken, bad, is linked to an apple id, lost, valuable
24 opinion
21 3
positive 21
great, are very happy with our, perfect, a very good, excellent, happy, first big, very good, are very satisfied with our recent, satisfactory, really great
negative 3
far the worst, bad, horrible
19 opinion
2 7 10
positive 2
fine, acceptable
neutral 7
small, few little, dents, few very minor, few tiny, very tiny unnoticeable, very deep
negative 10
no, nothing too bad, very minor, no noticeable, no noticable
18 opinion
15 1 2
positive 15
great, good, is great, amazing, awesome, perfect, excellent
neutral 1
negative 2
very poor, poor
17 opinion
16 1
positive 16
great, good
negative 1
’s no big
17 opinion
positive 17
great, good, excellent, amazing, nice
15 opinion
6 3 6
positive 6
always makes a funny sound, good, great, is just so awesome, takes awesome photos, is amazing
neutral 3
is somewhat grainy, followed by multi issues, pretty dirty with dirt around the primary
negative 6
messed up, problem, stopped working entirely, would not focus on anything in close proximity, started playing up, would not focus when taking close up photos
15 opinion
4 10 1
positive 4
super fast, ok, fast and easy
neutral 10
fast, quick, was fast
negative 1
took almost a week
15 opinion
positive 15
great, good, awesome, excellent, best
12 opinion
2 10
positive 2
packaged perfectly, great
neutral 10
fast, quick, very quick
11 opinion
8 1 2
positive 8
working perfectly, good, cool, perfect no, working perfect, perfect, well, orginal very good
neutral 1
worked well
negative 2
not working properly, terrible
11 opinion
6 3 2
positive 6
great, i love, awesome, very happy, flawless estethic condition
neutral 3
overheats, no other indication, anybody wants certified refurbished
negative 2
fully working, expect a properly working
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