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Apple iPhone 6S 64GB - GSM Unlocked - Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

Phone works great, is great, looks like new, works perfectly. Product works great, is great, is as described, has been tested. Condition works perfectly, works great, is fantastic, was perfect. Iphone looks brand new, looks new, looks like new, works perfectly. Battery is really bad, is old, was faulty, is not good. Screen has issues, is not functional, is all scratched, was scratched. Charger is not apple brand, was also not working, were no headphones, was garbage. Camera keep crashing, is kinda messed up, will not turn off, was a scratch across.

3.9 out of 5 stars
1209 opinion
888 9 312
positive 888
great, works great, good, is great, looks like new, works perfectly, looks brand new, looks new, nice, works fine, excellent, no scratches, was in great condition, works perfect, was great, very nice, perfect, works, clean, awesome, love, very good, was in good condition, arrived on time, worked fine, is in excellent condition, came on time, no problems, looks good, was in excellent condition, was in perfect condition, looked brand new, was like new, looks great, works well, arrived in perfect condition, great condition, is fine, works like, is like new, best, was unlocked, looks like brand new, came in perfect condition, amazing, is in great condition, looks and works like new, loves, very pleased, is good
neutral 9
with a chipped glass, refurbished, 2nd, bent like a banana, unlocked, was inside a pouch, came with a generic brand charger, arrived in a generic box, my first refurbished
negative 312
was not unlocked, freezes, useless, bad, is not unlocked, was defective, not sure, would not charge, was not refurbished, is dead, came with scratches, did not work, horrible, very bad, works but tends to get stuck, would come out bad, was not what i paid, was hot, arrived a few hours, won’t even turn on, has hardware damage, not even for a single day, is really frustrating, could hardly tell it was refurbished, looks worse, will randomly freeze up, had been repaired 4 times for microphone issues, did let me select or set up, was no good, did not have any problem, looked like it was dropped often, was dying, has scratches in the bottom, not working, is nothing short of brand new, gets quite warm when gaming, gets restarted, is not usable, nothing strange, takes any nano sized sim card, only had three flaws, did not vibrate, meets if not exceeds my expectations of quality, was powered off, was not sent, problem, is not working properly, not certified refurbished, can't hear, didn't use
1112 opinion
734 7 371
positive 734
works great, love, works perfectly, looks brand new, works well, looks like new, no scratches, looked brand new, no problems, great, was great, ’s great, was refurbished, works perfect, perfect, no issues, came with a charger, like, works, worked perfectly, recommend, well, loved, looks like brand new, came in great condition, is amazing, good, works like new, works fine, works very well, was good, is perfect, worked great, was a gift, would have been nice, was brand new, works just fine, looks new, good deal, was fully unlocked, brand new, really like, was very easy to set up, arrived on time, has worked great, worked well, was everything, awesome, works perfectly fine, ’s in perfect condition
neutral 7
was advertised, almost a month, came with a plastic sticker, has a small dent, comes delivered with a third-party charger, came in a brown box, has a minor scratch on the back
negative 371
does not work, didn't come with headphones, not a scratch, turned off, freezing, loses half a star of rating, had to returned, stops working, doesn't work, wasn't unlocked, won’t keep a charge, has had problems of freezing up, does have a 90 day warranty, doesn't return, lasted 2 days, very difficult, n’t able to send, immediately cuts off an 22%, will not charge properly, doesnt work the same as us model, doesn’t happen often, ’s unnoticable with screen protector, zooms or changes screen, stopped working, not working, have a little blemish, couldn’t do screenshots n send directly to other applications, would not turn on, doesn't take what i type in or response multiple times, only shows un or rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun, looks stolen, would heat up, was hot, not want to return, goes off no matter the app, overheated, doesn't fit easily into some pockets, was annoying, arrived, box crushed, was a little buggy, says hello, any louder, will not work, ’s needed, actually 16 gb, can't return, can't use, did not come with a key to open the compartment to insert the sim card, lasted 2-3 days, doesn’t seem to slow down
239 opinion
66 5 168
positive 66
new, works perfectly, good, has worked great, is at 82%, lasts as supposed, came showing 87% of life use, last a good, wear level, old, seems ok, seems okay, changing, cheap, working great, looks great, last long, is discharged quickly, 80%, seems a bit used, is holding all day, showed 70% of health, in good condition, is at about 85% overall, is okay, dies really fast, works good, was new as well, is pretty good, is great—, percent changes, is in good conditions, runs out pretty fast, holds very well, going down really fast, is new, were great, charges well, holds a charge very well, drained really fast, lasts throughout the day, charges fine, is lasting very well, is decent, decent, us excellent, replacement, appears normal, thus the 4* rating, really impressed
neutral 5
shows a little bit of age, peak 92%, might be a little aged, doesn't seem to be perfect, was in a significantly used
negative 168
defective, replaced, problem, is really bad, damaged, is old, was faulty, swollen, is not good, was at 90% charge, showed 128 cycle counts, does not last as long, was broken, bad, drain so quick(%5, dies quick, can last only one day for me, doesn’t last as long, is not holding for more than two hours, are supposed to be replaced, would only charge to about 72%, would go dead quickly, stopped holding charge, has been hanging, went from 100 to 0 in an hour, started draining around the same time, wouldn't hold more than 3/4 of a day, seemed to be draining quickly, very dissatisfied, does not hold more than 4 hours, is a little weak, dies very quickly, had to be replaced with less than 10 months of use, drained itself completely, only last with less then two hours of use, is damaged, lasts only a few hours, looks to be fake one, already has cycled for 549 times, runs out in 3 hours, started acting up, dies too fast, started to not charge as well, was crap, sucks, has to be charged, died, is not even oem.all, came with the phone, literally dies in half an hour
148 opinion
128 20
positive 128
great, excellent, good, very good, very happy, excelent, works great, is great, very nice, is as described, nice, has been tested, certified to work, look like new, came fully functional, doesn’t meet my expectations, was like new, wrrived with damage case, came in perfect condition, easy, had no scratches or dents, was to be gifted, said to be refurbished, was in great condition, satisfied, looks amazing, works perfectly fine, received right on time, is apparently new, arrived on time, looks like brand new, amazing, super satisfied, works just as described, came in near mint condition, works perfectly, very great, in good care, works perfect, is as it says, beautiful, worked fine, excellent condition, have met all specification, really excellent, return the electronic deals, came in white.not happy, goog, thanks, ok
negative 20
bad, didn’t work, arrived inoperable, is not worth, does not charge well, terrible, wasn't even registered under the right serial number, was not functional, faulty, was defective, useless, very bad, came with speaker defect, has been restart, does not stand up to the expectations, is not original, is not like new, very unsatisfied returning, did not have the battery replaced
117 opinion
114 3
positive 114
perfect, great, excellent, good, very good, works perfectly, works great, in good, very happy, relatively better, pristine, great looking, almost perfect, is fantastic, was perfect, esthetic, working perfectly, was perfectly acceptable, is in good, was okay, looks great, very impressed, is in better, in excellent, is better than expected, is in perfect, pretty good, functional, works flawless
negative 3
bad, not in the advertised, degraded
104 opinion
34 2 68
positive 34
are new, is in good condition, just goes bonkers, in great condition, tempered glass, crystal clear, without scratches, great condition, didn’t have a scratch, black, looks as new, seems brand new, great, works wonderful, glass, covered more, looks new, without scratch, was pristine, no issues, were pristine condition, with white dots, looked new, larger, in good condition, are easy to crack, is perfect, is awesome, was in great condition, was clean, protected with that clingy plastic, has zero scratch, works perfectly
neutral 2
had a few dings, is coming off at the top
negative 68
stopped working, doesn't work, started flashing, freezes, restart by itself, not turn off, slight scratches, has issues, randomly became unresponsive, slightest, knocked, tiny scratches, is not functional, is all scratched, had lots of small scratches, stays stuck, light peaking out, was scratched, has a huge defect, was destroyed with black spots, will black out, repeatedly followed by shutting off, blanking out, freezes all the time, jumpy, would not cut off, went black, not responding correctly, is not working, was so badly scratched, blacked out, became completely unresponsive, does not respond with a screen protector, keep touching, starting malfunction, shut off, looks blurry, didn't work, only reimburse me 45$, would turn milky, has completely gone blank, has broke after the 30 day return period, had been replaced, was cut, is not fully attached in the top left corner, would constantly be unresponsive, works sporadically, gradually started changing color, scratched(like 1 cm deep scratch).the, began malfunctioning, cover
102 opinion
77 1 24
positive 77
looks brand new, looks new, refurbished, great, looks like new, best, works perfectly, works great, you expect, gold, not a single mark, is great for syncing, arrived in pristine condition, tech savvy, good price, came intact perfectly operating footprint unlocked, new, wiped clean, love to explore, arrived within a week, was just as described, is in good condition, better off buying, came in on time, nearly perfect condition, came at a good price, fantastic, thanks chubbietech, arrived in perfect condition, works like a charm, was in excellent condition, was refurbished, just fine, few months ago, was in perfect condition, you wish to with, i good shape, good conditions, being happy to give my wife, mint condition, most off all, is in very good conditions, came perfect, was delivered in like new condition, is performing very well, delivered with same-day shipping, fully recommend, worked exactly, is in pristine condition, no scratches or nooks visible to the naked eye
neutral 1
is linked to an apple id
negative 24
is not gsm unlocked, does not have wifi or bluetooth, is unlocked, there were screws, i don't like, little bit leary, is locked, was scratched, can't go wrong, is a mess, going to hot, didn't work okay, wasn't unlocked, faulty, came in bad conditions, didn't come with 16gb, lost, in bad conditions, is not unlocked, not good, is notorious for broken screens, not unlock, started shutting off, is defective
96 opinion
95 1
positive 95
works perfectly, works fine, ok, works great, was perfect, works, was fine, fine, is fine, is great, went well, is as expected, functioned properly, is working, works properly, is working flawlessly, is functioning, works like it should with a new phone, looks, works well, looks great, with out any glitches, transferred over smoothly, is going perfect, was just fine, works very well, looked good, works just fine, is still completely fine, came out, working perfectly, seems to work fine, turned out okay, work perfectly, seemed fine, works as advertised, was as expected, seemed perfect, looks good, meets the expected qualities, functioned just right, seems great, was back to normal, excellent, ran smoothly, is good, works perfect, is just as i expected, was good, works as it should
negative 1
sounds so mumbled
90 opinion
52 38
positive 52
was a gift, did not solve the problem, went to my daughter, is great, was unlocked, was a good buy, is a review, is one of the best purchases, was a gift for my daughter, like, worked for 45 days, good experience, warranted, reluctantly, is a good purchase, is probably your best bet, really is the best option, helps, says it all, advertised, topped it, is my first time buying a refurbished item, recommend, clear, is for my son, was a great way to buy, suggestion beneficial, replaced, well, gave me a good impression, was an upgrade, my daughter bought, very pleased, was my first experience, experience, from us but for use in india, with some trepidation, quickly, is the kind of thing, ended up being a sprint phone, was probably my safest bet, mentioned before my purchase, works perfectly, is a great way to go, is an authentic, worked perfect, is a good choice, glad i bought, sure to add, from breed
negative 38
is ridiculous, problem, sucks, problem worsened over time, not sure who refurbished, resolve, worst purchase, is just wasting both sides' time, goes dead every fifty minutes, is a completely useless, is really annoying, was not mentioned, is the worst, was ridiculous, like, bad, happens just for a few seconds, caused unnecessary worrying, was a total rip-off, crap, was breed's response, was the only thing our son, is wasting my time, just last, is not unlocked, does not work in south america, disabled the whole touch pad, was his fault, is just my little rant, disappointed, does not have any manufacturer warranty, is not a refurbished from apple, very upset, do not recommend, is not a scam
79 opinion
56 23
positive 56
great, reputable, very good, would use, is great, is electronic deals, will be contacting, counts on that, add a note about country of origin - keep reading for details, responded quickly, very nice, is legit, highly rated, highly recommended, thank, was buyspry, manufacturer declined return or repair it, right away, contact, chance, awesome, provides a 90 day warranty, recommended, touted an excellent cosmetic condition, best, was professional in handling the situation, nice, will correct, for my twins 13 birthday, legit, performed a great job, agreed to refund money, established, buying, was super helpful, exclusive electronics, is reliable, 4 stars, changes, reimbursement, has good communications, was buyspry i believe, delivered an excellent product, make your choice, is is very important, looked rating, excellent, exactly as described by, was estockonline, offers a 90 day money back guranteee
negative 23
changes, very disappointed, is refusing to work with me, got no response, tried to contact, put a screen protector, should have taken the time to test the phone, would not buy, not the, n’t hesitate to order, never sent a return slip a few weeks, is a scammer, never buy, very serious, does not help to solve the issue, was called: lte warehouse, total waste of money, even included a phone case and screen protector, corrected the issue, doesnt provide any contact info, would not replace for another unit, has done nothing about it
battery life
66 opinion
36 3 27
positive 36
is perfect, great, 100%, came at 89%, awesome, is average, is the same, is good, isn’t perfect, is 90%, isn’t as great, lasts like brand new, no visible scratches or defects, with less than normal use, has better, is what, is significantly diminished, speed of the phone, is very good, seems fine, isn’t so great, has decreased in durability, started decreasing dramatically, was decent, tested, is at 85% of the original capacity, seemed shorter than normal, is great, is much less than i expected, no problems, good, seems like it's on par, seems to be great, drops fast
neutral 3
was at 99, is 3-4 hrs, isn't the best
negative 27
seems to be poor, is terrible, shouldn't be, only thing, not able to review, is horrid, seems to go from 10% to 0%, is not that good, has been deplorable, sucks, is pretty horrible, not very good, issue, horrible, seems to drain super quick, smaller phones, poor, is crap, succcccked, could be better, is awful, absolutely sucks, concern, isn't the greatest, slightly lower, ample, has blown me away
54 opinion
15 2 37
positive 15
is ok, reliable, works just fine, cheap, packed properly, plenty of those, was working, worked better, were included as well, works well, like it, is pretty low quaity, best buy, long generic, came all
neutral 2
came with an apple, generic non-apple looking
negative 37
doesn’t work, is not apple brand, not an original, was also not working, doesn’t work 100%, were no headphones, lasted for a month, does work, does not charge phone, no original, does not work, failed, was garbage, wore are no apple product, is no longer working, are not from apple, wasn't apple brand, stopped working within a week, isn't original, is broken, wasn't working, isn't an official apple charger, crappy, was original, was not an original one, was no use, don't have de original, was not from apple, sucks, is the main issue, didn't even charge, unoriginal, are not original, meant for an older iphone generation, was not the genuine one, is not original
iphone 6s
46 opinion
42 4
positive 42
unlocked, very happy, works, looks like a brand new iphone 6s, back in february 2018, 128gb, looks brand new, is wonderful, got two, very good, good, in perfect condition, worked as expected, arrived on time without scratches or cracked screen, 2-day shipping, goes great, stopped working well, is the best seller, almost a week ago, rose gold 64, really love, looks and works great, delivered quickly, was in excellent shape cosmetically, is a good phone, has close to the same specs, in good condition, operating well with updated ios 11, received the black, very pleased, has minimal to no operating errors, works fine, very satisfied, feels brand new, is an excellent product, buyed, arrived in perfect condition, love, recommend, unlocked gsm
negative 4
had a problem, broke, very minor scratches, is not an
46 opinion
45 1
positive 45
great, good, was good, was great, is great, cheap, reasonable, was fair, was wonderful, excellent, was just right, i have no complaints, is excelent, i expected better, was very reasonable, awesome, was decent, very good, amazing, nice, worked flawlessly, best
negative 1
like so slow
42 opinion
37 5
positive 37
no, were visible, dents, fine, works just fine, looked brand new, not any visible, no noticeable, very tiny unnoticeable, couldn't find, did not disappoint me, super fast, lot of, can't find, dents/dings, arrived 4 days
negative 5
very minor, like small, exist on the sides, didn't see, acceptable
39 opinion
29 10
positive 29
great, very happy, n’t be happier, very good, happy, very pleased, perfect, excellent, went through, big, i am fed up, arrived on time, looks new, really great
negative 10
very disappointed, bad, not very happy, very dissatisfied, not completely happy, horrible, highly regret, pretty sad, couldn't be happier, absolutely nothing wrong
35 opinion
13 1 21
positive 13
good, is nice, work great, good love it, needing, makes shuttle sounds, ok, great, is just so awesome, takes awesome photos, gold, loved, is amazing
neutral 1
has a huge chip
negative 21
makes a funny sound, i cannot , cannot, keep crashing, tiny, is kinda messed up, will not turn off, stop working, was a scratch across, doesn’t silence, is somewhat grainy, defective, stopped working entirely with no clear cause, was very doomed, works, followed by multi issues, would not focus on anything in close proximity, started playing up, would not focus, silent, acting funny
33 opinion
30 3
positive 30
working perfectly, good, perfect, new to us, still going strong, worth a shot, worth the money, looking almost new, everything i wanted, like new, cool, dude, worked well, felt like new, come without headset, excelent, works great, no scrats, perfect no issues, working perfect, ok, been almost a week, literally what it says, working smooth, orginal very good, morden, the best
negative 3
gets extremely hot, not working properly, terrible
31 opinion
24 7
positive 24
great, excellent, exactly as described, was as advertised, wonderful, is in good shape, arrived promptly, looks and works like a new phone, arrived in great condition, amazing, works, looks good, pristine condition, is ok, did not disappoint, unlocked, took longer, arrived in perfect conditions, came as described, like new, is better then described, looks brand new, works perfectly fine
negative 7
didn’t work, non working, bunch of scratches, has glitch, was not as advertised, is 2 yr old, are damaged
28 opinion
25 3
positive 25
great, good, excellent, amazing, was perfect, works like a dream, is great, really good, excelent, awesome, impressed, blown away, perfect, perfekt, low
negative 3
very poor, poor, was questionable
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