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Apple iPhone 6S 64GB - GSM Unlocked - Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

We have analyzed 2381 reviews from Amazon and found:

37% of users say that: Product works great, works perfectly, looks brand new, works well. Phone works great, is great, looks like new, works perfectly. Condition works perfectly, works great, is fantastic, was perfect. Iphone looks brand new, looks new, looks like new, works perfectly. 5% of users noticed that: Battery is really bad, is old, was faulty, is not good. Screen has issues, is not functional, is all scratched, was scratched. Charger is not apple brand, was also not working, were no headphones, was garbage. Camera keep crashing, is kinda messed up, will not turn off, was a scratch across.

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Below you'll find product features often mentioned in user reviews. Features are split up by positive and negative sentiments.

968 443
works great, great, love, works perfectly, good, excellent, looks brand new, works well, perfect, looks like new, like, was great, no scratches, looked brand new, no problems, works perfect, very good, was a gift, ’s great, recommend
909 315
great, works great, good, is great, looks like new, works perfectly, looks brand new, looks new, nice, works fine, excellent, no scratches, was in great condition, perfect, works perfect, was great, very nice, works, clean, awesome
124 3
perfect, excellent, great, good, very good, works perfectly, works great, in good, very happy, relatively better, pristine, excelent, great looking, almost perfect, is fantastic, was perfect, esthetic, working perfectly, was perfectly acceptable, is in good
80 30
looks brand new, looks new, refurbished, great, looks like new, best, works perfectly, works great, you expect, gold, not a single mark, is great for syncing, arrived in pristine condition, tech savvy, good price, came intact perfectly operating footprint unlocked, new, wiped clean, love to explore, came on time
96 1
works perfectly, works fine, ok, works great, was perfect, works, was fine, fine, is fine, is great, went well, is as expected, functioned properly, is working, works properly, is working flawlessly, is functioning, works like it should with a new phone, looks, works well
57 25
great, reputable, very good, would use, is great, is electronic deals, will be contacting, counts on that, add a note about country of origin - keep reading for details, responded quickly, very nice, is legit, highly rated, highly recommended, thank, was buyspry, manufacturer declined return or repair it, right away, contact, chance
battery life
36 27
is perfect, great, 100%, came at 89%, awesome, is average, is the same, is good, isn’t perfect, is 90%, isn’t as great, lasts like brand new, no visible scratches or defects, with less than normal use, has better, is what, is significantly diminished, speed of the phone, is very good, seems fine
47 2
great, good, was good, was great, is great, cheap, reasonable, was fair, was wonderful, excellent, was just right, i have no complaints, is excelent, i expected better, was very reasonable, awesome, was decent, very good, amazing, nice
iphone 6
43 5
unlocked, very happy, works, looks like a brand new iphone 6s, back in february 2018, 128gb, looks brand new, working very good, is wonderful, got two, very good, good, in perfect condition, worked as expected, arrived on time without scratches or cracked screen, 2-day shipping, goes great, stopped working well, is the best seller, almost a week ago
37 5
no, were visible, dents, fine, works just fine, looked brand new, not any visible, no noticeable, very tiny unnoticeable, couldn't find, did not disappoint me, super fast, lot of, can't find, dents/dings, arrived 4 days
29 10
great, very happy, n’t be happier, very good, happy, very pleased, perfect, excellent, went through, big, i am fed up, arrived on time, looks new, really great
18 15
mixed, good, best, great, help the next person who orders, better, are high enough, will update, add a sim card to the device, gladly, really expect, really good
24 8
great, excellent, exactly as described, was as advertised, wonderful, is in good shape, arrived promptly, looks and works like a new phone, arrived in great condition, amazing, works, looks good, pristine condition, is ok, did not disappoint, unlocked, took longer, arrived in perfect conditions, came as described, like new
25 3
great, good, excellent, amazing, was perfect, works like a dream, is great, really good, excelent, awesome, impressed, blown away, perfect, perfekt, low
fast, was on time, is one day earlier, quick, packaged perfectly, was awesome, came as described, works fine, very quick, thanks!fast, clean, came earlier than they estimated, prompt, was lightning fast, was very fast, on time, timely, was fast, included power supply
20 6
great, is in perfect working condition, came with no scratches, no dents, just to be sure, arrived in basically mint condition, is in perfect condition, love, fully working, properly working, awesome, recommend taking, like, very happy, is extremely happy, hasn't any issues, new, came in flawless estethic condition, fully functioning
24 2
no, so far, no serious, looks brand new
23 1
great, good, best, very god
works like new, works as new, operates just like new, beautiful, like new, working great, works just like new, brand new, function flawlessly, works as described, like working slowly, great, close, works well, works great, very satisfied, very good, are step ahead of the rest
21 1
no, zero, good, 0
16 4
working with, refunded us quickly, were so great, fulfilled by, shipped from amazon, had absolutely no problems, thank you, was fulfilled by, worked with me for about 30 minutes, does have a great 90 day return policy, thanks, will vouch for you, should review the certified refurbished, happy, gave me, looking forward
17 2
fast, was fast, super fast, was faster, was one day, cost $8.00, great super fast, prime, ok, quick, easy, was super fast
sim card
13 7
inserted, pick up, looks fine, is at least $25, plugged, was on my way, worked right away, was picked up, worked like a charm, worked fine, installed super quick, easy, possible
great, awesome, good, excellent, best, better, absolutely
14 4
ok, working fine, performed just the same as new, no issues, working great, so good, been a solid few months, working well, worked perfectly, worked wonderfully, operating at 100%
this product
8 7
definitely recommend, recommend, highly recommend, too much, 5 ratings, tested
10 5
great, has been perfect, was marvelous, would leave my, good, amazing
10 2
great, was very simple, was good, was nice, was great, very secure, looks brand new, was professional, was in a nice plastic case
screen protector
11 1
glass, set very well, comes with a, nice bonus, free, work noting, good, multiple, was a nice touch, came with a used
66 168
defective, replaced, problem, is really bad, damaged, is old, was faulty, swollen, is not good, was at 90% charge, showed 128 cycle counts, does not last as long, was broken, bad, drain so quick(%5, dies quick, can last only one day for me, doesn’t last as long, is not holding for more than two hours, are supposed to be replaced
34 69
stopped working, doesn't work, started flashing, freezes, restart by itself, not turn off, slight scratches, has issues, randomly became unresponsive, slightest, knocked, tiny scratches, is not functional, is all scratched, had lots of small scratches, stays stuck, light peaking out, was scratched, has a huge defect, was destroyed with black spots, will black out
15 37
doesn’t work, is not apple brand, not an original, was also not working, doesn’t work 100%, were no headphones, lasted for a month, does work, does not charge phone, no original, does not work, failed, was garbage, wore are no apple product, is no longer working, are not from apple, wasn't apple brand, stopped working within a week, isn't original, is broken
13 21
makes a funny sound, i cannot , cannot, keep crashing, tiny, is kinda messed up, will not turn off, stop working, was a scratch across, doesn’t silence, is somewhat grainy, defective, stopped working entirely with no clear cause, was very doomed, works, followed by multi issues, would not focus on anything in close proximity, started playing up, would not focus, silent
11 12
no, not original, non-original, n’t open, was labeled t-mobile, was labeled wrong, was nothing, was a charge, is not original, very bad
6 9
hard to read, came with didn't work, burned a hole, has failed, no headphones were included, goes out in the future, lightning, was not
3 12
are a mess, clogged with gunk, wasn't working at all, sounds shot out and garbled, are just bad, has a slight “crackle, something wrong, work, seems to be defective, was defective, doesn't work, is wrong
5 10
would work on that, can't afford gorilla glass, can suck, replaced it, approved” one quality, replaced the phone, didn't correct it, not able to get the apple care, don't give warrant, will not fix any iphone
7 7
sent out the door, is not what they make it sound to be, little leary, bad luck, dont buy, is just a lie, not
7 7
no, funny, shutter, is part of the hardware inside the phone, was not clear, is not working
2 11
no, were not included, missing, did not come with